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Microsoft Office System UK Developers Conference Radisson Edwardian, Heathrow 29 th & 30 th June 2005.

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1 Microsoft Office System UK Developers Conference Radisson Edwardian, Heathrow 29 th & 30 th June 2005

2 Bringing Corporate Data To Life With An Advanced Research Task Pane Jim Hanmer Microsoft Consulting Services Microsoft Corporation

3 Agenda Key points: What is the Research Task Pane? How does it work? How can I write my own? Extras: Tools and SDK Where to go for more information

4 Research Task Pane Overview Task Pane integrated into Office Rich formatting of results, push results into application Widely supported: Word, Excel, Ppt, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, Visio, IE Extensible

5 Research Task Pane Basics

6 Web Server Registration Request Registration Response Query Request Query Response Web Service Calls Registration and Query

7 Registration Web Service [WebService(Namespace = "urn:Microsoft.Search", Description = “My Registration Web Service")] public class RegistrationService : System.Web.Services.WebService { … [WebMethod(Description = "Registers the service.")] public string Registration(string registrationXml) {…}

8 Registration Request Schema Request contents Unique ID Formats the client will support System information All generated by Office RegistrationRequest SupportedFormats OriginatorID SystemInformation ##other

9 Registration Response Schema Response contents Status – did registration work? List of Providers Messages, licence info, name for each provider QueryPath List of services per provider ProviderUpdate Message Status Providers ##other Provider ##other MessageLicenceNameQueryPathTypeServices

10 Build a Registration Web Method

11 Research Service Web Service Unlocking Your Data Back-end options Published SOAP API Internet Web Services? CorporateDatabase? IndexedCorporateDocuments?

12 Query Web Service [WebService(Namespace = "urn:Microsoft.Search", Description = “My Registration Web Service")] public class QueryService : System.Web.Services.WebService { … [WebMethod(Description = “Processes queries")] public string Query(string queryXml) {…}

13 Query Request Schema Request contents Query text Info about the client Range information Requery info QueryPacket Query ##other QueryId OriginatorId SupportedFormats Context ##other Range ##other OriginatorContext Requery LanguagePreference QueryText

14 StartAt Query Response Schema Response contents Status Service that is responding Results, including markup ResponsePacket Response ##other QueryId Copyright OriginatorContext ##other Range RequeryContext Status ResultType TotalAvailable MustDisplayCount Results Count ##other

15 Query Response Results Document Simple URL, optional image Content Sections and headings Formatted fonts Tables, rules etc Custom actions Form Use parameters to drive query

16 Document Document example entry #1 This paragraph is just a standard block of text to illustrate the concept of the document element. Microsoft web site link 1 http://localhost/OfficeDevConRS/complus.gif Any logo

17 Content Content heading This time we have more options Use tables : Row 1 Value 1 Row 2 Value 2 Return richly formatted content. Insert data into the document. Insert Summary This is the data that gets inserted

18 Build a Query Web Method

19 Building a Query Response Lots of options: StringBuilder sb.Append(“ ”); XMLTextWriter writer.WriteElementString(“DisplayUrl”, “”); XMLDocument 3 lines of code ! All involve hand-crafting an XML response

20 Research Services Development Extras Simplify coding Remove busy work Work with a crisp object model Easier to work with objects than schemas Designed to integrate with Visual Studio Makes data connections simple and easy without compromising flexibility

21 Using RSDE

22 Summary Research Task Pane puts search into Office Built on web services Two web methods are all you need Understand the schemas Unlock your corporate data! RSDE makes it easy

23 Additional Resources Research services on MSDN /research/default.aspx Hello World Research Service Tutorial MSDN Article by John Durant Office 2003 Research Service Software Development Kit

24 © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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