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THE NECESSITY OF CHURCH GROWTH What is growth? -An increase in size -Development -Advancement -Extension What are the types of growth God expects? *Financial.

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1 THE NECESSITY OF CHURCH GROWTH What is growth? -An increase in size -Development -Advancement -Extension What are the types of growth God expects? *Financial Growth *Physical Growth *Spiritual Growth *Intellectual Growth *Numerical Growth

2 THE NECESSITY OF CHURCH GROWTH Eph. 4:11-16 What are the benefits of numbers? Two schools of thoughts Number consciousness & Spiritual Consciousness I believe in both but quality matters to me. Leading to the Relevance of the growth The growth of the church is the work of God. He brings the increase. It is not advisable to manufacture growth. At best we should eliminate the hinders and encourage the enablers

3 WHY THE NEED FOR GROWTH? 1. It is biblical - Covenant with Abraham - Early Church Acts 2:41 - 2. It is a threat to the enemy (Moses) Ex 1:8 - 12 3. It gives the church a pool of resources for ministry – Missionaries etc 4. It has power to attract more to the body 5. You have authority & Influence

4 I. Growth Stoppers 1. The failure to establish close, warm relationships with members of the church is the primary reason. If people have 5 or 6 close friends in the church, they will probably never drop out. Eg. Early Church

5 I. Growth Stoppers 2. He may have personal problems. In some cases an individual is caught up in sin and does not want to face it (Heb. 3:12-14). In other cases a devastating illness can create a faith problem. We should never take for granted that personal difficulties can be easily borne.

6 I. Growth Stoppers 3. Major changes in life A change in job Moving from one town to another often leaves people vulnerable to falling away. About half of those who move and find a new church home change from the religious group they were attending to a different fellowship. Many who move are very slow to find a church home. Newcomers to town are among the most fruitful converts; but moving offers an opportunity for weak Christian to fall away.

7 I. WHY PEOPLE DROP OUT 4 Harsh treatment by crude brethren can drive weak Christians away from the church (3 John 9-10). 5. Marital problems at home, divorce, or parental problems can destroy an entire family's commitment to the church and the Lord. Many times the embarrassment is overwhelming to a family, to the extent that they will not return. The loving acceptance of brethren is never more needed than in family failure. 6. Personality clashes with other members, preachers or elders can lead people to stop attending altogether. In some cases, people never quite "fit in" with the whole congregation. Sensitivity to this problem and efforts to incorporate the brother or sister need to be made.

8 ENABLERS OF GROWTH Prayer A Power Behind GROWTH 1. Acts 1:12-14 in the upper room 120 people devoted to praying before Pentecost 2. Acts 2:42 And they were continually devoting themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

9 3. Acts 4:18-31 when they could do nothing else and had no power against the Sanhedrin, they prayed for boldness 4. Acts 12:1-5 when James was beheaded they prayed “fervently” Here are two forces, the world and the church, arrayed against one another, each wielding an appropriate weapon. On the one side was the authority of Herod, the power of the sword and prisons. On the other side, the church turned to prayer. Herod later died and Peter was released. 6. Prayer ignites our passion for God, opens doors for evangelism, makes us bold to speak 7. Christians ought to pray! 1 Thess. 5:17 “pray without ceasing” 8. God has only one Son who lived without sin, but He never had a Son who lived without prayer.

10 For What Shall We Pray: 1. Matt. 9:36-38 pray for more workers 2. Acts 13:1-3 pray for those who are sent to evangelize 3. Col. 4:2-3 pray for open doors 4. Thess. 3:1 pray for the word to be spread and be glorified 5. Eph. 6:18-20 pray for all the saints and for boldness 6. Rom. 10:1 pray for the lost 7. Tim. 2:1,2 pray for tranquility

11 Ten Steps To Reach Lost Friends Every One Can Do! 1. Prayerfully identify 1-3 people you know who are not Christians. 2. Pray fervently for their salvation every day. 3. Be a blessing to your friends. 4. Invite each to a meal (no agenda), just to get better acquainted. 5. At an opportune time, ask each one for prayer requests. Check back. 6. Invite each one to outreach events, Bible class, or church. 7. Be there for them when they need help. 8. Continue praying and seek opportunities to expose them to the gospel. 9. Tell them why you became a Christian. 10. When they come to Christ, help them grow and become more involved in the church.

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