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1 And Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim Recent Cyber Crime Cases.

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1 1 And Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim Recent Cyber Crime Cases

2 2 Introduction Detective Darin Webster Austin Police Department High Tech Crimes Unit

3 3 We Investigate... Breach of Computer Security Cellular Phone Cloning Unlawful Interception Online Financial Crimes Any Major Crime Whose Victim is a High Tech Company

4 4 Case #1: Breach of Computer Security Details:  Boyfriend/Girlfriend break up  Victim checks online email and finds mail in trash folder victim did not delete  Victim finds mail in sent items folder that was sent to the suspect (not by victim)

5 5 Case #1: Breach of Computer Security Lessons Learned:  Many online email accounts allow password reset based on “secret question”  Most of our “significant others” are going to know the answer to this question

6 6 Case #1: Breach of Computer Security Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim:  Lie!!!  The secret question is only a password established to verify your identity  Don't use something easily discovered or known by someone else  After a break up, change passwords just as you would change the locks on your doors

7 7 Case #2: Unlawful Interception Details  Husband and Wife are going through divorce  Husband sends Wife an enticing attachment  Wife clicks attachment  Husband suddenly knows details of Wife's computer usage

8 8 Case #2: Unlawful Interception Lessons Learned  Texas is a “one party state” in regards to “Wiretapping”  Only one party needed to consent to the Interception

9 9 Case #2: Unlawful Interception Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim:  Be wary of attachments from anyone, even people you know  Update your software  Operating System  Anti virus  Anti spyware  If you use monitoring software to watch your children, edit Windows registry to notify the user

10 10 Case #2: Unlawful Interception Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim:  Trust your instincts!  Get it checked out  Computer repair business  Private Investigator  Once you have evidence, go to the Police

11 11 Case #3: Auction Fraud Details  Suspects start legitimate online auction business  Suspects sell items they don't own, hoping to purchase them at a lower price than they net on the auction  Financial difficulty follows  Suspects ignore customer complaints  Customers turn to Police

12 12 Case #3: Auction Fraud Lessons Learned  Don't ignore debts to customers when you have difficulty completing transaction  Ignoring debts to customers can turn a civil case into a criminal one

13 13 Case #3: Auction Fraud Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim:  When shopping online remember:  You don't know who this person is  You don't know if he/she is where they say they are, the Internet is GLOBAL  Don't spend more than you can afford to lose  Read the website's terms of service

14 14 Case #4: Identity Theft Details:  Suspect works at Cellular phone company with access to sensitive data  Suspect obtains apartment and utilities in victim's name  Suspect orders merchandise in victim's name

15 15 Case #4: Identity Theft Lessons Learned:  Be vigilant!  You can do everything right, and still be a victim

16 16 Case #4: Identity Theft Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim:  Guard your personal information very aggressively  Opt Out  Shred everything  One tiny piece could be the key to the kingdom  Check credit reports often  Children are the best victims, check theirs too!

17 17 Case #5: Overpayment Scam Details:  Victim advertises on Internet  Victim contacted by interested party who is overseas  Victim receives cashier's check or money order (usually more than the amount agreed upon) to deposit into their account

18 18 Case #5: Overpayment Scam Details:  Suspect needs money sent back to them or a third party  Victim writes checks or wires the money to suspect from own account  Cashier's check or money order later discovered counterfeit  Victim owes bank the money for the counterfeit check

19 19 Case #5: Overpayment Scam Lessons Learned:  In doing business with someone overseas:  You have little or no recourse if deal goes bad  Police have little or no jurisdiction overseas  Wiring money is commonly used by scammers.  Any paper can be counterfeit:  Cash  Cashier's checks  Money orders

20 20 Case #5: Overpayment Scam Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim:  Avoid business transactions with persons or businesses overseas  Never wire funds to someone you don't know  Recognize a scam when you see one

21 21 Case #5: Overpayment Scam Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim:  Google for Internet scams and know the telltale signs of one  Don't try to “set up” the scammer for the Police  The scammers are usually overseas and the best we can do is prevent the crime in the first place

22 22 Conclusion Change passwords often Be wary of online transactions Guard personal information Update your software Check your credit report often Lie on the secret question Check stuff out! Google It!!! If it sounds to good to be true, it is!

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