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Unit 1: Psychology’s History & Approaches

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1 Unit 1: Psychology’s History & Approaches
Mr. McCormick A.P. Psychology

2 Essential Question How did Psychology begin, as a science, and what are the modern psychological perspectives?

3 Unit 1 (A): Historical Approaches of Psychology
Mr. McCormick A.P. Psychology

4 Do-Now: (In Journal) Why study Psychology?
Consider the following: Types of Research Psychological Professions Goals of Psychology Why have you chosen to take A.P. Psychology?

5 Psychology Psychology: Empiricism:
The study of behavior and mental processes Empiricism: The view that knowledge originates in experience and that science should, rely on observation and experimentation

6 Psychology

7 Psychology: Fact or Falsehood
Task: Complete “Psychology: Fact or Falsehood” (Handout P-1) 10-Question True/False Quiz

8 The Origins of Psychology
From which areas of study do you think Psychology originated?

9 The Origins of Psychology
Psychology has its roots in Ancient Greek Philosophy ( B.C.E.), and continues throughout world history. Over time, several approaches to studying human thought and behavior continued to develop and change

10 Historical Approaches of Psychology
Structuralism: Structure of the human mind Introspection Wilhelm Wundt ( ) *Psychology officially recognized (1879) Functionalism: Function/Role of the human mind William James ( ) The Principles of Psychology (1890)

11 Historical Approaches of Psychology
How might we compare Structuralism and Functionalism to studying an automobile?

12 Historical Approaches of Psychology
Inheritable Traits: Influence of heredity on human thought and behavior Sir Francis Galton ( ) Gestalt Psychology: Human sensation and perception Gestalt: “whole pattern”(e.g. chair vs. seat, legs, back, etc.) Max Wertheimer ( )

13 Historical Approaches of Psychology
What areas of modern Psychology do you think originated from Inheritable Traits and Gestalt Psychology?

14 Psychological Science Develops
Throughout the 20th century, Psychology continued to expand as a study integrating the views of both Philosophy and Biochemistry: Experimental Psychology Behaviorism Psychoanalytic Theory Humanistic Psychology Cognitive Neuroscience

15 Review What is Psychology? Why should Psychology rely on Empiricism?
Briefly describe the 4 Historical Approaches to Psychology: Structuralism Functionalism Inheritable Traits Gestalt Psychology

16 Homework Unit 1 FRQ Unit 1 Key People
Unit 1 Quiz: “Psychology’s History & Approaches”

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