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Going Green with Virtualization & Server Management.

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1 Going Green with Virtualization & Server Management

2 “Going Green” Industry Trends Server Virtualization Presentation Virtualization Desktop Virtualization Application Virtualization Systems Management Q&A

3 Every $1 Hardware = $1 power/cooling Windows Server 2008 offers ~40% power reduction Virtualization = 5x efficiency Vista offers 3-100 watts savings per hour Quincy WA datacenter uses only hydroelectric power Santa Antonio datacenter uses grey water - for cooling Microsoft owns/operates private bus system Virtual development environment heavily utilized In India Heat absorbing walls System for water conservation Building strategically positioned to minimize cooling

4 What role can technology play in reducing the other 98%?

5 Business CIOs’ Philosophy on the Role of the IT Department IT should proactively envision business possibilities and initiate with technology. IT should support and enable predefined business initiatives. 2003 40% 2008 64% “State of the CIO Survey,” CIO Magazine, 2003-2007 CIOs’ Philosophy on the Role of the IT Department Top Priorities of CIOs in 2008 Control operating costs Attract, retain, and grow customer relationships Improve effectiveness of workforce Technologies Business Intelligence applications Security technologies Service-oriented architectures

6 2006 (US): 60 billion KWh (1.5% of total US electricity) or more than all US color TVs! Consumption growing at 12% annually 40% of energy needs from banks already IT related US Env. Protection Agency (EPA) report 8/2007 Green IT, Swiss Innovation Outlook, IBM Switzerland

7 Guidelines for energy-efficient datacenters, 1: Computer room air conditioner 2: Power distribution unit

8 Computerworld “Although virtualization has been the buzz among technology providers, only 6% of enterprises have actually deployed virtualization on their networks, said Levine, citing a TWP Research report. That makes the other 94% a wide-open market.” The Rise of the Virtual Machine and the Real Impact It Will Have “We calculate that roughly 6% of new servers sold last year were virtualized and project that 7% of those sold this year will be virtualized and believe that less than 4% of the X86 server installed base has been virtualized to date.

9 Information Week Oct. 2007 “The [virtualization field] is nowhere near saturated. IDC estimates that only 17% of the worldwide server market will be virtualized by 2010, up from 5% in 2005.”

10 Get a deep understand of your environment -10-30% of servers are under-utilized (Uptime Institute, USA) Use Microsoft System Center to optimize number of servers -informs you about performance monitoring over time -informs you about installed hardware and software and the software usage Virtualize where you can…

11 SecurityWebVirtualization Solid Foundation for Your Business Workloads Windows Server 2008 Reduces costs, increases hardware utilization, optimizes your infrastructure, and improves server availability Delivers rich web- based experiences efficiently and effectively Provides unprecedented levels of protection for your network, your data, and your business Most flexible and robust Windows Server operating system to date Provides the most versatile and reliable Windows platform for all of your workload and application requirements

12 Windows Server frequently deployed for a single role Must deploy and service the entire OS in earlier Windows Server releases Server Core a new minimal installation option Provides essential server functionality Command Line Interface only, no GUI Shell Benefits Fundamentally improves availability Less code results in fewer patches and reduced servicing burden Low surface area server for targeted roles More secure and reliable with less management


14 OS MS / XenSource Novell ISV/IHV/OEM Windows Server Virtualization Parent Partition Kernel Mode User Mode Child Partitions ApplicationsApplicationsApplicationsApplicationsApplicationsApplications Windows Hypervisor Windows Server 2003, 2008 Windows Kernel VSCVSC “Designed for Windows” Server Hardware AMD-V, Intel VT Chipset Windows Server 2008 Windows Kernel EmulationEmulationVMBusVMBusVMBusVMBus VMBus Hypercall Adapter Xen- enabled Linux Kernel Linux VSCs Non-Hypervisor Aware OS Virtualization Stack WMI Provider VM Service VM Worker Process VSPVSP OS Kernel

15 Capabilities 32-bit (x86) & 64-bit (x64) VMs Large memory support (64 GB) per VM SMP VMs (up to 4 cores) Integrated cluster support for HA & Quick Migration Live Backup: Volume Shadow Service integration Pass-through disk access for VMs Virtual Machine snapshots New hardware sharing architecture (VSP/VSC/VMBus) Disk, networking, input, video Robust networking: VLANs and NLB DMTF standard for WMI management interface Support for Full or Server Core installations

16 Description Hypervisor based virtualization platform Windows Server 2008 x64 Edition technology Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter Editions Hardware Requirements x64 server with hardware assisted virtualization AMD AMD-V or Intel VT Hardware enabled Data Execution Prevention (DEP) required AMD (NX no execute bit) Intel (XD execute disable) Note: Enabling these BIOS features requires powering down (not rebooting) the server to take effect

17 Virtualization Investments ManagementInfrastructureApplicationsInteroperabilityLicensing Create agility Better utilize server resources Partner with AMD and Intel Ease consolidation onto virtual infrastructure Better utilize management resources Support heterogeneity across the datacenter OSP (Open Specification Promise) VHD Accelerate deployment Reduce the cost of supporting applications Deliver cost-effective, flexible and simplified licensing Royalty Free VHD format A Multi-level Approach Terminal Services Virtualization

