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MSIT200 Business of IT 微软 IT 业务 Paul Wang 王正忠 IT Director – North Asia 北亚区 IT 总监 Microsoft Corporation 微软公司.

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2 MSIT200 Business of IT 微软 IT 业务 Paul Wang 王正忠 IT Director – North Asia 北亚区 IT 总监 Microsoft Corporation 微软公司

3 Agenda 内容提要 Microsoft IT 环境 Financials & Budget 财务和预算 Federated IT Model 联盟式的 IT 模式 Strategy 战略 The CIO Mindset CIO 的思考方向 Governance 管理 Model Enterprise 模范企业

4 Tokyo Dublin Singapore Johannesburg 微软的 IT 规模 Redmond Charlotte 441+ 全球支持点 150+ 转变为互联 网连接 60K 员工60K 员工 45K 第三方 / 合同员工45K 第三方 / 合同员工 3500 IT Employees3500 IT Employees 441+ Buildings in 89 countries441+ Buildings in 89 countries 26M 语音留言 / 月 7M Remote Connection/Month >300K 网络设备 >120,000 管理的 用户机 >10,000 服务器 90K+ 电子邮箱 3M+ 内部邮件 / 天 10M+ 外部邮件 / 天 > 80% of 邮件被过 滤 125K 被隔离 / 月 100K+ Intrusion attempts/probes/s cans per month Silicon Valley 电子邮件的物理地点从 70 个整 合到 6 Exchange server 123 to 35 156K Team sites, 5.6 TB data 48K Mysite >400+ 应用程序 >200+ tools 单个 SAP instance 1.9TB Microsoft IT

5 Applications60% App Development (29%) App Support (31%) Infrastructure40% Network (14%) Data Center (7%) Employee Services (5%) Voice (5%) Helpdesk (5%) Security (3%) IT Spending 花费 Functional View FY05 Breakdown 花费细节 People 72% Data & Voice16% Hardware 5% Facilities 5% Software 2% 30% New Capability 70% Sustaining & Running Existing Capability 45% New Capability 55% Existing Capability Increases value Decreases maintenance delivery

6 IT Budget Process 预算流程 Move the Budget to the Decision Owner 决策 者 Infrastructure = CIO Applications = Business VP’s Push and Pull Process 资金来源 Push core infrastructure costs Pull menu of additional Services Global IT Infrastructure Cost Pool 全球基础架 构花费 P&L user allocation of IT cost 按人数分配 Server charge back model 按服务器分配

7 Federated IT Model 联邦式 IT 模型 Solid to CIO Dotted to CIO Finance, HR, LCA LCA Enterprise Apps Services Sales and Marketing MBS H&E Planning, Architecture, and Governance ITOperations AdminITXIT Server & Tools ServicesIT OEMMSN Corporate groups Sales and Marketing Business Segments Sales IT IT Infrastructure & Client Services Information Security & Privacy OPS IT MSN IT OEM IT H&E IT Server & Tools IT MBS IT

8 Balance 平衡 between: Risk (R) 风险 Demand (D) 需求 Value (V) 价值 The CIO Mindset 思考方向 Core 核心 Strategic 战略性 High Potential 高潜能 Support 支持  “First and Best” (V)  Trustworthy Environment (R)  Model Enterprise (D+V+R)  Operational Excellence (D)  Helpdesk Support (D)  Network (D)  DC Operations (D)  Information Worker (D+R)  BI; EPE; Mobility (D+V)  IP Telephony (V)  Latest technology (D+V+R)  LCS (V)  Model Enterprise+ (D+R+V)  Integrated Innovation (V)

9 Microsoft IT Strategy 战略 Empower 激发生产力 – Help our customers, clients and partners drive productivity with great services, guidance and solutions Simplify 简化技术环境 – Simplify our technology environment and focus investments in core objectives Protect 安全保护 – No hacks or impacting attacks and total compliance No hacks or impacting attacks and total compliance Strategy Pillars 战略支柱 IT Objectives 目标 Be Microsoft’s First and Best Customer Run World Class IT Protect Microsoft Digital Assets Drive productivity for our customers, clients and partners

10 IT Health Scorecard 健康记分卡 Application and service availability 应用和服务可用度 Incident response 事件响应 Data protection 数据保护 Product adoption 产品采用 User satisfaction 用户满意度 Internal controls 内部控制

11 Service Level Management Capacity Mgmt Availability Mgmt Financial Mgmt Incident Mgmt Problem Mgmt Service Desk Service Monitoring and Control System Admin Security Admin Network Admin Change Mgmt Configuration Mgmt Release Mgmt MOF Microsoft Operations Frameworks 运营框架 容量管理 Capacity 可靠性管理 Availability 财务管理 Financial 工作量管理 Work Force 服务可持续性管理 Continuity 服务级别管理 SLA 改变的管理 Change 设置的管理 Configuration 发布的管理 Release 优化 Optimizing 改变 操作 Operating 服务的监督 & 控制 Service 安全的管理 Security 网络的管理 Network 系统的管理 Systems 工作表 Job Scheduling 存储管理 Storage 输出管理 Print/output 目录管理 Directory service Service Desk 事件管理 Incident 问题管理 Problem 支持 Supporting

