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Microsoft ® Lync™ 2010 Instant Messaging and Presence Experience Module 07 Microsoft Corporation.

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1 Microsoft ® Lync™ 2010 Instant Messaging and Presence Experience Module 07 Microsoft Corporation

2 Session Objectives Learn about Lync 2010 Instant Messaging and Presence Investments Share what we have learned from user feedback Look under the covers for the new Lync 2010 features Understand infrastructure and new service updates in Lync 2010 2

3 Instant Messaging and Presence in Lync 2010 Locate someone on Lync 2010 using incomplete information Find and communicate with the right people People are easy to get in touch with. Share where you are and what you are doing Connect with your social network Easily manage your day-to-day communication using Lync 2010 Manage your communications Communicate and collaborate from within office applications Communicate within context 3

4 Instant Messaging and Presence in Lync 2010 Live Contact Card Bringing real time up to date information about People Contact Photos Know who you are trying to find Contact Spoken Name Know how to properly pronounce other persons name Fast Search Experience Server based Search (ABS-WQ), alternate to local GAL download Skill Search Better Together with SharePoint Find and communicate with the right people 4

5 Find and Communicate with the Right People Hover Card – Consistent People Experience Across Office Richer presence information: picture, status, location and access to all communication modalities Live Contact Card Aggregated data from Presence, Active Directory ® Domain Services (AD DS) and Exchange Personal Contacts Organizational Information 5

6 Live Contact Card User Interface aggregates data from multiple sources Active Directory Exchange Personal Contact Presence Access controlled Presence information Work group can see Free/Busy information through the Calendar along with subjects of meetings Family and friends can see home phone numbers Familiar experience across Lync 2010, Office, and other applications Organization information helps find alternate contacts 6

7 Contact Photos Photos are delivered to the Lync 2010 client in one of two ways: Presence document – URL set by user in options dialog in Lync 2010 URL cannot have any sort of authentication required to access, and picture must be less than 10K in size Address book service – Web Query (ABS-WQ) Web service on Lync 2010 that pulls pictures from Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Pictures in AD can be synced with SharePoint using Forefront Identity Manager 7 User adds Photo to MySite (SharePoint 2010) SharePoint 2010 syncs photo to Active Directory Lync Server 2010 pulls photo from AD to GAL (User Replication) Lync 2010” issues ABS-WQ for contact and gets Photo URL Lync 2010 issues second ABS-WQ to Photo URL to get binary file Active Directory Lync Server 2010

8 Contact Photos Pictures do not get bigger than 4 KB when resized Stored in the thumbNailPhoto attribute, modify and replicate to the Global Catalog Will increase Global Catalog replication in multiple domain forests Sizing is based only on employee accounts Client cached the pictures and hash value comparison is used to check for updates 8

9 Contact Photos (Cont’d) With Exchange Server 2010: Import-RecipientDataProperty -Identity Ayla -Picture - FileData ([Byte[]]$(Get-Content -Path "M:\Employee Photos\JohnSmith.jpg" -Encoding Byte -ReadCount 0)) Without Exchange Server 2010: Fill the thumbNailPhoto attribute More information: KB 292029 Full photo story: GAL Photo FAQ: Sample script for uploading photos: downloads/script-uploadphoto-ps1/ 9

10 Contact Spoken Name Similar to photos Consider Global Catalog grow Must be either WMA 9 voice or PCM 8 KHz 16 bit File must be smaller than 32 KB/s Data is cached via EWS With Exchange Server 2010: Import-RecipientDataProperty -Identity "Tony Smith" -SpokenName -FileData ([Byte[]]$(Get- Content -Path "M:\AudioFiles\TonySmith.wma" - Encoding Byte -ReadCount 0)) 10

11 Fast and Skill Search Fast Search Experience Across Office Applications Search your organization directory Faster identification of picture and title Presence helps find who is available Skill Search Integration with SharePoint to enable broad keyword based search experience 11

12 Fast Search Experience Address Book Service – Web Query(ABS-WQ) Lync Server 2010 now supports a server-based search (ABS-WQ) Addition to GAL (galcontacts.db and deltas) download search Eliminates the need to download and manage GAL files on the desktop Also used to retrieve photos, distribution group information, and organization information Results are hashed/cached on the client to reduce network traffic Enabled via in-band settings Default set to do local ABS download for Lync 2010 client and ABS-WQ for devices TIP: With ABS-WQ, clients are no longer required to download a local copy of the GAL 12

