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New Teacher Training: GENESIS GRADEBOOK

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1 New Teacher Training: GENESIS GRADEBOOK
Presented by: John Higham Tiffany Madhavan

2 Is it more than just a place to store grades?
Process vs. Outcome Feedback Is one more valuable? Is one more preferred? Learning & performance goals Do on-line grade books discourage progress in either of the goal orientations? Self- Monitoring Do on-line grade books make for a more realistic, informed learner? Different types of feedback: Process- comments and information that guide and shapes the learning process- For example- Your writing is well organized and on-topic yet lacks the use of figurative language. Outcome- grade recorded on an on-line grade book. Does not directly reveal how you should improve your grade. Is one more valuable? Research indicates NO Is one more preferred? YES- In general the most utilized & preferred form of feedback is on-line grade books.... Learning and Performance Goals: Learning goals- comparing past with present performance to develop individual goals based on progress Performance goals- comparing performance with others Although on-line grade books are not extremely detailed with feedback and typically are not activated to show class averages, research indicates that on-line grade books encourage and facilitate both types of goal setting. Students are motivated to develop their skills when they can access information easily. On-line grade books are accessed by 95% of the students who are assigned them. Students and teachers report that students have better developed self monitoring skills and take more ownership for their education. They also tend to be more realistic about their proficiency with specific skills- lending to realistic goal setting.

3 On-Line grade books compliment all of these 21st century skills!
WIS Learning Goals Our students are encouraged to set high, but achievable goals, monitor their progress, and regulate their effort as they accomplish various assignments. On-Line grade books compliment all of these 21st century skills! Realistic goal setters Children must achieve in order to be motivated. Goals too high- never achieve & goals too low- no sense of achievement Goals keep the momentum of learning… help regulate effort through awareness of progress- Kids know when they place too little effort or when their effort is exhausting them. Exhausted effort is an indicator : - child is in need of assistance - placed inappropriately in a course - misguided in expectations

4 Agenda Informative Postings Grading Categories Communication Tool
Deadlines User Tasks

5 Informative Postings Assignment name
Organization Web of Ideas (Explanatory prompt) vs. Pre-Writing Assignment Description The King of Mazy May Comprehension Test vs. Prentice Hall Chapter Test Assignment dates Assignment entries Assignment name should match the assignment task sheet. Parents should be able to match the assignment in Genesis with the exact handout in child’s binder/folder Assignment description should fully and accurately describe the assignment…Parents will misunderstand if it is too vague Assignment dates are accurate- shows the teaching momentum of your class Assignment entries are updated weekly

6 Grading Categories Categories Major Assessment- 50%
Minor Assessment- 30% Independent Assessment- 20% What types of activities apply to each category? Persuasive Writing Task Literary Terms Quiz Weekly Reading log The Boy in the Stripped PJ Chapter 1 Review The Boy in the Stripped PJ Novel Test Book Talk Read and Respond HW activity – Article 5 Achieve 3000

7 Communication Tool Reflection of You Reflection of child Knowledge
Organizational Skills Planning Philosophy Reflection of child Is it aligned to results on other assessments? Growth on MAPS Skills on ASK Knowledge: avoid spelling errors Organizational skills: Updated weekly, correctly entered grades, etc Planning: One time deal- grades issued once during a marking period. The single project, test, lab, paper, or other assignment that will make or break students. This practice puts 18 weeks of work at risk based on a project that might, at most, have consumed four weeks of the mp. Poor planning without on-going assessment lends itself to unfair grading. Fair amount of each type of assessment generates a valid grade that displays work habits across marking period . Philosophy: Do you allow child to correct and re-submit- goal to learn now or to learn? 0s for missed HW- does that measure competence and/or compliance…. Does it gain compliance… Research indicates it does not motivate work completion- consequences such as keeping child after school to complete or pulling child in during study hall to complete assignment gains compliance

8 Deadlines Attendance Graded Assignments Interim Reports
Marking Period reports Incompletes Home Instruction Attendance- entered daily- submit attendance for HR, record attendance for each class Graded Assignments- entered within a week of collection Interim Reports- posting that occurs mid-marking period. Should accurately reflect grade as it stands now. Marking Period Reports- posting at the end of MP. It determines honor roll status & must be completed on time. Leave ample time to correct final assignments, retrieve make-up work, etc. Issuing incompletes- Excessive absences may require a delay in grading. Grade typically generated within 10 days of last day of MP Home Instruction grading- regular postings through information gained from the home instructor. Home instructor will not place grades in your grade book

9 User Tasks Generic Log in Password Change Task: Open a class
Add an assignment Change a course name View a 504 Log in for teachers: First initial, last name Password

10 Support System Department teachers during CD period Mentor Teacher
Guidance Staff/ Case Managers Coaches Assistant Principals Help Desk

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