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8 a.m. E-mail Mum 2 p.m. IM John 10 a.m. Pay bills 9 p.m. Search “vacations” Context Matters.

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1 8 a.m. E-mail Mum 2 p.m. IM John 10 a.m. Pay bills 9 p.m. Search “vacations” Context Matters

2 The internet evolution is widening media opportunities... Source: EIAA Mediascope 2006; Comscore Nov 06-Aug 07; Forrester June 2007 More Media Time: 16% of time spent with media across Europe is spent online Media Owners: 9% of European online consumers regularly publish or update their own web pages online Socialisation of the Web: 30% increase in unique users of social networks globally between November 2006 – August 2007

3 making online media planning more complex Can I advertise around conversation rather than content? How much of online activity offers a media opportunity? Is there still a role for interruptive advertising?

4 Our research objectives To delve beyond “time spent” measure To identify and describe key online “occasions” and their contexts To examine advertising fit across these occasions To help our partners optimise their online media planning

5 5 Brazil Canada France UK Norway Countries studied Germany

6 Page 6 | Our Research Approach Sample = 600 16-54 year olds per country Research conducted by OTX Diary of Online Activities – 400 respondents per country. A total of 38,000 activities recorded. 25 bloggers Advertising Questionnaire – 200 respondents per country.

7 CommunicationInformationEntertainment SurfingTransactionsCreation People don’t just surf the web, they are fulfilling fundamental needs 38%22%17% 8%7%5%

8 Online isn’t a standalone activity – it fits in with other life activities 70% of online is multi-tasked, with the most popular being working, eating or watching TV. Multi-tasking with TV differs more by occasion

9 Page 9 This helps explain why many online occasions are fairly “distracted” experiences Information and Transaction are most focussed Completely Focused Distracted

10 There is a routine to online journeys across the day MORNING: I read news, what time my bus depart. Most it’s everyday info, so I can get through the day. WORK: only for work research assignments. EVENING: I read my mail, take care of my facebook, blog, watch movies. Only do things that I appreciate. Male – Norway My daily routine 1. Log on to msn. 2. Check the news. 3. Look at pages that I heard of. 4. Download the latest music. Female - Norway

11 Page 11 People’s moods online shift over the day By the evening people are in a better mood, and looking for things to do, but are less open minded In a good mood Bored, looking for something to do Open minded 6pm-12pm

12 Page 12 The blend of online occasions differs across the day Entertainment replaces Information in the evening Share of All Internet Activity Across 24 Hours - WEEKDAY The 2 nd peak occurs between 6-10pm 9am – Noon is the first peak for internet activity Entertainment replaces information in the evening

13 Page 13 At the weekend, the sharpest peak is the morning followed by more constant online activity Share of All Internet Activity Across 24 Hours - WEEKEND Entertainment still replaces Information in the evening

14 From the well trodden path to unchartered territories If i think about it i have a standard routine. I always start with reading my mail; then it’s time for facebook; i catch up with the news for the day; read funny stories; and on my way through every point i get distracted by new pages, advertising and pages that i get recommended Female, Norway

15 Page 15 The Online Neighbourhood Much of Online Behaviour is Familiar, Like a Local Neighbourhood e-Bay, Amazon Shops E-mails – yahoo, hotmail etc Post Office Newsagent News feeds, sports homepage Forums and Social Networks PUB Finance Bank

16 Page 16 Familiar faces & getting to know the people that are around you Your neighbourhood is a trusted environment An easy place for you to navigate – it’s your territory and your space Safe and feel in control Affection for places that are familiar The internet is like an everyday trip out of the house, in a place where i am used to living....i never lose my way....Male, France

17 Page 17 Exploring New Places On the hyper-linked web, it’s easy to go off track 49% of online activities are spontaneous More open-minded Willing to try new things, explore new places Looking for ‘souvenirs’ Willing to take advice Looking to be guided by a trustworthy source Looking to share the experience or memories with others

18 What does this mean for advertisers? making online media planning more complex... but more exciting

19 19 Norway is more open to commercial messages than other European markets “When I’m online I’m open to commercial messages from companies and brands” I like ads which are interesting, and which get me to click further. These are often ads for offers or competitions, but sometimes I click simply because I’m curious! Female, Norway

20 20 Humour and “reward” are strong drivers in Norway for interacting with advertising % who would be more likely to interact with an ad online…

21 Open to ads Not open to ads Higher ad awareness, but not open to ads Higher ad awareness, and open to ads Lower ad awareness and not open to adsLower ad awareness, but open to ads More aware of advertising online Less aware of advertising online Advertising Awareness Differs By Occasion, as does Openness to Advertising Surfing Creation Information Transaction Entertainment Communication

22 What is Advertising? Only 41% view opportunities to co-create with brands as advertising Only 45% view tool kits from brands to create content such as avatars as advertising Only 51% view branded content such as theme packs for IM as advertising

23 Connecting marketing objectives to user behaviour and receptivity Info based gadgets, sites & applications Co-creation with brands Branded content for online personal expression & decoration Gadgets for private use on desktop Video pre-roll embedded ads Tool kits from brands to create content Video banner ads Static banner ads 140 81 59 81 88 66 140 147 103 86 59 120 52 103 129 108 112 126 84 108 75 89 98 169 80 89 53 80 71 124 133 102 78 84 66 107 131 113 119 132 103 95 70 99 78 103 120 Index calculated: which type of advertising is most suitable for…..[mode]?). This was asked for each mode separately and then the responses were aggregated across modes into the six overall modes (information, communication, etc). Each type of advertising was then indexed against the average for all forms of advertising in that mode. Advertising Fit By Occasion Interruptive/push advertising still fits, pull advertising plays a role in specific occasions Indices – if more than 100, ad type more suitable

24 INFORMATIONENTERTAINMENT Be Appropriate to the Occasion

25 The Role of Advertisers in the Neighbourhood or Road to Discovery 27% of people claim they are more likely to interact with an ad if it was part of a website they liked Rotate creative messages Take people onto road of discovery People are more open minded Advertisers can be more direct Branded content can be souvenirs/reminders

26 Communication is the glue across the day “I pretty much go through the same routine everytime i’m on the net and will continue 2 check my hotmail and facebook throughout my time online.... Some hotmail messages often lead me to other sites eg. About special offers or what events are going on in London, recommended websites etc” Female UK

27 Creating greater impact to your creative message - Context is king online Capture and reflect the blend of online occasions across the day Tap into the “mood” journey across the day Use a mixture of push and pull advertising to optimise engagement Branded content and applications must add to the experience Long term campaigns to become a trusted neighbour


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