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C. fern AP Biology. Ferns Alternation of Generations.

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1 C. fern AP Biology

2 Ferns

3 Alternation of Generations

4 C. Fern sporophyte

5 Aseptic Technique ASEPTIC TECHNIQUE Wipe the laboratory desk counter with Clorox solution( 10% bleach) using paper towels. Use rubbing alcohol full strength from the supermarket (70%) in a clearly marked plant misting bottle to spray the inside surfaces of your hood. Allow to dry for five – ten minutes. The surface will be disinfected Wash your hands thoroughly. Do not touch anything before working in your hood. Place a beaker containing alcohol in your hood. Soak your spreader in the beaker. Disinfect any tools you are going to use before preparing your culture. ( scalpels, forceps, probes) Use sterile pipets or pipet tips. Keep the front of your hood partially closed. Do not talk or chat while you work. Do not cough or sneeze into the hood. Work slowly to keep the air still. Only open the top of your culture dish when you are ready to spread your spores on the culture or prepare your plant specimens for culture. P. Sidelsky. Revised from the Fralin Biotechnology Center Protocol, Virginia Tech

6 C. Fern spores


8 Spore germination

9 Young fern gametophyte

10 Mitten – young gametophyte

11 C. Fern - gametophyte

12 Mature gametophyte

13 Notch with antheridia and archegonia

14 C. Fern – archegonia and antheridia

15 Antheridia

16 Archegonia

17 Flowering plants

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