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Communication and Collaboration`s Value Proposition

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1 Communication and Collaboration`s Value Proposition
Omar Rashid Industry Director – Government Microsoft Canada Co.

2 Intelligent Community Forum The Top 7 for 2009
The Top 7 (communities) for 2009 was recently announced 2 Canadian Cities are short-listed (from 400 applicants): Fredericton, New Brunswick Moncton, New Brunswick

3 City of Fredericton, New Brunswick
Created free wireless network dubbed "Fred-eZone" that covers more than 8 square kilometers in the downtown core, running on the city’s fibre ring "We're a community divided by a river, and you can sit in the middle of the river and connect. In Fredericton, people book their swimming lessons online and the mayor does a weekly podcast.” Don Fitzgerald, Executive Director, Team Fredericton Since building the network, four online-based post-secondary schools have cropped up providing lots of jobs for the city's population – 70% of which have a post-secondary degree

4 City of Moncton, New Brunswick
Sited for economic turn-around where region was dependant on railroad and industrial hub 20 years ago Focus on ICT has become known for its near-shore IT outsourcing industry Since 1990, jobs have been created, tripling employment in the IT sector over the past 10 years, which is the highest in Canada Collaborated with other towns "If you think the world ends at your municipal boundary, you're at a terrible disadvantage. If you look at your borders as being more porous, then you're going to get a leg up." Robert Bell, ICF Executive Director

5 Intelligent Community Forum
This year's (Canadian) are all grappling with an economy in transition and turning to technology as a way to get a grip on the problem “Traditional drivers of the economy aren't as powerful as they used to be." Robert Bell, ICF Executive Director

6 Why the Top 7 is Important
Co-operation and Collaboration "We're seeing it as very positive to both municipalities," he says. "It really enforces New Brunswick's status as a tech centre.“ Dan Babineau Director of Information Systems City of Moncton

7 Why implement communication and collaboration technologies?
Office Communications Server

8 Objections Instant messaging is intrusive and a waste of time
Instant messaging isn’t secure Do I really want people to find me?

9 Thursday, November 2nd, 2006 10:20 p.m. ET
I received a voic on my cell phone.

10 Thursday, November 2nd, 2006 10:25 p.m. ET
It’s the York Regional Police Service IT Department. Their mail server is not down. They are assisting in a missing person’s investigation. One of the leads as to the whereabouts of the individual comes from an sent from a Microsoft Hotmail account. Who does the detective call at Microsoft to uncover the identity for the Hotmail account?

11 Thursday, November 2nd, 2006 10:26 p.m. ET
Who runs Hotmail? There’s someone missing Whoever it is, is in Redmond Who to call or ? Voice mail not an option Thursday, November 2nd, :26 p.m. ET What do I do now?

12 Thursday, November 2nd, 2006 10:27 p.m. ET
Who do I know at MSN Canada? Let me check Owen Sagness Is he present? Thursday, November 2nd, :27 p.m. ET Hotmail = MSN

13 Owen Sagness is not available
What about his staff? Ken Headrick is available I send Ken an Instant Message He doesn‘t know WHO in hotmail can help, but starts to instant message and others who will know While Ken goes to work, I continue searching

14 People Expertise Search
RSS Search Subscription View Results by Social Distance

15 Hotmail Service Managers
Over The Next 2 Hours Microsoft YRP and Microsoft Ken Headrick David Vetter Hotmail Service Managers MSN Alert Subpoena Escalations Carlos Gil 12:28 a.m. ET, York Regional Police Service sends notification that they will pursue another lead If lead is negative, will pursue in the morning Carlos Gil from Domestic Criminal Security calls York Regional Police Services at 1:25 a.m. ET Friday morning

16 Friday, November 3rd, 2006 early morning
Missing Person Found!

17 Microsoft Hotmail Emergency
For immediate danger to life and/or safety requiring immediate response Hotmail Law Enforcement Hotline

18 Outcomes Personal: Answer calls with ‘restricted’ phone numbers
Power of Presence Connecting those with experience with those that need it Federation between different agencies/jurisdictions