18 In VI Enterprise In VirtualCenter & VI Enterprise In VI Enterprise Not available from VMware Operating System Virtual Management High Availability Resource Allocation Backup Hypervisor Windows Server Enterprise $12,000 Microsoft Total Cost: $20,169 (w/2 yr support) VMware Total Cost: $61,443 (w/2 yr support) Server Virtualization Solution Microsoft vs. VMware In Windows Server 2008 In System Center Management Suite In Windows Server 2008 In System Center Management Suite Multi Hypervisor Mgmt Physical Mgmt Application Mgmt In System Center Management Suite Not available from VMware Windows Server 2008 Enterprise System Center: $8,169 Windows Server Enterprise $12,000 VirtualCenter: $7,318 Costs for 5 Hosts (physical servers) Virtual Infrastructure Enterprise: $42,4125 MicrosoftVMware




22 Accelerate deployment and increase enterprise manageability Dynamically streaming software as a centrally managed service *Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization Translating software inventory into business intelligence *Microsoft Asset Inventory Service Powerful tools to accelerate desktop repair Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset Enhancing group policy through change management Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management Proactively manage application and operating system failures *System Center Desktop Error Monitoring *Components provide integration with System Center Solutions


24 Server setup Average watts kWh/yearCost*Kilograms of CO 2 * Standalone IIS7 server × 42,000.4017,535.51$1,602.7513,633 One Hyper-V server with 4 IIS7 virtual machines 517.66 (measured) 4,537.81$414.763,528 Potential Savings1,482.7412,997.70$1,187.9910,105 Standalone IIS7 server × 105,001.0043,838.77$4,006.8634,083 One Hyper-V server with 10 IIS7 virtual machines 512.17 (measured) 4,489.68$410.363,491 Potential Savings4,488.8339,349.08$3,596.5130,592 * See Average Retail Price of Electricity to Ultimate Customers by End-Use Sector, by State ( and Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator ( from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.



27 Additional Platforms: Linux, UNIX, CISCO, F5, Intel, AMD Business Applications Windows Applications Windows Services: Active Directory, MS.NET, Virtualization, Powershell Microsoft Windows Platform StorageManagement Service Management Configuration & Release Management Event & Performance Management

28 Software Distribution OS Deployment Standardization Asset Management Consolidation, License Compliance Out of Band Management, Remote Control SW and HW Updates, Network Access Protection Desired Configuration



31 End to End Service Monitoring Proactive management of IT services Integrated monitoring Best of Breed for Windows Reduced problem-resolution time Reduced TCO of Windows environment Increased Efficiency and Control Improved time to value Reduced IT management complexity “We’ve always run IT lean and mean, so that won’t change with Operations Manager. We’ll just run IT better—and enable the company to make more money. -Robert Fort, Chief Information Officer, Virgin Megastores USA An end-to-end service management solution that helps you easily monitor your IT services and gain greater control of your IT environment.




35 DPM 2007 Continuous Data Protection for Windows Application and File Servers Rapid & Reliable Recovery from disk instead of tape Advanced Technology for enterprises of all sizes with integrated Disk & Tape Up to Every 15 minutes DPM 2007 Online Snapshots (up to 512) Disk-based Recovery Offline tape Tape-based Archive Active Directory® System State Windows Server 2003 Windows Server 2008 file shares and directories Windows XP Windows Vista

36 Increased Physical Server Utilization Deploys multiple virtual servers on 1 physical server Increases flexibility Sets up servers for testing Decreases hardware costs Centralized Management of Virtual Infrastructure Uses MOM pack for reporting and health monitoring Reports on consolidation candidates, utilization trending, optimization opportunities Rapid Provisioning of New Virtual Machines Enables end users to use Self Service Provisioning UI to request and place VMs Enables administrators to configure rules and boundaries for provisioning A centralized management application solution for Microsoft virtual server software. VM VMVM

37 Support for: Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V VMWare ESX Full support for HA and V-Motion Deep integration with System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 Release within 60 days of Hyper-V RTM


39 New comprehensive solution for end- to-end management of both physical and virtual server environments Three components: Enterprise Server Management Licenses System Center Configuration Manager 2007 System Center Operations Manager 2007 System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 A product System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007 Use rights Manage unlimited OSEs per physical device Benefits of license Single license for managing all servers, physical and virtual, regardless of virtualization platform Per physical server based licensing means no need to track individual OSEs as datacenter becomes virtualized Configure and Secure Monitor and Analyze Backup and Restore Data Protection Manager 2007 Consolidate and Provision Enterprise Edition Management Licenses Full Application and Server Management (P&V)

40 OpsMgr Server OpsMgr Enterprise OML OpsMgr Standard OML OpsMgr Client OML (available via Ent. CAL) ConfigMgr Server ConfigMgr Enterprise Server ML ConfigMgr Client ML (available via Core CAL) SCDPM Server SCDPM Standard Server ML SCDPM Enterprise Server ML ConfigMgr Standard Server ML Server Management Suite Standard * Server Management Suite Enterprise * Data Protection ManagerOperations ManagerConfiguration ManagerVirtual Machine Manager Management Server ML’s for Servers Managed ML’s for Clients SCVMM Exclusively available in Server Management Suite Enterprise Mgmt License Suites Core CAL/ Enterprise CAL ** SA required on Server Management Suites OpsMgr Server w/SQL ConfigMgr Server w/SQL

41 Edge Client and Server OS Server Applications Microsoft’s family of security products for businesses Information protection and secure access products Integrates with existing IT infrastructure Simplified deployment, management, and analysis Ideal for Mid-Market organizations

42 Microsoft delivers end-to-end virtualization solutions … … System Center provides the tools for integrated infrastructure management "Virtualization without good management is more dangerous than not using virtualization in the first place." Thomas Bittman, Gartner

43 White Papers Processor Power Management in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 How to Enable Processor Power Management in Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Energy Conservation Best practices for datacenters Efficiency-Best-Practices-in-Microsoft-Data-Center-Operations-CeBIT.doc What Microsoft is doing The Green Grid organization

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