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Light Up With Windows 7 (for ISVs) Sarah Vaughan Windows Business Group Lead Dave Glover Microsoft Australia, Developer Platform Group.

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1 Light Up With Windows 7 (for ISVs) Sarah Vaughan Windows Business Group Lead Dave Glover Microsoft Australia, Developer Platform Group 0403809914,

2 Agenda Business Opportunity Shine on Windows 7 Get Compatible and Declare Your Love


4 7 Ways to Shine on Windows 7 Fundamentals Taskbar Libraries Multi Touch Ribbon Sensor and Location Graphics

5 Windows 7 Design Goals Minimize change Keep Laser sharp focus on OS stability, reliability and performance. More importantly avoid disruptions Help bolster productivity Reduce learning curve and provide improved toolsets and documentation Create new and exciting experiences Build next generation software experiences that make your users lives richer

6 Improved Fundamentals Memory Reference set, Graphics Disk I/O Registry Reads, Indexer Power DVD Playback, Panel, Timers Speed Faster Boot, Device Ready Responsiveness Start menu, Taskbar Scale 256 cores IncreaseDecrease

7 Windows 7 Developer Value Build on a Solid Foundation Leverage Platform Innovations for Richer Application Experiences Integrate the Best of Windows and the Web Capture Business Opportunity with Windows 7 Momentum Deliver stable applications that take advantage of new security, reliability and performance enhancements Engage users with exciting, new PC experiences at work and home Provide users the best of PC and Web experiences on the most widely available and familiar platform Build on a highly productive and compatible platform and benefit from the global adoption momentum of Windows 7 Highly Compatible  Highly compatible with Windows Vista  Early testing of popular software and devices helps improve compatibility  “Compatible with Windows 7” logo toolkit so partners can quickly self-test Improved Fundamentals  Security enhancements enable development of secure applications with more user control using UAC  Supports next generation user experiences with improved, uncompromising performance  Improved reliability monitoring simplifies system management Reliability enhancements give end-users superior application experiences while simplifying system management with Process Reflection, Fault Tolerant Heap, and access to reliability information through improved Reliability Monitor UI  Support for new hardware types, including Blu-ray, SSD, and multi-core  Helps increase battery life for portable computers with reduced power consumption, timer APIs, Adaptive Display Brightness, Power-saving DVD Playback, and Smart Network Power  Improved system performance and resource management with reduced memory footprint for DWM, faster startup and shutdown, quicker resume from standby, search and indexing, and quicker recognizing of USB devices More Natural User Interaction  New input capabilities for diverse user experiences with Windows Touch, ink and gesture support plus handwriting recognition  Improved feature and task discoverability with new task bar, custom destinations and shell integration  Ribbon-style controls, menus and galleries provide enhanced usability Greater Developer Productivity  More powerful scripting automation with PowerShell 2.0  More controls, improved start-up performance, AJAX support, and powerful new graphics features with.NET Framework 3.5 SP1  Remote and virtual multi-monitor support  Native support for VHD mounting (and booting) from within explorer Access Hardware Innovations  Deliver high-Fidelity graphics and media using new native hardware-accelerated 2D and text rendering engines with Direct2D and DirectWrite API  Capture the potential of multi-core processor performance  Device Stage enables rich, customizable software experiences for connected devices  New Windows Location APIs allow application developers to access a user’s physical location information using sensor devices Better Union of Client and Web Technologies  Federated Search allows extension of local search to web data sources within client application  Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) enable web to rich client applications – using common platform and tools  Windows Web Services API enables high- performance web-services integration. Enable Rich Web Experiences  Fully CSS 2.1 standards-compliant Internet Explorer 8 provides enhanced security and privacy protection, end-user experiences, and platform advances for both Web developers and application developers.  Built-in dev tools within Internet Explorer 8 allow writing of code, previewing, and editing in the same window  Additional built-in video codecs help prevent users from having to worry about finding, installing and downloading third-party codecs Grow with Windows 7  Early customer and market interest indicates rapid Windows 7 adoption potential  Participate in global launch campaign momentum  Reduce support costs by ensuring compatibility and leveraging Microsoft’s built-in feedback and telemetry systems, including Windows Error Reporting (WER), that helps target fixes and improvements in application code Capture New Market Opportunities  Reach new customers by providing ways to experience & share media anywhere in the home with unique features such as Play To, multi-touch, and sensor support Increase Sales with Microsoft Brand Power  Amplify product awareness through Microsoft quality programs  Communicate a clear compatibility commitment to customers with the “Compatible with Windows 7” logo and distinguishes Windows 7 ready products from the competition Benefit from Windows Ecosystem Momentum  Greater Microsoft engagement with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), focusing on improving user experiences on the PC  Readiness tools and resources, such as Windows Error Reporting, help independent software vendors (ISVs) and their partners drive quality today and in the future

8 Application Menu Quick Access Toolbar Tab Contextual Tab Set Contextual Tab Help Group (aka “Chunk”) Dialog Launcher Windows Ribbon In-box with Windows 7 Redistribution available to Vista Feature parity with Office 2007 Ribbon, and WPF Ribbon

9 Federated Search: Standards Based Search Document Repository Enterprise Data Store Enterprise Application

10 Demo: ISV Integration points Windows 7 User Experiences –Taskbar - pinning, reordering, jump lists, app preview –Window docking – drag top, left, right –Desktop Peek –Gadgets –Jump Lists –Libraries –Scenic Ribbon (wordpad, paint) Search –Federated Search - Graysonline, Amazon, Flickr, TwitterGraysonline –IE 8 Search Suggestions – –OpenSearch Toolkit - Multitouch - PhotosuruPhotosuru

11 Windows API Code Pack Managed class library to ease.NET access to Windows 7 features –Shell, Libraries, Taskbar, Sensor, Graphics, Multi Touch, UAC, Power management, Restart and recovery, Network awareness, Aero Glass and more. It is a library not a full product –Open source with no support

12 Demo Windows Error Reporting Problem Steps Recorder (Will be integrated in to Customer Application Problem Step Recorder

13 Get Compatible And declare your love!!

14 App Compatibility: Breaking Changes Runs on Vista then runs on Windows 7 (but test) Top Gotchas Version checking User Account Control (Data Redirection, UIPI, Install) IE Protected Mode Services Isolation Installer Detection High DPI Low level binary changes Application Compatibility Bible –“Windows 7 Application Quality Cookbook”“Windows 7 Application Quality Cookbook

15 Demo Windows 7 Training Kit Launch Training Kit

16 Give your application the Green Light Costs –Free bar cost of certificates –Access to free online support Services –Enex TestLab Windows 7 Compatibility Testing. ( TestLab /

17 Proposed Australian Windows 7 ISV Catalogue Get Green Light Registered AIIA Windows 7 Catalogue Demand Generation Activities

18 Call to Action Get Compatible and Get “The Green Light” Optimize for Windows 7 –Use Windows 7 new Taskbar & jump lists –Become library aware Manage files & data with libraries Create next generation software –Develop for Multi-Touch –Use the Ribbon were appropriate –Enhance User Experience with Sensor and Location

19 Resources Compatibility The Green Light Windows 7 Training Kit Windows API Code Pack The App Compat Guy Top compatibility Topics Developer for Windows 7 on MSDN Application Compatibility Engineering Windows 7 blog Windows 7 Developers Blog XP->Vista->Win7 Vista->Win 7 Windows 7 Experiences Federated Search Scenic Ribbon Gadgets Jump Lists Photosuru OpenSearch Toolkit

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