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Galena Park Middle GPISD Ms. Husband Language Arts April 2005.

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1 Galena Park Middle GPISD Ms. Husband Language Arts April 2005

2 A:B: Mercutio was wounded by Romeo's sword. Romeo is responsible for Mercutio's death. #1 Just before he dies, Mercutio turns to Romeo and asks "Why the devil came you between us? I was hurt under your arm." This implies C:D: the devil made Mercutio fight Tybalt. Mercutio wanted Romeo to intervene and stop Tybalt.

3 B

4 A:B: RomeoParis #2 Whose tragic flaw is being too naive? C:D: Friar LawrenceJuliet

5 D

6 A:B: Too much prideToo passive #3 What is Friar’s tragic flaw? C:D: Overly optimisticEasily manipulated

7 C

8 A:B: RomeoJuliet #4 Who said it: "What's in a name? The thing which we call a rose would smell just as sweet if it had any other name." C:D: MercutioNurse

9 B

10 A:B: 4 hours1 hour #5 For how many hours is the play supposed to last according to the prologue? C:D: 2 hours3 hours

11 C

12 A:B: His sonWife #6 Who does Shakespeare lose early in his life that greatly impacted his writing career? C:D: Daughter SusannaMother

13 A

14 A:B: LiverBrain #7 Which organ was believed to be most important? C:D: HeartLungs

15 A

16 A:B: His potion will not work for Juliet The feud will lead to Romeo and Juliet’s deaths #8 Friar Lawrence’s statement, “In people as well as plants, good and evil lie. But if the evil is more, the plant will die” foreshadows: C:D: Evil will overpower good Juliet’s plan to fake her own death will not work

17 B

18 A:B: Black bileYellow bile #9 Which of the following was not a humour? C:D: BloodSaliva

19 D

20 A:B: They were published after his death. Someone else published them. #10 Most of Shakespeare’s writings were published post-humously. What does this mean? C:D: They were published anonymously. They were published in an anthology.

21 A

22 A:B: Shakespeare’s MysteryThe Unknown Years #11 Many Shakespeare facts are unknown. What was this period of his life referred to as? C:D: The Dark YearsThe Lost Years

23 D

24 A:B: 82 #12 How many years older than William was Anne Hathaway? C:D: 1None- she was younger than him

25 A

26 A:B: Peter and JohnAbraham and Balthasar #13 In the very first opening fight scene of the play, which servants are of the Capulet house? C:D: Sampson and GregoryAbram and Peter

27 C

28 A:B: From ancient grudge break to new mutiny Two households both alike in dignity #14 Which of the following is the first line of the prologue? C:D: The fearful passage of their death-mark’d love From forth the fatal loins of these two foes

29 B

30 A:B: A pair of star-cross'd lovers take their life What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend #15 Which of the following is the last line of the prologue? C:D: Do with their death bury their parents' strife Is now the two hours' traffic of our stage

31 B

32 Great Job!!!! Great Job!!!! Thank you for playing! Thank you for playing!

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