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Moderný komunikačný systém Milan Marenčík Konzultant 24. Máj 2007.

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1 Moderný komunikačný systém Milan Marenčík Konzultant 24. Máj 2007

2 Agenda Moderný komunikačný systém Exchange 2007 Q & A

3 Moderný komunikačný systém Stabilný Funguje 24x7x365 Rozšíriteľný, Škálovateľný Dá sa použiť pre 5 ľudí ako aj 5000 Vysoko dostupný V prípade výpadku (poruchy) sa o tom používateľ nedozvie Prístupný Z kancelárie, z domu, z dovolenky, z mobilu Bezpečný Antivírus, antispam Manažovateľný Jednoduchá správa „Lacný“ Je potrebné ho udržiavať – kúpou to len začína

4 Prepracovaný koncept Exchange Server Roles Hub Transport Client Access Edge Transport Mailbox Unified Messaging Exchange Management Shell Continuous Replication

5 Exchange Server Roles 1/4 Exchange 2003 (a staršie) Všetky servery boli identické (SW konfigurácia a menežment). Použitie v rôznych roliach  menežment potreby sú rôzne Exchange 2007 Navrhnutý od základov s vedomím rôznych rolí Každá rola optimalizovaná pre svoju funkciu a menežovateľnosť

6 Exchange Server Roles 2/4 Hub Transport handles routing by using Microsoft Active Directory sites and site topology applies policies to incoming and outgoing mail Client Access enables mailbox access through Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access, Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3), Internet Message Access Protocol version 4rev1 (IMAP4), Outlook Anywhere (formerly known as RPC over HTTP), and Exchange Server ActiveSync. Mailbox responsible for hosting mailbox and public folder databases mailbox database contains the users' mailboxes.

7 Exchange Server Roles 3/4 Unified Messaging combines voice messaging, fax, and e-mail messaging into a single messaging infrastructure can be accessed from a telephone and a computer Edge Transport provides antivirus and anti-spam protection in a perimeter network for the Exchange organization

8 Exchange Server Roles 4/4 DMZ Intranet

9 Nová funkcionalita Exchange 2007 Exchange Management Console Exchange Management Shell Unified Messaging Performance improvements Availability High availability for Mailbox servers Messaging Policy and Compliance Features Security and Protection Autodiscover Extensibility and Programmability

10 Exchange Management Console 1/2 based on Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0. is required to install and manage Exchange 2007 combines all management tasks into one user interface you can manage all Exchange servers, recipients, and organizational components in your Exchange 2007 organization

11 Exchange Management Console 2/2

12 Exchange Management Shell 1/2 new task-based command line shell and scripting language for system administration use the Exchange Management Shell to perform every task that the Exchange Management Console can perform additional tasks that cannot be performed in the Exchange Management Console Safe Scripting lets you test your commands to make sure they do what you want Trusted scripts EMS requires that all scripts are digitally signed before they are allowed to run prevents malicious parties from inserting a harmful script in EMS

13 Exchange Management Shell 2/2

14 Unified Messaging combines multiple messaging infrastructures into a single messaging infrastructure users can receive all voice mail, e-mail, and fax messages in their Exchange 2007 mailboxes offers a single store for all messages including e-mail, voice, and fax messages users can access their mailboxes from a variety of devices mobile devices and cellular, analog, or digital telephones telephony functionality found in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unified Messaging (UM) new to the Microsoft Exchange product line

15 Performance improvements move from a 32-bit architecture to a 64-bit architecture deployment on a 64-bit architecture for improved performance and capacity now supports a larger number of storage groups and databases per server 50 storage groups per server storage group can contain as many as 5 databases limit of 50 databases per server Optimized Database Engine and Cache database page size has been increased from 4 kilobytes to 8 KB New Transport Pipeline new transport engine supports a significantly larger number of messages than earlier versions of Exchange

16 Availability mail flow between Hub Transport servers and Mailbox servers is automatically load balanced does not require any additional configuration by the administrator failover to the other Hub Transport servers is automatic If a Hub Transport server (formerly known as a bridgehead server) is unavailable because of a failure or regularly scheduled maintenance

17 High availability for Mailbox servers includes three built-in features that provide high availability for Mailbox servers Local Continuous Replication (LCR) Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR) Single Copy Clusters (SCC) LCR second copy is located on the same server as the production storage group CCR use log shipping to create a second copy of a production storage group the second copy is located on the passive node in the cluster

