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Rodney Buike IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada

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1 Rodney Buike IT Pro Advisor, Microsoft Canada Http://

2 Laptop adoption is on the rise and expected to replace desktops 750,000 notebooks reported stolen in 2006 Up to 80% of corporate data stored on local drives

3 Internal threats are just as prevalent as external threats IntentionalAccidental Targeted Data intentionally compromised Thief steals asset based on value of data Loss due to carelessness System disposal or repurposing without data wipe System physically lost in transit Insider access to unauthorized data Offline attack on lost/stolen laptop Theft of branch office server (high value and volume of data) Theft of executive or government laptop Direct attacks with specialized hardware

4 Security Guidance Data Encryption Toolkit Malware Removal Kit Vista Security Technologies


6 The Executive Overview - business and regulatory perspective of how mobile data is at risk The Security Analysis - in-depth review of how EFS and BitLocker address the unique risks associated with data on mobile PCs. The Planning and Implementation Guide - how to plan for, configure, deploy, and operate EFS and BitLocker in your organization. The Microsoft Encrypting File System Assistant - a software tool you can use to centrally control EFS settings on all your PCs

7 Configure and Run EFS Assistant

8 Guidance for IT professionals who want information and recommendations to remove and limit malware that infects computers Guidance on creating an incident response plan How to determine if a system has malware Step by step on building WinPE based clean up disk

9 Build and Run Malware Removal Tool


11 Designed specifically to prevent a thief who boots another Operating System or runs a hacking tool from breaking Windows file and system protections Provides data protection on your Windows client systems, even when the system is in unauthorized hands or is running a different or exploiting Operating Ssystem Uses a v1.2 TPM or USB flash drive for key storage BitLocker BitLocker

12 Configuring Policy Settings

13 GPO Accelerator Microsoft Security Assessment Tool Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer 2.1 Best Practices Analyzers Exchange SQL ISA SBS 2003



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