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Food industry Problem:

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1 Food industry Problem:
No inspections of factories or quality of product Businesses “fatten” bottom line by decreasing quality Example- meat industry

2 Proposed solutions Meat Inspection Act~ Pure Food and Drug Act~
Guaranteed that the government inspects all meat Factories closed or fined if not following regulations Pure Food and Drug Act~ Made sure what was advertised was in the product, and what was in the product was advertised. Both are still effective in society today

3 Workers problems Problems: Hours Wages Injuries Conditions Example:
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

4 Proposed solutions Set the working hours
Adamson act~ Set the working hours Example: Railroad workers will work an average of 8 hours a day (6 days a week) Minimum wage laws~ Each state sets the minimum wage Based on each states’ economy Workman’s compensation insurance~ Receive money for each week out of work if injured on the job Could not be fired if hurt on job

5 Muller vs. Oregon (1908) Louis Brandies
Persuaded the Supreme court to pass laws protecting women’s weaker bodies from certain work conditions Hailed a success Closed women out of “male” jobs Workers gain control in work place

6 Political problems and solutions
Need to regain power lost by the people Political Machines & Corruption Spoils system Voters have little to no power (senators part of “millionaires club”) Political Bosses and individuals ran the cities as their own Kingdoms

7 Proposed solutions 17th amendment State Level
The initiative enables citizens to draft laws and constitutional amendments and place them on the ballot for a popular vote. The referendum provides for a popular vote on laws passed by the legislature. The recall allows citizens to remove elected officials from office. Australian (“Secret”) Ballot

8 Social problems Problem: Tenement and slums The poor
Conditions in the cities

9 Solutions: Each large city passes own regulations Housing regulations~
Settlement houses~ Set up to help poor and immigrant assimilation Provide temporary relief Ex. Hull House Salvation army~ Provided food, clothing, shelter to the needy

10 alcohol 18th amendment~ Temperance movement~ Solutions:
Women’s Christian Temperance Movement Leader Carrie Nation Nation divided into “wet” & “dry” “dry” controlled congress in 1919

11 Women Women defining a new social role
More active in unions and organizations Wyoming 1st state to give vote to women (1869) Took 72 years for all states to allow women to vote 1st demand at Seneca Falls, NY in 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton Susan B. Anthony Carrie Chapman Catt Alice Paul

12 Woman’s Suffrage Political reformers want the woman’s vote
This would change the tone of elections Many were afraid woman would be a second vote for their husband

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