18 Local Continuous Replication LCR provides fast recovery with current data a single-server solution for transaction log copying and replaying LCR lowers the total cost of ownership for Exchange 2007 by reducing the number of regular backups that are required for data protection LCR and backup does significantly reduce the need to take regular, daily full backups does not eliminate the need to take backups

19 Cluster continuous replication Combines automatic management of redundancy and application-level data replication A solution that can be deployed without a single point of failure in a single data center or between two data centers Transaction log replication is used to copy the databases and maintain its concurrency among cluster nodes Scheduled outage functionality in CCR is designed to make sure that all log data on the active node is successfully copied to the passive node

20 Single Copy Clusters a clustered mailbox server that uses shared storage to allow multiple servers to manage a single copy of the storage groups Exchange 2007 mailbox server uses its own network identity, not the identity of any node in the cluster network identity is referred to as a clustered mailbox server FAILOVER mailbox server goes offline for a brief period until another node takes control of the clustered mailbox server and brings it online storage associated with the clustered mailbox is logically disconnected from the failed node and placed under the control of the new host node

21 High Availability in Exchange 2003 Exchange 2003 poskytuje vysokú dostupnosť na báze Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS) technológie. Viaceré servery zdieľajú rovnaké dáta (obyčajne na SAN) Single Copy Cluster (SCC) Server/Service level výpadok je riešený reštartom služby na pasívnom serveri Nerieši výpadok na úrovni Dát Najhoršie výpadky DB Q LogsActivePassive Single Copy Cluster (SCC)

22 High Availability in E2007 Server/Service výpadok je opäť riešený na báze MSCS Dátový výpadok je riešený Každý uzol má nezávislú kópiu dát Replikácia dát použitím Log Shipping SCC, LCR, CCR, Post SP1 SCR Active DB Logs Passive Log Shipping Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR)

23 Messaging Policy and Compliance 1/3 new Messaging Records Management (MRM) feature in Exchange 2007 to apply rules to messages that are sent to enforce retention requirements for stored data helps users and organizations retain the messages that they need for business or legal reasons

24 Messaging Policy and Compliance 2/3 Address rewriting to enable the modification of the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) addresses on inbound and outbound messages Edge transport rules to create rules that control the flow of messages that are sent to or received from the Internet Hub transport rules to create rules that are applied to messages that are sent to or from users in the organization Disclaimers to add disclaimer text to the start or end of the message body

25 Messaging Policy and Compliance 3/3 Journaling rules configured on the Hub Transport server more flexibility than the store-based configuration of Exchange Server 2003 reduces duplication of journal reports journaling according to the distribution scope of the message journaling conditions refined by specifying an individual user or the sender's or recipient's distribution list membership as criteria Messaging records management to help users and the organization retain the messages that they need for business or legal reasons and delete message that they don’t need by configuring managed folders, which are Inbox folders to which retention policies are applied

26 Security and Protection anti-spam and antivirus features provide services to block viruses and spam, also known as unsolicited commercial e-mail located at the network perimeter.

27 Autodiscover To optimize bandwidth when a remote user connects to an Exchange 2007 computer that has the Client Access server role installed, the Client Access server that accepts the initial request locates the user's mailbox. To locate user’s Mailbox After the user's Mailbox server is located, the client request is redirected to the Client Access server that is nearest to the user's Mailbox server.

28 Extensibility and Programmability includes a new set of services, known as Exchange Web Services enable developers to interact with Exchange mailboxes and contents by using standard HTTP provides access to the mailboxes of authenticated users and the items in their mailboxes

29 Questions?

30 Appendix: Backup content

31 Exchange 2007 64-bit Menežovaný kód Serverové Role 3 vrstvová architektúra Vysoká dostupnosť Skriptovateľná administrácia

32 64-bit Znížiť Cost of Ownership Nová funkcionalita Škálovateľnosť Veľkosť správ Veľkosť mailboxu Množstvo správ Viacej používateľov na server

33 Managed code Prepísané kľúčové komponenty E2007 OWA SMTP transport Air Sync POP3IMAP4 Pridané nové komponenty Unified Messaging (UM) Písané v menežovanom kóde =.NET Motivácia Efektivita (Development, Test, Support Engineers) Bezpečnosť

34 3 vrstvová architektúra Exchange 2003 (a staršie) Nemal riadne vrstvenie Vyžadoval aby všetky komponenty bežali na jednom serveri Exchange 2007 Modulárny, veľmi dobre vrstvený, sada softvérových komponentov Umožňuje bežať rôzne vrstvy na rôznych strojoch Umožňuje 3-vrstvovú architektúru a serverovské role

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