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Prioritizing Remediation of Accessibility Issues.

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1 Prioritizing Remediation of Accessibility Issues

2 About Me Karl Groves, Dir. of Training, Deque Also, a rock star*

3 Agenda What is an accessibility issue? Why prioritize? Understanding risk Challenges Remediation Approaches – Considerations – Simple Prioritization – Advanced Prioritization

4 Things to keep in mind I am mathematically challenged This topic is exploratory, not declarative – Please participate, ask questions, offer new ideas


6 What is an Accessibility Issue? Bug: Term used to describe an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways.


8 Why Prioritize? Apply resources most effectively Minimize accessibility’s impact on business Motivate development staff Maximize positive impact for users Reduction of Risk


10 Understanding Risk Risk is the potential that a chosen action or activity (including the choice of inaction) will lead to a loss (an undesirable outcome).

11 Understanding Risk Ultimately, remediation of bugs is an effort at risk mitigation Risks of – Poor quality (Users having problem with system) – Lost income – Ancillary losses – Administrative Complaint (public sector) – Litigation

12 Understanding Risk Probability Probability = (number of negative events) / (population)

13 Understanding Risk Risk Amount Risk Amount = (probability of a negative event) * (expected loss in case of negative event)

14 Understanding Risk ROI ROI = ((Risk Amount - Investment)/ Investment)*100 Where: Risk Amount = Expected loss * probability Investment = Money spent on Accessibility

15 CHALLENGES What factors impact our ability to fix our system?

16 Challenges Not all accessibility problems are equal – Time – Impact Impact on Users Impact on Business WCAG Level & SC is inappropriate for determining priority

17 Challenges Time – Often at a premium – Time spent on after-the- fact bug repairs is time that is taken away from meeting other business needs – See, “Technical Debt”, Martin Fowler

18 Challenges Impact – Budgets – Resources – System


20 Simple Prioritization – Focused solely on time and (simple) impact – How long will it take? – How bad is the problem?

21 Simple Prioritization Pros – Focused on the user – Super simple – Often, “hunch” from expert is as good as something more formal Cons – Does not take into consideration impact on business or system

22 Advanced Prioritization User Impact Ease & Speed Impact on Interface Volume Location Secondary Benefit Each item ranked: None (0), Low (1), Medium (2), High (3)

23 Advanced Prioritization Impact on Users with Disabilities – Broken down by type of user & impact on each IB - Blind IV – Visually Impaired (non-blind) IH – Deaf & HoH IM – Motor IC - Cognitive IS – Speech Impact* = (IB + IV + IH + IM + IC + IS)

24 Advanced Prioritization Ease and Speed of Repair

25 Advanced Prioritization Impact on Interface & Operation

26 Advanced Prioritization Volume of Repeat Issues – How many times does the exact same issue occur? – How many times do (very) similar issues occur?

27 Advanced Prioritization Location of Issues – Traffic – Criticality of location

28 Advanced Prioritization Secondary Benefit – Older Users – Low Literacy Users – Low Bandwidth Users – Reduced Dev/ Maintenance time – Alternate Devices – SEO – Usability Tie to org goals

29 Advanced Prioritization (Impact + Repair Speed + Location + Secondary Benefits) * Volume = Priority Sort all issues according to priority Fix em!

30 Advanced Prioritization What’s missing? – Normalize data? – Do some of this ahead of time? – Importance ranking for each factor – Risk from Litigious user types?


32 Managing Remediation You have a report full of bugs Now what do you do?

33 Managing Remediation Managing Remediation is a process not unlike dilution in chemistry – Dilution: The process of reducing the concentration of a solute in solution In our case: reducing concentration (defect density) in a system Concentration = numBugs/linesOfCode

34 Managing Remediation

35 Fully-Compliant System Managing Remediation

36 Measuring improvement (concentrationStart - concentrationEnd) / time Only 1 st order accurate. Perfect for snapshots.


38 Conclusion In the quest for #perfectA11y, prioritization helps us get closer quicker We must maximize efficiency to have high positive impact Multiple factors exist that can be used to determine priority Iterate remediation efforts to progressively dilute them We can measure success

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