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Presents Contact Management System and Photo Gallery.

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1 Presents Contact Management System and Photo Gallery

2 2 CMS Advantages With a web-based system you have access to your Book of Business from any computer on the net You are able to access your contact system with any Palm phone or Internet-enabled handheld PDA device Located on the Windermere WORC Site It saves time – once you’ve entered the information on each client, you have a quick and easy access to vital information Better ability to build a referral base – you can track the history you have with each customer and client, and those who they refer to you, creating a conversational relationship and a way to build your business Anticipate market changes – a well maintained database help you anticipate market changes and adapt your business practices when necessary Create long-term income – CMS allows you to use the database to generate repeat business Top of mind awareness – your database is easy to pull up when you’re ready to send out personal marketing mailers Make more money – better knowledge about your clients, customers and market data help you provide better service, which ultimately leads to more income Build your “Book of Business” – the most important idea is to make the CMS program work for you so that ultimately you create a database of value (your Book of Business), which you can sell when you leave real estate or retire. Access to all of the tools available via Windermere CMS system is located on Windermere’s WORC site There is a one time fee of $75 for the use of the CMS features and benefits 2

3 3 Adding New Contacts 3

4 4 Fill in the necessary information and click Save and add another to input your clients 4

5 5 To view and search for Contacts 5

6 6 You can send a quick e-mail to clients from this site 6

7 7 In order to set up your Visibility Plus or Sphere of Influence mailings, just click on list all and select participants, then update mail lists 7

8 8 To add a category to your CMS, just go to contacts, click on view/search and add a category and save 8

9 9 To Edit or Delete a category, just click edit and this will pop up Edit Or Delete 9

10 10 From the address book, you can add new clients, go to an established client or make changes to an existing client Just click on the alphabet letter and select your contact 10

11 11 Editing Contact Information 11

12 12 More Editing of Contact Information This section of the contact information can be priceless. Here is where you put birthdays, anniversaries and last transaction date 12

13 13 Deleting Contacts 13

14 14 Now let’s add a TO DO to our client file 14

15 15 You can sort your “To Do’s” by Priority, Type or Title Then check the box on the list and this screen pops up and you can save your “To Do” in client history 15

16 16 You can add notes to your client files and make the notes private or not Click on add a note, write it to the file and indicate private or not and save 16

17 17 Here is the history of all the activities that you have complete in the client file If you want to add a quick history item, just click on add and make your notes and then save 17

18 18 You can send letters, fax cover sheets, envelopes and e-mails to your clients by going into letter You also have a text editor so that you can customize your letter or e-mail. Once complete, merge and send or print 18

19 19 You also have a Report function to send Activity Report to your clients 19

20 20 Online Collaboration is fabulous for keeping in touch with your clients Once the client either logs in or creates a myWindermere account, they will be automatically attached to your contact information on 20

21 21 Referral Directory – You can look up any Windermere agent in any state on the Work Site 21

22 22 You have access to a Directory of your clients 22

23 23 Mail Merge 23

24 24 The final result is a personalized letter to your clients that looks like you hand typed each one 24

25 25 Add a new letter Write your letter, name it and save it 25

26 26 Or Edit a letter that exists. Make the changes and save 26

27 27 Setting up your online newsletter mailings Go to your website and click on the web address of the Newsletter and copy Then go to the Work site and mail merge 27

28 28 Complete this and e-mail it to your clients on a regular basis Once you hit merge, the e-mails will automatically be sent! 28

29 29 Label Merge 29

30 30 Once you click merge, you have labels to print 30

31 31 You can send out Windermere Quick Cards 31

32 32 You can order Quick cards for $19 per ream and this will print out 2 cards per page 32

33 33 Exporting your contacts from CMS to Custom Express 33

34 34 Click open and it will sort your clients in Excel You can then import your clients into Microsoft Outlook, Visibility Plus, a Palm Desktop or Custom Express 34

35 35 The Work Site Calendar – Day View 35

36 36 How to add Appointments 36

37 37 You also have a monthly calendar 37

38 38 Day A Calendar Printout 38

39 39 Day B Calendar 39

40 40 Weekly Calendar 40

41 41 Monthly Calendar 41

42 42 CMS To Do’s 42

43 43 Adding To Do’s Type in your To Do and Save it

44 44 Master Action Plans

45 45 Create a Custom Master Action Plan

46 46 Associating Listing Action Plans to Clients

47 47 Once you have associated an Action Plan to your client, 2 new links will be in the contact info

