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Get a Check-up from the Neck Up! Mary Ward, C.H. Divisional Manager Glen Ellyn, IL.

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2 Get a Check-up from the Neck Up! Mary Ward, C.H. Divisional Manager Glen Ellyn, IL

3 A recording of this webinar will be available at A phone recording will be available at 1-712-432-0453 PIN 5889256 (not a toll-free call) Recordings available 6/14

4 Type in Your Questions!

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10 Transformational Habit of Health A natural, holistic pathway to lasting health and wellness.

11 Mary Ward, C.H. With NSP for 19 years! Divisional Manager Owns a Retail Shop Works with husband, Ron

12 Do You Know What You Need? That object sitting on top of your neck is your master computer. This guy needs support to be the best it can possibly be so YOU can be the best YOU can possibly be!

13 Do You Know What You Need? How about transforming your brain and nervous system with the best NSP support? Lets talk about what that might include!

14 Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs These guys support and protect cells from free radicals, and create healthy pathways for the nervous system to follow. They aid in correct function while making sure the structure is solid.

15 Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs You might hear that eating carrots, certain fruits, fish, tomatoes, and drinking herbal teas will do the trick!

16 Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs That is an impossible job! Theres not enough nutrient-laden foods or teas to do the job you want! Theres not enough nutrients in your foods. Your body cannot always process what you need from the foods.

17 Got Magnesium L-threonate? Got WHAT? Heavens, what is that? Did you know that magnesium plays a KEY role in the function of nerve synapses? Did you know that most forms of magnesium (even the purest forms) are not well-absorbed by brain tissue?

18 Magnesium L-threonate and Friends! Researches found that magnesium L-threonate is a highly absorbable form of magnesium, able to cross the blood brain-barrier and increase the brains magnesium levels. The result of that? An increase in cognitive function!

19 Herbal Friends for Brain Function Ginkgo Biloba Classic antioxidant for blood flow. Gotu Kola Nerve tonic that increases O 2 in the brain. Bacopa The herb of grace that heightens mental acuity

20 Mind-Max Ingredients Magnesium L-threonate Gotu Kolu Bacopa Ginkgo Leaf

21 Got Omega 3s? OK, your little brain is just poppin along, but needs good fats to do the job correctly! Every cell in your body needs good fats, but the brain is hungry for fats and is the fattest part of your body!

22 Got Omega 3s? These Omega 3 fats keep the blood flowing and enhance the bodys response to insulin. If the cells in the brain cannot respond well to insulin, it creates an environment for conditions that can decrease memory and the function of the entire nervous system.

23 Super Omega 3 EPA Ingredients Fish Oil 1000 mg EPA 380 mg DHA 190 mg Lemon Oil

24 Got Your Anti-Stress Vitamins- The Bs and C? B vitamins and vitamin C are absolutely critical foods for the nervous system. They get depleted by stress, and your body needs to have a pure nutrient source for them! The adrenals need vitamin C to make the chemicals we need to cope with stressful situations.

25 Got Your Anti-Stress Vitamins- The Bs and C? The B vitamins are depleted by consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates. They are involved in numerous nervous and glandular functions. Combining B vitamins with vitamin C has long been recognized as a stress-reducing strategy.

26 Anti-Stress-Filled Herbal Nutrients Wheat Germ Filled with B-Complex Vitamins Schizandra Berries Tonic and restorative for the nerves Bee Pollen Trace amounts of every nutrient and Bs

27 Anti-Stress-Filled Herbal Nutrients Hops Reduces excess activity in the nervous system Passion Flower Relieves occasional sleeplessness Valerian Root Eases a wide variety of nervous conditions

28 Nutri-Calm ® Ingredients Vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, B12 Niacin Folic Acid Biotin Pantothenic Acid Schizandra Fruit Bee Pollen Hops Passion Flower Valerian Root

29 Got Lutein and Zeaxanthin? The eyes have it! And your eyes need these fat- soluble yellowish pigments found in many foods and herbs as well as in the macula of the eye! Might be a good idea to eat some of these every day!

30 Got Lutein and Zeaxanthin? Served up with other high antioxidant nutrients and herbs, you WILL have a feast for the eyes!

31 Lets Add: N-Acetyl Cysteine Helps produce glutathione, a protective intra- cellular antioxidant Curcumin Antioxidant to reduce eye pressure Bilberry Fruit Antioxidant beneficial for the eyes and blood vessels

32 The Eyes Need It! Alpha and Beta-Carotenes Precursors to vitamin A Lycopene Antioxidant designed to protect against the effects of oxygen and light

33 The Eyes Need It! Zinc Higher concentration in the eye than in any other tissues of the body Selenium Mineral with antioxidant properties

34 The Eyes Need It! Quercetin and Hesperidin Bioflavonoids that protect eyes from damage Taurine Amino acid concentrated in the eyes photo- receptor cells Eyebright Wonderful, traditional herb used to promote eye health and support the nervous system

35 Perfect Eyes Ingredients Vitamin A- beta-carotene Zinc Selenium Lutein Bioflavonoids- hesperidin, quercetin Eyebright N-Acetyl Cysteine Taurine Lycopene Curcuma Root Bilberry

36 Been Filling Your Head With…? Lets talk QUALITY! Using the latest nutrient from a big box store is like eating the cardboard from your favorite breakfast cereal box! The brain and nervous system are sensitive creatures, they respond greatly to toxins!

37 Been Filling Your Head with…? Mercury is a nervous system killer. The pesticides, herbicides and other heavy metals can delete any of the good effects of a nutrient! NSPs fool-proof testing can detect 1 drop in 20 Olympic swimming pools! This ensures products are effective without the poison!

38 What Do I Use for My Head? Mind-Max with magnesium L-threonate and the brain boosting herbs is basic in my herbal program!

39 What Do I Use for My Head? Nutri-Calm keeps me full of the nutrients I burn up daily from stress of life as a busy herbalist with family and friends. It makes sure I have my herbal friends to keep anxious thoughts under control.

40 What Do I Use for My Head? Omega 3s are the basic essential fatty acid I use day by day to nourish every cell in my brain, nervous system and body.

41 What Do I Use for My Head? Perfect Eyes is filled with antioxidants and nutrients. Its hard not to take this formula as a 64-year-old! I want to see everything I can as clearly as possible during these golden years Keep seein the SHINE!

42 Whats in Your Head? Thank you for logging on and listening! Any Questions? Bless you and that great noggin God gave you! Keep seein the SHINE!

43 Lets Answer Some Questions!

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49 Giveaway Winners Please Contact: Shandi Hatfield 801-341-7205

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58 Thank you for Participating! Join us tomorrow for Key Daily Essentials for Optimal Health!

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