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Online curriculum content for teaching and learning.

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1 Online curriculum content for teaching and learning

2 ©2005 Microsoft 2 The Le@rning Federation … is an initiative of the governments of Australia, the Australian states and territories and New Zealand is developing a significant quantity of online curriculum content, freely available, for the P-10 years makes available learning objects and digital resources

3 ©2005 Microsoft 3 TLF learning objects … are ‘chunks’ of digital material (eg graphics, text, audio, animation, interactive tools) designed to engage and motivate student learning are based on latest research on how teachers teach and students learn provide multimodal learning pathways and learning opportunities not normally possible in the standard classroom allow students to dynamically interact with complex content and ideas

4 ©2005 Microsoft 4 TLF learning objects support… Active and critical learning Decision making Experiential learning Experimentation Game formats Investigation and inquiry Modelling Problem solving Research Simulation

5 ©2005 Microsoft 5 Literacy for students at risk based Luke and Freebody’s literacy research: four resources model Literacy learning objects will encompass reception production multiliteracies

6 ©2005 Microsoft 6 Mathematics and numeracy Four projects: Counting to quantifying Representing and visualising Variation, transformation and change Uncertainty and predictability

7 ©2005 Microsoft 7 Science Includes the strands of Earth and beyond Life and living Natural and processed materials Energy and change Working scientifically

8 ©2005 Microsoft 8 Studies of Australia Shaping identities Shaping the future

9 ©2005 Microsoft 9 Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian Character catalogue with complementary game activities to support student understanding of Chinese and Japanese characters Close encounters: promote communicative competence and intercultural learning

10 ©2005 Microsoft 10 Innovation, enterprise and creativity

11 ©2005 Microsoft 11 Content development process

12 ©2005 Microsoft 12 Digital resources

13 ©2005 Microsoft 13

14 ©2005 Microsoft 14 Access to the TLF content Contact Liaison Officers The Le@rning Federation websitewebsite


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