48 48 Print your Listing Action Plan

49 49 You can put the listing in Pending Status or click a To Do and then save in history

50 50 When you have listings, you will have Action Plans. Click into one and edit individual action items

51 51 CMS Fast Flyers 51

52 52 If there is more than one listing in the database on Coral Way, select the appropriate one 52

53 53 Select the Flyer Format that you want 53

54 54 The data you have entered will pop up 54

55 55 This beautiful flyer is right at your finger tips 55

56 56 Photo Gallery The Photo Gallery tool gives you the ability to display multiple interior & exterior photos of a listing; a terrific way to attract Web-savvy prospects It is an integral means of providing exceptional real estate services to clients

57 57 How the Photo Gallery Assists Buyers Presents a more complete representation of a listing According to NAR, over 95% of buyers shopping for homes on the internet find multiple photos very valuable Windermere’s Photo Gallery gives the agent the ability to display multiple interior & exterior photos of listings Photo Gallery offer unlimited property photos Buyers can send the Photo Gallery to friends & family via e-mail All images can be printed out at once allowing buyers to easily share photos with others Listings on that have Photo Galleries are 30% more likely to be viewed by buyers It’s not just the house that makes a home! The Photo Gallery is the perfect way to showcase areas of interest in the community The Photo Gallery can be used as buyer’s preview for out of town buyers The Photo Gallery is tied directly to the listing on, making multiple photos just a click away for buyers

58 58 How the Photo Gallery Assists Sellers Photo Gallery is the best way to increase the number of people who view property listings, allowing greater exposure for the seller’s property It offers unlimited property photos Windermere’s Photo Gallery can be sent to potential clients via e-mail The Photo Gallery is linked directly to the seller’s listing on the web site Listings on that have Photo Galleries are 30% more likely to be viewed by consumers Windermere’s Photo Gallery tool gives the agent the ability to display multiple interior and exterior photos of their property listings, a terrific way to attract Web-Savvy prospects

59 59 How the Photo Gallery Benefits the Agent Photo Gallery is the best way to increase the number of people who view property listings It offers unlimited property photos This tool allows the agent to display multiple photos of their listings and to use descriptive words to further enhance their listings Listings on that have Photo Galleries are 30% more likely to be viewed by consumers The Photo Gallery gives the agent the ability to display multiple interior and exterior photos of their property listings, a terrific way to attract Web savvy prospects. By utilizing the Photo Gallery tool on listings, the agent is able to produce more professional looking photos and listings It can be used as a listing presentation tool: the agent can create a Photo Gallery that showcases their expertise in finding the right angle to capture the best features of a property. The agent can them e-mail that Photo Gallery to their client prior to the listing presentation as a way to demonstrate yet another reason to choose that agent over other real estate agents.

60 60 Once inside the WORC, go to Listings and then Photo Gallery

61 61 Once inside Photo Gallery, you will click on New

62 62 Once you have clicked on New, this screen will pop up and you will complete all of the information required to set up a Photo Gallery Note: It is imperative that you check Auto activate or the system will not download from MLS

63 63 When you have set up the beginnings of your Photo Gallery, this screen will appear

64 64 This screen will pop up for you to upload your photo

65 65 Click on Browse and find the picture that you want on the listing in your file

66 66 The name of your picture should show up in the space and then hit submit

67 67 When completed, “Successful image upload” will appear

68 68 Adding Sections and Photos

69 69 Select the heading you want on the pictures and then write a description of the benefits and then update

70 70 Click browse, hit thumbnails and then select a picture

71 71 To change the order of the pictures, just number them and hit update. Their order will change!

72 72 Preview Photo Gallery

73 73 Changing the MLS Number

74 74 You can copy the Gallery and have a Template for your own use

75 75 Now you have a template to use for listing presentations and any other purpose

76 76 If you choose to move the gallery to another agent, just click on move and then enter the other agents name or 3 letters in their last name

77 77 Or you can e-mail a Photo Gallery

78 78 You can archive (delete) a Gallery

79 79 Once archived, if you choose to recover it, you can. Just select a Gallery and recover it!

80 80 All of this fabulous technology is right on the Windermere work site and is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t miss out on using these state- of-the-art tools! 56

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