19 Value Proposition Unified Communication & Collaboration’s value proposition isn’t just for Public Safety Public Safety is in the exclusive domain of government What is the benefit of connecting with the right person at the right time? UC & C is a critical pillar in implementing policy-based directives such as the reduction of green-house gas emissions and improving worker productivity

20 Province of British Columbia Connected Systems – Connected People

21 Background Strategic agreement between Microsoft and Core Government and the Broader Public Sector Entities (BPS). Anchor tenants will include 33,500 seats, all 6 Provincial Health Authorities, major Crown Corporations and several Municipalities. Full participation should exceed 100,000 seats over the next four years. Scott Anderson, Barb Berg, Mike Tremblay

22 Connected Systems – Connected People
Information sharing is the means to end The ends, or outcomes are improving: Healthcare Education Environmental/Resource Social Public Safety/Legal Commerce Commerce Social

23 Alignment with Critical Provincial Directives Drivers for Advanced Communications and Collaboration
Climate response (Carbon) Travel reduction and avoidance Paper and associated impact Real estate management Improved information sharing Support better service outcomes for citizens, businesses Cross-organizational Workplace modernization Improve productivity Respond to demographic trends Attract and retain new employees

24 BC Gov Projected Carbon Reduction
Potential reduction from just under 800K tonnes to just under 200K tons — A savings of over 600K tonnes in carbon emissions per year 1000k Estimate Current Output Measured Outcome Savings 800k 600k 400k 200k (Tonnes of carbon emissions annually per 1000 workers)

25 Scope Advanced Communication and Collaboration BC Government
Directory Services Voice Services / PBX Presence and Location Instant Messaging Unified Messaging, , Fax, Voice Coordination Services, Calendar, Search Web Repositories Web Conferencing Video Conferencing Audio Conferencing Scope BC Government

26 Emergency Preparedness
City of Kelowna/Fire Department

27 Mission Critical Collaboration
Okanagan Mountain Park Fire: August 2003 30,000 people evacuated +200 homes destroyed 0 lives lost City of Kelowna Fire Dept. is responsible for co-ordinating response through Regional Emergency Operation Centre (EOC)

28 Joint Emergency Planning & Response System
Intuitive & Simple User Experience EOCs feature high turnover and inconsistent committee members Offline/Online capable with multiple device support Web Client for rapid-deployment and wide reach Mobile Client Real-time collaboration Collaboration supported for Mapping information, Incident Reports, key contacts Real-time alerts, notification & communication As events come in, all connected personnel are notified in real-time System supports presence, instant messaging and VOIP* of EOC personnel Ease of integration ICS Protocol Supported ESRI & Intergraph GIS Data Integration Custom FMS (Forms Management System) integration compatible Tooling for development of custom Incident Reports How can 60 government agencies collaborate for the next time? Can we leverage our existing investments in Microsoft and OTHER technologies?

29 Ease of Access Provide a Common Operating Picture to any agency / user regardless of location Over the Map Collaboration Icons and symbols are enhanced by dynamic information forms linked directly to resources and events. Document Libraries Store reference materials for easy access for all participants regardless of location and are fully archived and logged Overlays Enables categorization of information displayed on the map for easy viewing Presence & Chat Identifies members who are online and enables instant communication via open standards Common Chat Enables rapid communication to all parties, regardless of location Records Monitoring tracks events in real-time, allowing for notification and reference




33 Kelowna Air Show




37 Toronto Police Service
Public Safety Unit Toronto Police Service

38 Citizen Safety Architecture
Intelligence Framework FusionX Information Sharing & Collaboration Share & collaborate with other jurisdictions Case Management as a result of learning from CETS Intelligence Framework (the commercialization of CETS using MS Dynamics for Case Management) FusionX (ability to fuse map/data, this is where JEPRS, e-Sponder and even Black Coral would play) Information Sharing & Collaboration Ability to fuse Geospatial data with real-time and/or asynchronous information

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