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Vocabulary By: Brianna Cortes & Tiana Crawford. (Crawtes)

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1 Vocabulary By: Brianna Cortes & Tiana Crawford. (Crawtes)

2 Lambaste Verb- Attack, usually with words, criticize ( someone or something) harshly. -The angry couple lambasted at each other, she suspected that he was cheating when he came home late, he denied it.

3 Impasse Noun- A situation in which no progress is possible, esp. because of disagreement; a deadlock. - While having a debate in the court room,

4 Jargon Noun- Slang - Today, most teenagers use jargon rather than proper language, they find it easier to use the language they were raised around.

5 Deter Verb- prevent, block - The popular girls, uptight and rude people, deterred Samantha from being in the group.

6 Tenuous Adj- weak, thin - The bully, Aaron Samuels, found Ricky to be very tenuous, so he bullied him for the whole year.

7 Vigorous Adj- energetic, powerful. -While at the beach, we all vigorously pushed the waves towards each other.

8 Amity Noun- friendship. - Displaying much amity, a group of teenagers squeeze in for a picture.

9 Gravitas Noun- high seriousness. - Some are intimidated by people like Donald trump because he has a gravitas personality and is a well respected man.

10 Emphatic Adj- assertive, confident. -Many people look up to Beyonce for her emphatic personality, many look up to her and want to be like her.

11 Vehement Adj- Showing strong feeling; forceful, passionate, or intense. - Billy ran up to Jessica, showing his vehement for her and passionately showing his love for his girlfriend.

12 Preeminent Adj- superior, outstanding, distinguished, above the rest. -Obama has a preeminent reputation as our president, many people look up to him.

13 Resurgence Noun- rebirth - Jesus Christ proved them all when he had a resurgence.

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