13 ABS – Web Query How it works Search String (text or number) Search Fields Fields that need to be returned back in Search Results Maximum Number of results returned Exact or Prefix Search Search String (text or number) Search Fields Fields that need to be returned back in Search Results Maximum Number of results returned Exact or Prefix Search Contact Object1 / Hash Value1, Contact Object2 / Hash Value2 Contact Object3 / Hash Value3 … Contact Object1 / Hash Value1, Contact Object2 / Hash Value2 Contact Object3 / Hash Value3 … Search for: “Marco” Search for: “Marco” Query Input Search Results Local Cache Local Cache Local Cache Local Cache ABS-WQ Lync Server 2010 13

14 ABS – Web Query Searchable fields ABS-WQ searches all the fields currently supported in the client-based contact list search: First name (givenName) Last name(sn) Display name (displayName) Company Primary email All email addresses (e.g. sip, x500, etc.) Alias (mailNickname) Phone Numbers (Home, Mobile, Work, Other) 14

15 Skill Search Overview Lync 2010 supports SharePoint Profile Search Web-Service for skills-based searches Requires SharePoint 2007 or later with maintained MySites SharePoint search center URL is provisioned via in-band settings SP must be published to Internet: Different URLs for search center (internal and external) Requires full SharePoint – Windows SharePoint Services are not sufficient 15 Lync Server 2010 Tech ready Tech ready In-band Settings … … SharePoint Server NOTE: Integration with Lync 2010 requires all out-of-box people search properties to be present in the Sharepoint User Profile schema.

16 SharePoint Profile Search Integration Do not delete any of the out of band (OOB) people properties on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 or later. Properties in the stored procedure (SP) Extensible Markup Language (XML) request are hard coded in Lync 2010 – if any of the properties are not configured on the server, SP response will fail with invalid property error and Lync 2010 expert search will display an error. Configure the SPSearchInternalUrl and/or SPSearchExternalUrl in-band setting on Lync 2010. Lync 2010 expects the URL to be in this format: http:// /_vti_bin/search.asmx To link search results directly to SharePoint (for Browsing more information), Lync Server 2010 admin can configure the SPSearchCenterInternalURL/SPSearchCenterExternalURL. The URL entered for these two settings should be in the following format: http:// /searchcenter/pages/peopleresults.aspx. Once configured, a link to SharePoint will appear at the bottom of the Lync 2010 expert search results 16

17 Instant Messaging and Presence in Lync 2010 Unified Contact Store Contact sync using Exchange Search Social Network Using Outlook Social Connector – Outlook 2010 Frequent Contacts Activity Feed Share where you are and what are you doing Connect with your Social Network 17

18 Connect with Your Social Network Unified Contact Store Exchange is your single contact store for Lync 2010, Outlook, or mobile contacts Enabling you to Rename, add Phone numbers or other Contact details in one single place Search Social Network (using Outlook Social Connector) Search your social contacts across LinkedIn, Facebook, and other networks Unified Search experience 18

19 Unified Contact Store (UCS) Overview Contact Sync – Lync 2010 contacts are also your Exchange personal contacts, which allows a single unified contact store Search Aggregation – Merging duplicate contacts across AD DS and Exchange in Search results Contact Merge – Single representation of contact using data from AD DS, Exchange, and Presence 19

20 UCS – Contact Sync Lync 2010 creates Exchange contacts for all contacts on the contact list (AD DS, Federated, One-Off) Requires Exchange Server 2010+ deployed with Exchange Web Services (EWS) Allows for editing contact properties Rename a contact and add additional phone numbers, notes and other information Only the preferred endpoint migrates contacts to Exchange Must be Lync 2010 or later endpoint Cannot be a Unified Lync Client Platform/Lync application programming interface/Lync Mobile client or devices Must have Exchange Web Services connectivity Should be the first endpoint that signs in 20 NOTE: Either Admin or user can turn off Contact sync which is on by default

21 UCS – Search Aggregation Merging duplicate contacts Only contacts between AD DS and Exchange (Personal Contacts) can be merged AD/AD contacts are not merged (they are always unique) Exchange/Exchange contacts are not merged Both Contacts from Exchange? Merge Contacts Stop Merge Both Contacts from AD? Exchange IM Address = AD SIP URI? Exchange IM Address = AD SIP URI? Exchange Email1/2/3 AD Primary SMTP/SIP URI/All Emails Exchange Email1/2/3 AD Primary SMTP/SIP URI/All Emails NOTE: Search results will return all matching contacts if multiple Exchange contacts have the same phone number. 21

