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Welcome to Collingswood Middle School

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1 Welcome to Collingswood Middle School
It’s where you want to learn!

2 Collingswood Middle School
6th grade orientation April 3, 2012 Your guide to Collingswood Middle School

Dr. John McMullin Principal Mr. Thomas Sheridan Vice Principal Ms. Adrienne Earle Counselor Ms. Kate McKeown PTA President Ms. Kathy Whittaker PTA President Mr. Ron Hamrick Athletic Director Mrs. Kay DeAngelis, RN School Nurse

4 Parent-Teachers Association
Largest volunteer child advocacy organization CMS PTA - Family Donation Be actively involved in your child’s success and share in some of the most rewarding and memorable moments 4

5 Volunteer Activities Dance Chaperones
Hospitality (Dances, Plays, School Events) Panther of Month Breakfast Teachers Grants – Special Projects Special Event Coordinators Snowball Dance 8th Grade Pool Party Teacher’s Appreciation

6 Why be Involved “At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of the parent.” Former Teacher and Arizona Governor Jane Dee Hull

7 CMS Athletics-Mr. Hamrick
Eligibility Academic-Not failing any subjects Discipline-Not Suspended Physical-A must for participation!

8 Become Active In Your School
We have many clubs, sports and activities at CMS. To really enjoy your middle school years get involved with one or more of these activities. It is a great chance to meet other students and make new friends.

9 Middle School Sports Boys Girls Basketball Basketball Soccer Soccer
Wrestling Field Hockey Track & Field Track & Field Baseball Softball Lacrosse

Updated NJ State Code for Entrance to 6th grade: Every child born on or after January 1, 1997 and entering or attending GRADE 6 or a comparable age level Special Education program on or after September 1, 2008, shall have received the following: A) One dose of Meningococcal-containing vaccine such as the medically preferred Meningococcal conjugate vaccine B) One dose of Tdap (tetanus, diptheria, acellular pertussis) after the 10th birthday.

11 Immunizations for Grade 6
This is a state mandate and MUST be fulfilled before entering in September of Written proof must be given to your school nurse as soon as the vaccines are received. Parents should contact their physician or the Camden County Health Department at to schedule these vaccines. If you have any questions, you may contact Kay DeAngelis– Middle School Nurse at or

SPORTS PHYSICAL INSTRUCTIONS In order for an athlete to participate in an interscholastic sport, the following is required: A PHYSICAL EXAMINATION IS VALID FOR 365 DAYS FROM THE EXACT DATE OF THE EXAM.

13 Every student who participates in an interscholastic sports program must have a current examination form on file in the nurse’s office.

14 Student and parent/guardian must complete and sign Part A (Health History Questionnaire) of the New Jersey Department of Education Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Exam form and the Athletic Participation Application.

15 Student must have a physical examination performed by his/her physician or schedule an appointment through the nurse’s office with the school physician. The examining physician must complete and sign Part B of the New Jersey Department of Education Athletic Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form. Part B of this form needs to be completed only one time each year.

16 All paperwork MUST be returned to the nurse’s office prior to the athlete participating in any practice session. If an athlete has a current examination form on file, the parent/guardian must complete a Health History Update for Sports (Part A) and Athletic Participation Application. This form must be done within 60 days of the first practice session for each sports season.

17 Student and parent/guardian must complete and sign the Athletic Participation Application and the Health History Questionnaire. These forms must be completed for every sport in which the student wishes to participate. All paperwork MUST be returned to the nurse’s office prior to the athlete participating in any practice session.

18 Please direct all calls to Mrs. DeAngelis – Middle School Nurse Fax –

19 6th Grade Program of Studies Dr. McMullin
CORE classes Physical Education & Health ENCORE classes Opportunities…Opportunities…Opportunities

20 CORE PROGRAM Language Arts
Critical Reading Persuasive and Narrative Writing Speaking Listening

21 CORE PROGRAM Mathematics Problem centered curriculum
Focus on skill development, reading and communication Preparation for algebra and higher math

22 CORE PROGRAM Science Astronomy Geology Physical Science Weather
Structures of Life The Environment

23 Core Program Social Studies
Ancient Civilizations Greece and Rome Middle Ages The Renaissance Rise of Industrialism

24 Technology Integration
CORE PROGRAM LEARNING LAB: Technology Integration Portable laptops Grade level projects Technology Skills and Practice “Flex Learning Space”

