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1 FETAL DEVELOPMENT Journal #7 What is something your parent shared with you about their pregnancy, labor, or you as a baby?

2 Development Before Birth
1st Month Blood begins circulating. Brain is just beginning to form, though it does not work. 2nd Month Arms, legs and internal organs begin forming. Genitals are starting to form, but male and female still look alike. Tail disappears. 3rd Month Male and female begin to look different. Fingers, toes, and fingernails form. The head is almost half the size it will be at birth. You can hear the heart beat

3 Development Before Birth
4th Month Muscles move. Skin is transparent. Sweat glands, eyebrows, and eyelashes form 5th Month Hair, eyelashes, eyebrows continue to form. Hiccups begin and other movement can be felt. Heartbeat can be heard. There is hair on the head. 6th Month Brain waves begin (brain starts working). Eyes open. Ears begin to work. There are fingerprints and footprints

4 Development Before Birth
7th Month Adds body fat. A lot of movement. Responds to sound. Falls asleep and wakes up. 8th Month Less active, less wrinkled. Still growing longer and heavier. Nails and bones begin to harden 9th Month Lungs and other organs finish maturing. The brain won’t fully mature for two more years, then it will mature more in the preteen and teen year. The reproductive system won’t finish maturing for years.

Congestion Women have a higher volume of blood running through their body, so it can cause runny nose or congestion  Frequent Urination Volume of blood increase causing pressure on your kidneys and as you get bigger weight of the baby puts pressure on your bladder. Changes with Your Breast Breast become larger than normal and may be tender. They are getting the body ready for breast feeding

4. Changes in Teeth or Mouth Your body is using more calcium for your baby so if you don’t get enough each day it will take from your bones causing teeth to break. Hormones may also cause gums to bleed. 5. Shortness of Breath As the baby grows he will push against your diaphragm 6. Gas or Heartburn Back up of stomach acid

7. Aches and Pains Stretching of ligaments to get your body ready for labor 8. Constipation Hormones can cause this. Make sure you drink enough water, exercise and eat food high in fiber 9. Leg Cramps Low potassium or iron intake can cause this

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