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Unit 1 (D): Psychology’s Subfields

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1 Unit 1 (D): Psychology’s Subfields
Mr. McCormick A.P. Psychology

2 Do-Now: (In Journal) What is the difference between a
Psychologist and a Psychiatrist? What are some of the subfields of Psychology?

3 Psychology’s Subfields: Research

4 Psychology’s Subfields: Applied

5 Psychology’s Subfields Psychologist – Patient Dialogue
Activity: Choose one of Psychology’s Subfields that we discussed in class With a partner, create a hypothetical dialogue between the psychologist of that subfield and the patient (7-10 lines per person) Incorporate (If applicable): Area of study Duties Clients they work with Where they work

6 Homework Unit 1 Quiz: “Psychology’s History & Approaches”
Research Study Response #37: “A Prison By Any Other Name” (Pgs ) Unit 1 Test: “Psychology’s History & Approaches” Chapter 1 Outline: “Research Methods: Thinking Critically with Psychological Science”

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