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Wordly Wise Vocab Lessons 13+14 A slideshow by Jacqueline Nelson.

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1 Wordly Wise Vocab Lessons 13+14 A slideshow by Jacqueline Nelson

2 arduous  Adjective- requiring much effort  My task was very arduous because I had to haul a 50 ton truck up Mt. Everest.

3 canny  Adjective- shrewd and careful; watchful of ones own interest  Jackie made a canny decision when she decided to share her PowerPoint with the rest of the class; she figured someone else might then share with her, which would help Jackie out.

4 climax  Noun- the highest point; the greatest moment ever  The climax of the movie was when the heroine faced the bad guy for the last time, and it seemed like she might lose!

5 endorse  Verb- to sign the back of a check before cashing or depositing it  I endorsed my check by putting the money into my account.  Verb - to approve of; to support  When Oprah endorsed Barack Obama, he gained many new followers because people listen to her.  Verb - to be favorably associated with a product in return for payment  Athletes often get paid to endorse certain products because companies know people will want to buy the same gear athletes use.

6 Exuberant  Adjective- happy and excited; bubbling over with enthusiasm  I was so exuberant when I saw my sister after 13 years apart that I was screaming and crying with joy!

7 intrepid  Adjective- feeling or showing no fear; brave; courageous  The man was very intrepid when he went into a tank with sharks when he was soaked in blood, just to lure the shark away from his other friend who accidently fell in.

8 kindle  Verb- to start burning  The fire started to kindle after we rubbed the rocks to create a spark, which ignited with the twigs.  to cause to become excited or stirred up  The thought of going to Hawaii over Spring break kindled my interest; I almost fell down I was so excited!

9 lucrative  Adjective- producing wealth or profit  My factory was very lucrative and was making a lot of money for the company!

10 mentor  Noun- A wise and loyal friend and adviser  My mentor is my mom because she is always there for me, and is very helpful when I need to make tough decisions.

11 obsession  Noun- An interest, idea, or feeling that fills one's mind and leaves little room for anything else.  My obsession with puppies was evident; whenever I had a piece of paper I would draw pictures of them!

12 personable  Adjective- Pleasing in manner and appearance  I had to very personable when I showed up for my interview so people would think I looked neat, organized, and able to run a business.

13 proficient  Adjective - Able to do something very well; skillful  I was very proficient at reading because I could read 7 pages in 1 minute.

14 scanty  Adjective- Not enough or just barely enough; small in size or amount  We had a scanty supply of food; although there were ten of us, we only had three sandwiches and a bag of potato chips for our lunch.

15 strait  Noun-A narrow body of water connecting two larger ones  Between Siberia and Alaska is the Bering Strait, a frigid stretch of the northern Pacific Ocean.  Trouble or need  I was in a real strait when I had one dollar and hadn’t eaten in two days.

16 zest  Noun - Great enjoyment of; excitement  I was full of zest when my parents got me the puppy I had wanted since I was five, it was a dream come true for me!

17 allege  Verb- To state as a fact but without offering proof  The teacher alleged that I was cheating on the test, but since she had no proof I didn’t get a detention.

18 conclusive  Adjective- Putting an end to doubt; convincing  It was conclusive evidence that I didn’t cheat on my test when I got a 32 and everyone else in the class got a 100.

19 Counterpart  Noun- A person or thing that is similar to another  My friend Michelle is my counterpart because we have the same color eyes, hair, style of dressing, and hair style.

20 dismal  Adjective- dark or extremely gloomy  The beginning of Poe’s “The Raven” clearly describes a dismal night; “It was in the bleak December…”  Causing misery or sadness; depressing  It was very dismal outside, it was nasty and made you feel sad about yourself no matter how good of a day you had.

21 enthrall  Verb- To hold the attention of as though under a spell  I was enthralled by the lava lamp; I was so fixated on it my friend had to blow a horn in my ear just to break me away from it.

22 exotic  Adjective- Fascinating because of being very different from the ordinary  The platypus is very exotic because you don’t see it everyday, and it’s odd looking.

23 incredulous  Adjective- Doubtful; skeptical  I was very incredulous that my dog would be found after he ran away and he wasn’t wearing his collar: it had been three weeks since we last saw him.  Showing disbelief  Peter’s expression was incredulous; he rolled his eyes and huffed loudly to show that he thought I was crazy.

24 legendary  Adjective- Well-known; famous and much talked about over a long period of time  Although he is no longer President, Bill Clinton is a legendary figure in American politics.  Relating to a story (usually untrue) handed down from the past  Superman is legendary; his story has been told for ages as bedtime stories.

25 lurk  Verb- To prowl or lie hidden, as though about to attack  The cat was lurking behind the bushes waiting for a mouse to pass by.

26 menagerie  Noun- A collection of animals kept in cages for showing to the public  The play The Glass Menagerie gets its title from the fact that one of the main characters has a large collection of animals made of glass.

27 naive  Adjective- Inexperienced; ready to accept without analyzing  I was very naïve when I accepted the contract without looking it over to make sure there were no loop holes.  Simple in a childlike way; innocent  Because children are naïve, they are unaware of how many dangers there are in the world, and they need to be protected.

28 pander  Verb- To give or promise what is wanted in order to please someone – has a negative connotation  The spoiled girl’s parents pandered to her every whim, which is how she ended up with a hundred dolls, thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, and a pony before she turned twelve.

29 plausible  Adjective- Seeming to be true but not necessarily so  It is plausible that a comet hit the Earth and killed all the dinosaurs, although they could’ve gone extinct many other ways.

30 preposterous  Adjective- Too absurd to be believed; ridiculous  It was preposterous to think that aliens would come down from the sky and give me a machine to do all my homework.

31 scrupulous  Adjective- Marked by close attention to the smallest detail  I was scrupulous when I was correcting papers too make sure I gave everyone a fair grade.  Acting in correct and honest manner  Judges for competitions are expected to be scrupulous so the results of the competition will be fair and accurate.

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