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QR Code Fun in the Library!

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1 QR Code Fun in the Library!
Amy Kincaid McWhorter Elementary School Library Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD TCEA 10/11 Presentation

2 Amy Kincaid McWhorter Elementary Library Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD
21st year of teaching 10th year as a librarian 12th year at McWhorter Masters in El. Education Library Certification ESL Certification

3 Samsung Galaxy Tablet Pilot
McWhorter Elementary Principal: Dr. Yanet Cardoza Two 3rd grade classes & two fifth grade classes Adding more tablets this year

4 Principal Involvement

5 Make a QR Code Get URL of site destination
Go to Google URL Shortener and submit it, copy shortened code Go to QR Stuff and enter the shortened code Download the QR code and... NAME IT! SAVE AS!

6 1. QR Code Poetry Lesson QR Code Reader: Scan (app) works w/ iPads & Samsung QR Code Maker: QRStuff Google URL Shortener Have hardcopy of poems ready for emergencies Show students steps *

7 Accountable Talk

8 Questioning ‘Stead = ? ESL vocabulary: chore rhyming pattern?
infer meaning personal connections

9 What do you know about this person after reading this poem?
Does the person have brothers or sisters? How do you know? TRUE OR FALSE? This person has to walk to school. How do you know? What does “shaking in my boots” mean? Why was seeing a substitute the “greatest sight on earth”? If you changed the title of the poem, which would be the best choice? A. The Substitute B. Homework C. What Social Studies Test?

10 Tech Skills

11 Lesson Plan Poetry - Gr. 3 and 5

12 Poetry iMovie

13 2. QR Code Game Vocabulary reinforcement Fifth grade: landforms
Google Presentation: Instructions Handouts for students

14 QR Code Instructions slides

15 Lesson Plan Landforms- 5th

16 Idea: TXLA 2011- Jim Holland -

17 Important! Make the codes, cut, keep your set to put on shelves, and then make copies of the bottom halves to give to the kids (manila envelopes)


19 Suggestions Pair kids & give them clipboards
Have an alphabet stapled to their Question Sheet Don’t laminate QR codes- glare interferes Have them turn up the volume before they begin

20 More Suggestions Use cardstock to copy QR code pieces
Use ‘strikethrough’ font to make lines to cut in half Cut lines VERY STRAIGHT! Give each pair of students a letter on the envelope and write it on each corresponding QR code piece

21 Multimedia Kitchen Geologist Mr. Parr’s Science Songs *
Bill Nye You Tube clips maps Click the photos

22 Landforms iMovie

23 Monitor & Adjust! Necessary to teach strategies for eliminating large groups of cards revised GoogleDrive Presentation Not enough time- shorten?

24 Cool Tools - Record mp3 Audio Record mp3 no microphone Most reliable

25 Audio - Croak It voice instructions no microphone
may have security message warning

26 Written Text (Message)
QR Stuff Written Text (Message)

27 3rd - QR Game - Math Vocabulary
different color cardstock Also on my website

28 Media for Math QR Rhombus Song Fractions Song

29 Parent Nights

30 Give Credit Where Credit is Due
Jim Holland TXLA Conference 2011 “QRazy About QR Codes” Presentation Nancy Jo Lambert - RBE Library, Frisco GoogleDrive Presentation Embedding, GoogleDoc Forms TCEA Sandy Meyer- Audio QR Resources

31 Bulletin Boards

32 QR Codes and Formative Assessment
* A B QR Codes and Formative Assessment

33 PE - Choose Your Own Adventure

34 Book Information

35 Ghetto Cowboy http://vimeo
Ghetto Cowboy The Big Time - Tim Green interview Hero

36 Tools Used: * Keynote (Mac) for this presentation - converted to PowerPoint and then to a Google Presentation * GoogleDrive - student instruction presentation & student online forms * QR Stuff - QR code maker * Samsung Galaxy apps: Scan (QR code reader), PicsArt, Polaris Office

37 Thanks for attending! Amy Kincaid McWhorter Elementary Library CFBISD

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