22 UCS – Contact Merge Contact merging fallback logic Priority is given to AD  Presence  Outlook for: Title, Company, Department, Office, Org (e.g. Manager), Web Page (e.g. MySite), Alias (mail nickname) Priority is given to Presence  AD  Outlook for: Phone numbers (Work, Home, Mobile, Other), Location, Calendar F/B, Presence, IM Address (Session Initiation Protocol Uniform Resource Identifier (SIP URI)) Display Name uses Outlook  Presence  AD Email (Primary Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) Address) uses Outlook  AD  Presence 22 NOTE: Display name priority: Outlook contact, Presence, AD DS, Company for Outlook Contact, FileAs from Outlook Contact

23 Search Social Network Using Outlook Social Connector (OSC) Outlook contacts referenced/linked to AD DS and Contacts are kept in sync using OSC OSC syncs contacts from popular Social Networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Windows Live) into Exchange/Outlook personal contact Lync 2010 indexes all personal contacts and enables search across all social contacts 23

24 Frequent Contacts System generated group based on Lync 2010 history Pinned Contacts (User Managed) User can Pin frequently used contacts in this group Roams across end points System created Frequent Contacts Top 10 Frequently contacted contacts Lync 2010 has local cache of Contacts with whom the user has interacted with Cache has assigned weight for each contact based on Conversation type, modality, incoming vs. outgoing, and last time used Cache pre-populated (and pinned) team information from AD DS NOTE: Recent contacts are available as part of Lync history in conversation Environments 24

25 Activity Feed Me Area Share where you are and what you are doing Quick access to set your information Activity Feed Know what your network is doing View status updates, new Pictures, Office moves, or a changes in role My Activities for reviewing what others are seeing about yourself 25 SETTING UPDATES

26 Activity Feed Components of Activity Feed Note/Status Message History Last 3 Notes published by the user User has option to clear Note History Picture Update User can change the picture in AD DS/SharePoint or via URL in Presence Lync 2010 compares hash code for Pictures to trigger new activity feed Title and office location Update Auto triggered by the change in AD 26 NOTE: Activity Feed generated for Frequent Contacts as well as for contacts in your Distribution Groups (DGs) on contact list

27 Instant Messaging and Presence in Lync 2010 Exchange Integration Connecting using EWS and MAPI Authentication in Lync 2010 New ways to Authenticate in Lync 2010 IM and Presence Enhancements Reliable and Improved experience Manage your Communications 27

28 Manage Your Communications Conversation Environment Manage your Active Conversations Redial list for all your conversations (IM, Calls, Conferences, and Collaborative Conversations) Access to Conversation History (via EWS) 28

29 Exchange Integration Lync 2010 interaction with EWS and MAPI Lync 2010 now prefers Exchange Web Services (EWS) over Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) New 64-bit UCMAPI to support 64-bit Outlook Connecting to MAPI/EWS is delayed after sign-in to reduce performance impact 29 TIP: Lync 2010 now uses EWS to overcome 64-bit MAPI marshaling (CU4)

30 Exchange Integration Lync 2010 interaction with EWS and MAPI 30 FeatureExchange Server 2003 Exchange Server 2007/Lync Server 2010 No EWS Exchange Server 2007/Lync Server 2010 (MAPI + EWS) Exchange Server 2007/Lync Server 2010 (No MAPI) Voice Mail Notification – Read/Unread Count MAPI (Pushed) EWS (Subscription) Missed Conversations Notification – Read/Unread Count Voice Mail display in Lync 2010N/A Recent Conversation History in Conversation EnvironmentN/A Exchange Contacts Integration (Contact merge and search) MAPI (Pushed) Write Conversation History to Exchange MAPI (On Demand) EWS (On Demand) Contacts Creation in Exchange (sync)N/A Free/Busy Calendar InformationMAPI (Polled) EWS (Polled) Working HoursN/A Out of Office MessageMAPI (Polled) Exchange DelegatesMAPI (Pushed)N/A NOTE: Conversation Environment requires EWS enabled on Exchange

