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Galena Park Middle GPISD Ms. Husband Language Arts April 2005.

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1 Galena Park Middle GPISD Ms. Husband Language Arts April 2005

2 A:B: $1.87$8.21 #1 Della has only ______ to spend on a Christmas gift for her husband. C:D: $12.54$2.37

3 A. $1.87

4 A:B: GodfatherUncle #2 Jim’s gold watch, his finest possession, is a family heirloom, inherited from his _______. C:D: FatherFather-in-law

5 C. Father

6 A:B: ShouldersKnees #3 Della’s hair reaches her ________. C:D: WaistCalves

7 C. Waist

8 A:B: $100$50 #4 Della decides to go to Madame Sofronie, the owner of a hair and wig shop. Della sells her hair for _____. C:D: $10$20

9 D. $20

10 A:B: The 3 wise menPeople who receive gifts #5 What is the definition of the Magi? C:D: A present Christmas

11 A. The 3 wise men

12 A:B: Expensive dinnerPerson’s opinion #6 The theme of this story is that Jim and Della’s love for each other is much more valuable than any _______. C:D: Material giftStatement of love

13 C. Material gift

14 A:B: Inciting incidentExposition #7 Which of the following is another word for a story’s introduction? C:D: DenouementResolution

15 C. Exposition

16 A:B: ResolutionInciting incident #8 What is the part of the plot diagram that introduces the conflict? C:D: DenouementRising Action

17 B. Inciting incident

18 A:B: They found Teofilo dead.They asked the priest for holy water. #9 What is the inciting incident in “A Man to Send Rainclouds?” C:D: Ken and Leon buried Teofilo. They prayed for Teofilo to send rain.

19 A. They found Teofilo dead.

20 A:B: CaliforniaMexico #10 What is the setting of “A Man to Send Rainclouds”? C:D: NevadaArizona

21 C. Nevada

22 A:B: IroquoisPawnee #11 What is the name of the tribe that the story focuses on? C:D: LenapePueblo

23 D. Pueblo

24 A:B: Father Paul brings holy water for Teofilo’s burial. Teofilo sends rain. #12 What is the resolution to the story? C:D: Ken and Leon leave Nevada. They pray for Teofilo.

25 A.

26 A:B: Not enough rainKen and Leon fight with one another. #13 What is another conflict in the story, aside from Teofilo’s death? C:D: The challenge for 2 religious groups to live peacefully together. Burying him

27 C.

28 A:B: Two cultures can get along with acceptance of each other’s differences. Death is very sad. #14 What is a major theme in the story? C:D: It is important to honor the dead. Drought is a dangerous thing to experience.

29 A.

30 A:B: ForeshadowingDramatic irony #15 Which of the following refers to an unexpected plot twist in a story? C:D: ConflictIrony of situation

31 D. Irony of situation

32 Great Job!!!! Great Job!!!! Most Dangerous Game review: s/Sep201137/game1316370887.php Most Dangerous Game review: s/Sep201137/game1316370887.php

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