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By: Mady Calhoun, Josh Gersh, and Marquel Charles!

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2 By: Mady Calhoun, Josh Gersh, and Marquel Charles!

3 By: Mady Calhoun Hola chicos y chicas! This is Carlota Culture and I am here to tell you about the culture in Argentina. In this part of the PowerPoint there will be information on what people in Argentina sometimes do in their daily lives.

4 Sports at The Estadio Nueva Chicago Argentina is involved in many sport activities. Fútbol is more than a national obsession then a game for the people of Argentina. They won the World Cup in 1978, and 1986, and the Summer Olympics for soccer, basketball. Tennis, rugby, and field hockey are also popular. To see people play these sports you could visit one of the sports stadiums in Buenos Aires called Estadio Nueva Chicago. I think that it would be really awesome to watch a professional soccer game.

5 In Argentina you can visit the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires. Here you can see popular shows such as the “Official Story” and “9 Queens. A very popular show in Argentina is “Ayúdame a vivir”(Help me live) which is a romance drama musical. I think that it would be very exciting to see a show from Argentina.

6 Best known culture element is music and dance, particularly tango. You can find street tango performers in the Plaza Dorrego of Buenos Aires. This historic plaza was the sight of the swearing of National Independence in 1816. Today it is the site of the San Pedro Telmo Antique Fair, where street performances by tango dancers, musicians, mimes and colorful characters mingle with the painters, antiquarians and street vendors in a bohemian rhapsody of song, dance and nostalgia. Often sung in slang (lunfardo). Folk music and dance are popular in provincial Argentina. I would really enjoy to see street tango in Argentina.

7 If you were in Argentina and you wanted to find the Art Museum you could ask someone, ¿Dónde está el museo de arte? This means “Where is the Art Museum?”.

8 Hola from Argentina! This is Benito Bookworm and I’m here to tell you amigos about all the facts and figures of Argentina! Benito: Over and OUT! Created by ALL OF US…TO YOU!

9 Hi there! The area of Argentina is a,776,890 square km or 1,072,157 sq miles!

10 Argentina has a population of 37,812,817 people. Gerrard Pedro

11 In the west of Argentina are the Andes Mountains. To the right of Argentina is the Atlantic Ocean. Mainly is rich plains in the northern half (the Pampas). flat to rolling plateau (Patagonia) in south and rugged Andes along western border. There is Mt Aconcagua (6,960 m), the Ojos del Salado (6,910 m), the Patagonian desert (673,000 km2), and thePlata- Parana-Grande river (4,880 km).

12 The other countries that border Argentina are: Paraguay Bolivia Brazil Uruguay Chile

13 The only ocean that borders Argentina is the Atlantic Ocean.

14 Grains, meats, oilseeds, fuels, and manufactured products are Argentina’s major products for export.

15 Argentina’s greatest natural resources are fertile plains, pampas, lead, zinc, tin, copper, iron, oil, and uranium.

16 The form of government in Argentina is Presidential Government.

17 There are indigenous people in Argentina. The principle groups are Quechua, Guaroni, Araucanian.

18 The Languages of Argentina number at least 40 spoken and 1 signed, including native and immigrant languages; two languages are extinct and others are endangered, spoken by old people whose descendants do not speak the languages. Some other languages besides Spanish are Italian, Levantine Arabic, and Argentine Sign Language.

19 If you were to ask someone in Argentina “How many people live in this city?” you could say Cuantas personas viven en esta ciudad.

20 CREDITS We would like to thank: Senora Schneider For letting us do this wonderful PowerPoint presentation Mrs. McCormick For mechanical help & Mr. McCormick For giving us extra time in his classroom to work on our PowerPoints By: Mady Calhoun Josh Gersh & Marquel Charles

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