31 Authentication: New in Lync Server 2010 Certificate authentication Authenticating without AD DS (temporarily) for Branch Resiliency PIN based devices authenticating outside enterprise PIN based authentication Inside devices authenticating with keypad In order to support these scenarios, we have added a new authentication framework called Web-Ticket 31

32 Web-Ticket Authentication Service can use NT LAN Manager (NTLM), Kerberos, PIN, or Lync Server 2010 Signed Certificate to get a web-ticket Web-ticket authentication used for Lync Server 2010 Web services ABS, Distribution List Expansion (DLX), ABS-WQ, Response Group Service (RGS), Lync Server 2010 Certificate Consolidates web service authentication under a single standards-based framework WS-Transfer, WS-Trust, WS-Security, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), Simple Object Access Protocol( SOAP), WS-MetadataExchange 32 First Time Use NTLM/Kerb/PI N to get Web- Ticket Use Web- Ticket to get Lync Server Certificate Use Lync Server Certificate to renew Web- Ticket Use Web-Ticket to authenticate with other Lync 2010 services: ABS/DLX/etc. Use Web-Ticket to authenticate with other Lync 2010 services: ABS/DLX/etc.

33 AutoDiscovery Device Discovery Order Internal Network DHCP Option 43 (certificate chain) DHCP Option 120 (Registrar) DNS-SRV _sipinternaltls._tcp.domain DNS sipinternal.domain External Network DNS-SRV _sip._tls.domain DNS sip.domain Microsoft Lync 2010 Discovery Order Internal Network DNS-SRV _sipinternaltls._tcp.domain DHCP Option 120 (SIP Server) DNS sipinternal.domain External Network DNS-SRV _sip._tls.domain DNS sip.domain NOTE: Devices discover Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) before DNS for PIN authentication to avoid OCS 2007 R2 directors. 33

34 IM Reliability Pain points addressed You see someone as available but get NDR when you send IM – Stale Presence First message and invite appears to be out of order – A new header has been introduced in Lync Server 2010 so that the initial INVITE and MESSAGE are packaged together Presence is stale for users logged in Externally – Reduced the timeout for users connected via the access point to be equivalent to the timeout for users on corpnet IM Conferences do not auto rejoin in case of transient network drop offs –Lync Server 2010 client will now automatically rejoin IM conferences whenever possible if the Lync 2010 window is still open Not sure if IM is successfully delivered – visual indicator for IM delivery Better reporting for monitoring system reliability 34

35 Presence Enhancements Pain points addressed Shows Presence for only people in contact list – Added support for enhanced privacy User confusion with half states in Presence – Removed half state visuals, inactive information available as Text Helping users control their availability after work – New manual Presence state “Off Work” Make location information more accessible – Location and time zone information is available for Company Container Free/Busy data is not available when contact is away – Making Free/Busy time-bound instead of end-point 35

36 Presence Enhancements Enhanced Privacy option Supports Migration for user access level from OCS 2007 and OCS 2007 R2 to new privacy mode in Lync Server 2010 Admin can turn the Enhanced Privacy for a specific pool using in-band setting (EnablePrivacyMode: True) User can opt out of Privacy mode and allow everyone to see her Presence In addition to Presence Privacy, user has options for enhanced Privacy: EnableLocationPrompt: Controls access to user location provided by OCOM (Including Office 2010) PublishLocationDataDefault: Controls publishing of location data for other users DisplayPublishedPhotoDefault: Controls showing of photo in Lync 2010 UI 36

37 37 Q&A

38 Appendix 38

39 SharePoint Profile Search Integration Properties requested by Lync 2010 Lync 2010 requests for all the SharePoint 2007 OOB people properties: PreferredName JobTitle Department OfficeNumber WorkEmail Responsibility SipAddress PastProjects Interests Memberships AboutMe HitHighlightedSummary HitHighlightedProperties Path (required property for the Query web service) Description (required property for the Query web service) Write (required property for the Query web service) Rank (required property for the Query web service) Size (required property for the Query web service) 39

40 40 © 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. This document may contain information related to pre-release software, which may be substantially modified before its first commercial release. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION. Unless otherwise noted, the example companies, organizations, products, domain names, e-mail addresses, logos, people, places and events depicted herein are fictitious, and no association with any real company, organization, product, domain name, email address, logo, person, place or event is intended or should be inferred.

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