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Unit 3-B (F): The Brain and Consciousness

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1 Unit 3-B (F): The Brain and Consciousness
Mr. McCormick A.P. Psychology

2 Do-Now (Discussion) Has what you have learned about how our brains enable our minds affected your view of Psychology? How so?

3 The Brain and Consciousness
Our awareness of ourselves and our environment Cognitive Neuroscience: The interdisciplinary study of the brain activity linked with cognition: Perception Thinking Memory Language

4 Dual Processing Can you recall a time when, your attention focused on one thing, you were oblivious to something else?

5 Dual Processing Dual Processing:
The principle that information is often simultaneously processed on separate conscious and unconscious tracks E.g. Vision: Visual Action Track (Conscious) Visual Perception Track (Unconscious)

6 The “Hollow Face” Illusion

7 Is the Brain Ahead of the Mind?

8 Mind and Brain as a Holistic System

9 Review What is consciousness?
What are the evolutionary benefits of experiencing various levels of consciousness? What are the two tracks of dual processing? In what ways do the mind and brain influence one another?

10 Homework Chapter 4 Outline: “Nature, Nurture, and Human Diversity”
Research Study # 3: “Are You a ‘Natural?’”(Pgs ) Unit 3 Project: “3-D Brain Model”

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