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Create a Board Game About the Renaissance.

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1 Create a Board Game About the Renaissance

2 Game Choices Memory Match Guess Who? Apples to Apples Candy Land Risk
Pictionary w/ samples

3 Instructions 1) Catching Name
2) Needs to be similar to the assigned board game* 3)Renaissance related with Q’s mixed in the game 4) Must have instructions on how to play 5) Neat, Colorful, and Easy to Play *See the following instruction for each individual game

4 Important Figures of the Renaissance
Michelangelo Johannes Gutenberg Titian Albrecht Durer Nicolaus Copernicus Andreas Vesalius Isabella I William Shakespeare Miguel Cervantes Leonardo da Vinci Galileo Galilei Dante Alighieri Sandro Botticelli Filippo Brunelleschi Francesco Petrarch Niccolo Machiavelli Marco Polo Lorenzo the Magnificent Elizabeth I

5 Memory Match Create (3) 12- 50 game pieces
Person’s name, facts, fields of study, achievements, or even all pics etc. (just make sure it is even and every idea has a pair) Should have an easy, intermediate and a challenging version

6 Guess Who? Create a game board on each side with pictures or Renaissance names on it. Create Question cards that people could ask about the person to help give hints (should be Q’s (Yes- Candidates) Ex: Is your person an author (Yes- Dante Aligheri, Niccolo Maciavelli, William Shakespeare, and Miguel Cervantes) Could have a hints chart about each person as well.

7 Guess Who?

8 Apples to Apples Create playing cards (2 different sets)
-Categories (Ex: Brilliant Scientist, “Renaissance Person”, Well Known Artist) -People (Ex: Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci, and Michelangelo)

9 Candy Land Move through the Renaissance (Candy Land) by answer questions to get to “Modern Age” Q’s could be of any topic from the Renaissance

10 Risk Conquer the world by answering questions and getting the most soldiers covering important areas of the ancient world

11 Risk Game Board

12 Pictionary Create a game based of Pictionary using ideas from the Renaissance Cards to pull from should include Renaissance Figures, Renaissance Art, Achievements, Trade and Art/Literature *Sample or two Drawing from 1-2 of the game cards Sample Card

13 Pictionary Game Board

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