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Neelesh Kamkolkar Sr. Product Manager/Planner | Microsoft

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1 Neelesh Kamkolkar Sr. Product Manager/Planner | Microsoft Email:

2 Challenges How do I build quality, scalable business solutions? Will the solution scale in production?How do I mitigate risk?

3 Performance Testing Reality Too often Too Late One Last Walkthrough Before Launch Your luck will eventually run out

4 Visual Studio Team System provides performance tools to support you throughout the software lifecycle

5 Performance Lifecycle Design Development Gathering requirements Maintenance Deployment Testing

6 Performance Requirements Gathering requirements

7 Example Performance Requirement ScenarioTest EnvironmentRequirementGoal Home pagePerf Environment #12s1.5s Search results page – 10 resultsPerf Environment #13s4s Checkout completePerf Environment #15s4s E#1MachineCPURAMDiskNetwork Client Dell WS 6501P 2.2 Ghz1GB7.5k eSata (100 GB)600kb App Server Dell PE 66504P 2.2 Ghz4GB2x15k RPM SCSI 1Gb SQL Server HP DT 92508P 2.6 Ghz16GB 3 x 7.2 K SATA (480 GB) 15 x 7.2 k SATA2 (3 TB) 1Gb Application Data Size 1,000 restaurants, 50,000 menu items, 1,500 orders Work load 1,000 virtual users Throughput 100 home pages/sec 50 searches/sec 2 checkouts/sec

8 Performance Lifecycle Design Gathering requirements

9 Prototype to validate architecture Design Phase Exploratory performance tests UI Action layer Service API Web app Database Web app Database Design

10 Case Studies

11 Challenge : De-risk & manage growth Future plans at UWV will enable back office employees to use the Customer Contact Registration (K3CR) application to register their customer contacts. Projected number of future users is expected to increase from 600 to over 6600 employees Business case UWV focused to minimize risks involved in adding these extra employees. Typical end user response time is 1 or 2 seconds; (Can’t afford increase in response times/ degraded services for their customers, COPC-certified). Quantify impact on infrastructure due to load increase. Quantify future growth.

12 UWV - Dutch Social Security Administration 18-4-2007UWVPage 12

13 TFS Perf Trends Report

14 TFS Perf Report PriScenarioGoalActual Delta Goal Delta build Bug 2 WebAccess: Run a query for 100 items 3.59.00-157%-111%518511 2 VC: CommandLine - Rollback 1000 edits and folder rename 3049.61-65%9%416557 2 WIT: UI - VS startup with connected Team Explorer (warm) 0.530.85-61%29%535042 1 Office Integration: Excel - Get 100 work items from picker 11.54-54%-147%468117 1WIT: Run a In Group query0.75 1.06-41%31%468113 1VC: UI - Open from SCC 120 165.9 7-38%-26%510958

15 TFS Stress Trends Report

16 TFS Transaction Analysis ApplicationCommandcountPercentage Test Weight from Dogfood Server Version ControlDownload747181782.98%83.64% Version ControlQueryItems4702875.22%5.24% IntegrationIsMember1735751.93%2.01% IntegrationReadIdentity1369901.52%1.67% WorkItem TrackingPageWorkitemsByIds930751.03%1.56% WorkItem TrackingQueryWorkitems845770.94%1.10% Version ControlUpdateLocalVersion758090.84%1.23%

17 TFS Best Practices Start early Focus on key scenarios Run tests regularly Measure against requirements Spend tuning time wisely

18 Introducing VSTS Team Test Edition For Software teams, developing, testing and deploying web applications, team test allows them to do scalability and performance testing under load from tens of thousands of virtual users Unlike other tools, VSTS Team Test Edition is fully integrated into visual studio and team foundation server allowing your teams to collaborate effectively. It’s a extensible solution that uses VB.NET & C# languages allowing QA to leverage the developers expertise. It is priced such that it is available to specialist testers/development teams, not just a few central QA groups

19 Capabilities Unit Tests – code that exercises your project’s functions/methods Web Tests – record and playback interaction with your IE/FireFox browser Load Tests – Simulate multiple users running your automated tests Test Mix – Generate a load mix based on vusers and other variables Reporting & More

20 Team Test Load Agent Architecture VSTS Test Rig Load Agent VSTS Test Edition Test Controller Application Under Test


22 Real World Problems Memory Leaks/Thrashing Garbage Collection impacts performance. Slow Methods Can that known slow network call be asynchronous? Are you spending 80% of your exclusive latency time in 20% of code? Really do you need to send so much data over the wire?

23 Real World Problems Has anyone looked at that session object lately or the view state? Who decides how much stuff can be in there? Are you really serializing objects? Turn that logging off (or at least tune it down)

24 Real World Problems Memory Leaks try{ // con declared some place else con = new Connection (string..) …do something with connection… }catch(Exception e) {..handle exception.. } finally{ …clean up. …con.close()… }

25 Collect more analysis data Remote profiler integration Sys Info data collection Extensible data collectors to support more platforms Run to run reports in Microsoft Excel Load test log visualization Run functional tests as performance tests New design-time extensibility points Many usability enhancements VSTS 10 Web And Load Test Features

26 Know your tools! Profiler blog: Web/load test blog: Forums: -US/vstswebtest/threads/ -US/vstswebtest/threads/ n-US/vstsprofiler/threads/ Know your platform! Improving.NET Performance and Scalability Resources

27 Feedback / QnA Your Feedback is Important! Please take a few moments to fill out our online feedback form Use the Question Manager on LiveMeeting to ask your questions now!

28 Contact (optional slide) Email Address

29 © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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