12 Security Strategy 安全战略 Mitigate risk to the infrastructure through implementation of four key strategies 减少风险 Mitigate risk to the infrastructure through implementation of four key strategies 减少风险 1. Secure the Network Perimeter 网络区域 Secure Wireless Secure Wireless Smart Cards for RAS Smart Cards for RAS Secure Remote User Secure Remote User Next Generation AV Next Generation AV Messaging Firewall Messaging Firewall 2. 2.Secure the Network Interior 网络内部 Eliminate Weak Passwords Eliminate Weak Passwords Acct Segregation Acct Segregation Patch Management Patch Management NT4 Domain Migration NT4 Domain Migration IPsec Segmentation IPsec Segmentation Smart Cards for Admin Access Smart Cards for Admin Access 3. Secure Key Assets 重要资产 Secure Source Code Assets Secure Source Code Assets Lab Security Audit Lab Security Audit 4. 4.Enhance Monitoring and Auditing 监控与审计 Secure Environmental Remediation Secure Environmental Remediation Automate Vulnerability Scans Automate Vulnerability Scans Database Database Forced Patching Forced Patching Automatic Port Shutdown Automatic Port Shutdown Helpdesk Process Helpdesk Process

13 IT Governance 管理 Reasons for IT Governance 原因 Security & Privacy 安全和隐私 Maximize IT investment 投资效益 IT and business alignment 统一目标 IT Responsibilities 责任 Infrastructure 基础架构 Applications 应用 Policies vs. Guidelines 政策与指导方针 Data 数据 Client (User) Awareness 客户了解度 Exec support + Pick the battles + Incremental progress 领导支持 + 技巧应战 + 循序渐进

14 Model Enterprise 模范企业 “Model a continuously optimized Enterprise Infrastructure utilizing Microsoft products & operations principles” 利用微软产品和运营原则来构建一个持续优化的企业基础架构 Drivers 驱动因素 Value + Cost + Risk 价值 + 成本 + 风险 Enablers 激发因素 Technology + Governance 技术 + 管理 Outputs 结果 Infrastructure Consolidation 基础结构整合 Move to Internet Reduction in “Sustainer” $ IT Spend 降低维护成本 More Secure; Faster to react 安全快速 Efficient and Effective 立竿见影

15 Application Servers / Governance 应用服务器 / 治理 Network + Telephony 网络 + 电话系统 Lab Consolidation 实验室整合 Data Center/Server/Storage Consolidation 整合 64 Bit Computing 64 位计算 Client Usage & Behaviour – “Value Realization” 客 户使用行为 – “ 价值实现 ” Windows Vista Windows Vista Model Enterprise++ 模范企业 ++

16 Windows Server 2003 Greater Scalability 可扩展性 Greater Availability 可使用性 Reduced Administration 管理 Exchange Server 2003 Scalability 可扩展性 Compression 压缩 Cache Mode 缓存技术 Office System 2003 MOM2005SMS2003 Key Enablers Key Enablers

17 Economic realities 经济现状 IT Governance / Risk 管理 / 风险 Hardware advancements 先进的硬件 Telecom advancements 先进的电信 Decreased communication costs 通 讯费用降低 CIO influence at the CxO table 影响 力 Additional Enablers

18 Consolidation Outcome 整合成绩 Infrastructure server consolidation 基础架构服 务器 51% reduction in Exchange servers Reduced from 74 to 6 sites with Exchange servers 30% reduction in global infrastructure servers Domain Controllers  32% WINS  53% DNS  31% DHCP  31% VPN  14% Radius  39% File  96% Print  75% Data center consolidation 数据中心 Eliminated 12 data centers Remote management Windows Terminal Services Event monitoring and dispatch – MOM2005

19 Fiscal Year 2004 cost savings 成本节省 Server Consolidation: $5M USD Data Center Consolidation: $4.5M USD Internet Connected Offices: $2M USD Target $100M USD savings over 3 years Service Levels 服务级别提升 Messaging availability = 99.99% Proactive IT Service Requests = 87% User domain controller availability = 100% 200:1 server to site services person ratio Security 安全加强 Critical security patches deployed in 72 hours Clear and enforced security standards and policies Consolidation Outcome 整合成绩

20 Focus on the basics and get them right! 打好基本功 What is Your CIO Mindset? Demand vs. Risk vs. Value Put the budget in the hands of the decision maker Reduce “Sustainer spend” : Invest in “Builder” Activities IT Governance Understand what’s your enablers. Be your own Model Enterprise! 建立自己的企业规范 Infrastructure Consolidation! Be model from the start (on a Windows 2003 standard platform) What is your ME++? In Closing…

21 For More Information Additional content on Microsoft IT deployments and best practices can be found on Microsoft TechNet Microsoft Case Study Resources Increase IT Efficiency: Maintain Fewer Servers E-mail IT Showcase

22 © 2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY. Thank You Questions?


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