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Ms. RuppRoom 8 Second Grade 856-767-6749 ext. 1108.

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1 Ms. RuppRoom 8 Second Grade 856-767-6749 ext. 1108






7 Reading Street by Scott Foresman Oral Language development Word Work Reading ~ comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency Focus on differentiated instruction Small groups focus on word attack strategies, comprehension, and fluency using ‘just right’ books Language ~ grammar and writing

8 Foster a lifelong love of reading and writing Embrace good literature as readers and writers Enhance skill development

9 Students: Read to Self Read to Someone Work on Writing Word Work Listen to Reading  Teachers Working with Students:  Guided Reading  Guided Writing  Assessing  Conferring

10 Read aloud with accuracy, comprehension, and appropriate rate Read aloud with expression Second grade goal is to read 90 words per minute. Running records will be used to assess student fluency. Reading Fluency

11 Recognize and automatically read high-frequency words & lesson vocabulary Use context clues to figure out meaning of new vocabulary Classify and organize words Understand synonyms & antonyms Build oral vocabulary with Amazing Words Reading Vocabulary

12 Set a purpose for reading Activate and use prior knowledge Make and confirm predictions Answer and generate questions Summarize text by retelling stories or main idea Create mental images Make connections Identify literary elements- plot, setting, characters, theme Reading Comprehension Strategies & Skills Shift from emergent reader to an independent reader

13 Identify the author’s purpose Compare and contrast Name cause and effect relationships Make inferences Distinguish fact from opinion Use graphic organizers Sequence events in a story Identify main idea & supporting details (determine importance) Use fix-up strategies Reading Comprehension Strategies & Skills

14 Use pre-writing strategies to organize and brainstorm writing ideas Write personal narratives Create interesting openings/closings Write a friendly letter Include details Write a non-fiction paragraph Steps in a process Dialogue Cursive writing introduced during the second half of the year Writing

15 Ideas Organization Voice Word Choice Sentence Fluency Conventions Presentation

16 Word study includes our daily work with phonics and spelling. We will be working with spelling patterns, word families, and high frequency (sight) words. “Amazing Words,” high- frequency words, and selection words will be introduced weekly.

17 Addition and subtraction strategies Two-digit addition & subtraction Three-digit addition & subtraction Mental addition & subtraction Place value to 1,000 Math Students will be expected to learn their math facts to 20 and quizzes will be given throughout the school year. Flashcards will be sent home to practice.

18 Time Geometry Money Organize and interpret data Measurement Introduction to multiplication and division Math

19 Communities: community workers, urban, suburban and rural areas and how communities can change All About Earth: landforms, seasons, and Earth’s resources Our Past: Native Americans, Pilgrims, Colonies to states, American Revolution, Famous people in history Social Studies

20 All About Work: Needs and wants, goods vs. services, producers vs. consumers, trading with other countries, different kinds of jobs and how people meet their needs Our Government: Our country’s government, capital, American heroes and American symbols Social Studies

21 Animals: 6 classification groups and characteristics, habitats Changes on Earth: Water cycle and weather, changes on Earth, fossils, dinosaurs Space: Earth’s rotation, seasons, planets Matter: 3 states of matter, changing matter, engery- heat, light, sound Science

22 Define bullying Distinguishing between bullying and normal conflict Recognize different behaviors that may be aggressive, passive and assertive Using an “I” message: “I feel __________ when you ___________. I want you to _____. Tattling vs. telling Bystander strategies Respect Bully Busting State-Mandated Lessons

23 Reading: 10% HomeworkLanguage: 0% Homework 40% Classwork 50% Classwork 50% Tests 50% Tests Spelling: 0% HomeworkMath: 10% Homework 50% Classwork 40% Classwork 50% Tests 50% Tests Science & Social Studies: 0% Homework 50% Classwork 50% Tests A+ 100-98A 97-95A- 94-92 B+ 91-89B 88-86B- 85-83 C+ 82-80C 79-77C- 76-74 D+ 73-71D 70-68D- 67-65 F 64 and belowI incomplete



26 Please sign your child’s agenda each night.

27 Please sign and return all tests. Quizzes do not need to be signed and returned. Students will be given dictation sentences weekly. These sentences will count as a classwork grade for spelling and grammar. You will see two grades on your paper separately for spelling and grammar.

28 Math website used daily during lesson Reading website used daily during lesson Students can sign on at home to practice skills Students’ username and password sent home

29 4 R’s Respect* Responsibility Resilience Recognition Classroom Expectations We value our own learning and the learning of others. We will take care of ourselves, each other, and this place. We will have fun learning, playing, and growing together.

30 Music Box Marble Jar Dollars

31 If you would like to make any contributions to our classroom, they would be greatly appreciated. The following items are things we will need for our school year: Tissues Hand Soap Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial Wipes or Baby Wipes

32 Birthday treats may be sent in to celebrate your child’s birthday Leave in the office You may also join your child for lunch. Our lunch starts at 11:40.

33 Will be sent home approximately 4-5 times throughout the year Checks only made payable to Scholastic Book Clubs Orders may also be placed online

34  Sign-up in folder  Shhh!!! It’s a secret  Bring in your child’s favorite story to share!  Please specify month and day(s) of the week that works best for you.  I will contact you near your availability.


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