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Hamsters By Valerie.

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1 Hamsters By Valerie

2 Table of Contents Hamster senses Training your hamster The mom
Taking care of hamsters At night Hamster fun facts

3 Hamster senses All hamsters have poor eyesight. They all see best at dim light. Hamsters have pouches in their cheeks. Any hamster needs to use its whiskers as feelers.

4 Training your hamster You can try your best to train your cute hamster to take it out in the early evening too feed it stuff, if you want.

5 The mom The mom hamster feeds her babies milk.

6 Taking care of hamsters
Your hamster should not be skinny or fat too be healthy. If your hamster needs go to the vet take it there in a pet carrier. A hamster needs a bed for warm weather. To survive all hamsters need a clean cage!

7 At night Hamsters are nocturnal so they sleep during the day.
you might not get that much sleep, if you keep a hamster in your room. Since hamsters are nocturnal they love to play while we sleep.

8 Hamster fun facts Lots of hamsters love to live alone.
I never knew my last pet hamster was famous, she was drawn in a book! I never knew people can be allergic to hamsters, like me.

9 Glossary Animal shelter- place where lost or unwanted animals are looked and find new homes Breeder-someone who raises animals Cub-baby hamster Gnaw-chew and bite Litter-group of hamster babies Nest Box-box filled with bedding in which your hamster sleeps in Veterinarian-a doctor who helps animals

10 Sources Usbourne Frist Pets-Hamsters by Susan Meredith
A Pets Life: Hamsters by Anita Ganeri All About Pets Hamsters by Helen Frost -Hamsters

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