25 ENCORE Classes Art Spanish Tech Ed. Snackology

Band Orchestra/Strings Chorus

27 SCHEDULE Core Encore Homeroom 7:50-8:05 Lunch 11:50-12:18
English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Learning Lab Health/PE, Hands On Courses, Music Period :08-8:50 Period 2 8:53-9:35 Period 3 9:38-10:20 Period 4 10:23-11:05 Period 5A 11:08-11:50 Lunch 2 11:50-12:18 Period 6 12:21-1:03 Period 7 1:06-1:48 Period 8 1:51-2:33

28 Counseling Department
Ms. Earle-CMS Counselor Mrs. Gross – Secretary Please feel free to stop by the Counseling Office if there is a problem. Just make sure you get a pass from your teacher to visit us. Progress Reports are sent home 4 times a year. Report cards are issued 3 times a year to the student. Final report cards will be mailed home. 28

29 CMS Counseling Department Ms. Earle
Parent/Telephone Conferences Academic Counseling/Tutoring Services Individual Counseling Resolve Scheduling Conflicts

30 With Genesis parents can check grades and attendance on a daily basis.
Parents can also the teachers through the Genesis Program. Genesis is a great resource and provides feedback that can serve to motivate students to do their best work.

31 If you are absent… If you are absent, see your teacher immediately when you return to get your missed assignments. Ask a friend to get your assignments for you from your teachers if you are going to be absent less than 3 days. After 3 days, ask your parent/guardian to call and request your missing work from Mrs. Gross at (ext. 7200). Homework assignment requests for absent students should be made through the Counseling Office, but at least hours must be allowed for the collection of work from all the teachers. 31

32 Student Support Homework Club/Computer Drop-In Peer to Peer Program
Peer Tutoring I&RS Academic Support of Basic Skills In-Class Support Resource Room

33 Important Information
State Testing: NJ-ASK 6 “High Stakes Testing” “Partially Proficient”, “Proficient”, “Advanced Proficient” All 6th Graders will be taking the NJ-ASK 6 (i.e., the state-wide test developed by the New Jersey Department of Education).

34 ADVICE For STUDENTS… Mr.Sheridan

35 Homework Find a time and place where you can work quietly each day.
Organization is one of your most important assets. If you need help, see your teacher as soon as possible. The teachers are willing to help you, but you must make the first move. Proof read your finished assignments.

A gym suit must be worn for Physical Education. They can be purchased from your Physical Education teacher. ($15)

37 LUNCH We have three lunches: one for 6th grade one for 7th grade and….
Check your schedule for the times. You can purchase lunch through the school or bring your own

38 Your passport to success at CMS
COLLINGSWOOD respect yourself and others not sure of the rules, ask questions come prepared for class do your homework study for tests and quizzes get involved in sports, clubs and activities

39 Students may enter the school at 7:42 (Eldridge Avenue Doors)
Students wishing to attend the Breakfast Program may enter the school at 7:25 (Eldridge Avenue Doors) and report to the cafeteria (breakfast is served 7:25 to 7:40). 7:35 is the cut-off time to enter the cafeteria for breakfast Students may enter the school at 7:25 and report to the cafeteria when the weather is inclement Students should not be on school grounds before 7:25 39

40 Clubs & School Organizations
Student Council Everyday Challenge Club Yearbook Club Chess Club Performing Arts: Theatre, Band, Chorus, Orchestra Peer Mediation Tech Crew Newspaper

41 Hints for staying out of trouble
Write your homework in your assignment book and keep it with you all the time Be on time for school and don’t be late to your classes Keep your locker closed and don’t give away the combination number Cutting detentions and Saturday school means getting additional detentions Come to school dressed appropriately Keep in mind this grading policy: A=92-100; B=83-91; C=74-82; D=65-73; F=64 and below

42 Discipline/Attendance
All rules in Student Agenda-Great Tool, please visit Zero Tolerance for Drugs/Fighting/Bullying Lockers/Book Bags/Dress Code Excused vs. Unexcused Being late to school 5Xs=1 absence 12 unexcused absences=loss of credit Credit Completion/Summer School

43 Closing Comments Dr. McMullin

44 Positive School Climate Social/Emotional Learning School Based Activities
Team-Based Learning Veteran & Caring Staff Regular interaction with School Counselor Transition Plan – “Peer to Peer” Relationship Building Parent Involvement Communication and Responsiveness

45 Upcoming Dates May 25 Incoming 6th graders visit CMS
August Orientation & half day “Transition Camp” for Incoming 6th Graders & Parents Wednesday, September First day of School (12:35 Dismissal)

46 Thank you to this evening’s Presenters
Welcome to the Collingswood Middle School Family Thank you for attending and have a great evening!

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