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Highway Transportation System

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1 Highway Transportation System
CHAPTER 1 Highway Transportation System

2 What are the three parts of the HTS?
__________ – the users __________ – range from small to large and 2 wheels to 18 __________ - from dirt roads to multilane expressways

3 Causes of HTS Failures User, vehicle, or road can break down Flat tire
_____________ Road closed Car over heated MANY More…

4 Drivers cause most HTS failures due to common errors
failing to stay in ________________ failing to __________ to the right away driving too ___________ for conditions or in general driving on the ___________ of road _________________ or ______________

5 Effects of drivers error
_________________ (major/minor) Loss ____________ _____________ damage __________________ costs

6 The Three E’s Efficiency

7 Engineers are responsible for better designed ________, _________, and ________________
Cars: ________, tires, ________, fuel-efficient, collision Roads: banked curves, old roads rebuilt/repaired, install traffic signals, signs, etc…

8 Starts when we are first born-crossing the street, riding a bike, etc…
Problem solving skills you develop will enable you to act responsibly behind the wheel.

9 Traffic laws help regulate the behavior of highway users.
_____________ might discourage users from drinking and driving. Provide assistance and coordinate emergency services at the scene of a collision. Help keep _________ & ____ running smoothly

10 Responsibilities of Drivers
________________ You must be physically able to drive safely and be capable of handling situations that may arise. In some states certain physical disabilities or conditions may prevent you from obtaining a license ___________ is just as important as __________!!! Certain ______________ drugs and _______________ drugs may affect a driver’s skills. (Alcohol in small doses too!)

11 A _______ Vehicle You are responsible for your actions and for the operation and condition of your car. Getting your car _________ Other examples ______ tires, defective steering system, poor ________, broken _______ or directional. Always ________ the car before you drive it!

12 Every state has financial responsibility laws
Drivers are responsible for any damage to property or personal injury that they cause while driving. Usually laws require you to carry a minimum amount of insurance, although most owners carry more for added protection in case of a lawsuit.

13 SIPDE Process Is a process of seeing thinking, and responding

14 You want to ________________________________
Scan You want to ________________________________

15 Identify You want to __________________________________________________________________

16 Predict You want to __________________________________________________________________

17 Decide You want to ____________________________________________________________

18 Execute You want to __________________________________________________________________

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