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The Great Awakening Peaked between 1730s and 1740s

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2 The Great Awakening Peaked between 1730s and 1740s
The Awakening was started in Northampton, Massachusetts, by __________________________.  Faith in God, not through doing good works  salvation He had an alive-style of preaching  emotion* “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” _____________________________ gave America a different kind of enthusiastic type of preaching.  ___________________, orthodox clergymen, were skeptical of the new ways of preaching ___________________, defended the Awakening for its role in revitalizing American religion Emphasis on direct, emotive spirituality Undermined older clergy Many new denominations grew and greatly increased the numbers and the competitiveness of American churches

3 The “Great Itinerant” Appealed to emotion
Traveled through all colonies First “nationally” known figure in colonies

4 George Whitefield Preaching

5 George Whitefield Preaching

6 Franklin and Whitefield

7 Puritan Sermons Parts of a Sermon Laying open the text Doctrine
Grammatical meaning Logical meaning Figurative meaning Doctrine Partition and division of the topic Collects profitable points of Scripture Reasons Demonstration of the truth of the doctrine Leads to rational conviction D. Application Epilogue Magnifies arguments Leaves listener well-disposed, refreshed, and stimulated to further action

8 Dominant Denominations
About of colonists were members of a church Two established, or tax-supported, churches by 1775: (South) and (New England) Anglican (C.O.E.) was official in GA, NC, SC, VA, MD, and a part of NY. Anglican church was less frightening and more lenient on amusement The College of William and Mary was founded in 1693 to train a better class of clerics for the Anglican Church Church had grown out of the Puritan Church Formally established in all the New England colonies except independent minded RI Religious toleration In general, people could worship or not worship as they pleased

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