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Elio Damaggio | Program Manager II, Azure Notification Hubs Miranda Luna | Product Manager, Azure Mobile.

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1 Elio Damaggio | Program Manager II, Azure Notification Hubs Miranda Luna | Product Manager, Azure Mobile

2 Course Topics Enhance Your Mobile Engagement Strategy w/ Azure 01 | Azure Mobile06 | Push-to-Sync (sync w server) 02 | Notification Hubs07 | Push-to-Pull (pull from server) 03 | Broadcast Push08 | Retargeting & Coupons 04 | Segmented Push09 | Scale & Security 05 | Localized Push10 | Resources

3 Setting Expectations Target Audience –Mobile app developers that want to drive higher customer engagement and retention Suggested Prerequisites/Supporting Material –MVA Notification Hubs Deep DiveMVA Notification Hubs Deep Dive –Azure Fridays Broadcasting Alerts Filtering Alerts Templates & Internalization User Specific Alerts Please leave this area blank to allow for picture in picture recording

4 Join the MVA Community! ▪ Microsoft Virtual Academy—Free online training! ▪ Ask questions in the Born to Learn MVA Forum! ‒ Visit ▪ Earn while you learn! ‒ 50 MVA Points for this event! ‒ Visit ‒ Code: BldgBlks3

5 01 | Azure Mobile

6 Push Notifications Mobile push notification engine for existing apps Enhance push notifications in any app with personalization and localization Improves user engagement and retention by delivering relevant content more quickly Mobile Backend Ready-made mobile app backend for iOS, Android and Windows Create new mobile apps or add a mobility layer to existing systems Speeds up development time and reduces ongoing maintenance cost Device Messaging Messaging infrastructure that sits between and within applications Build multi-tier and hybrid applications or smart device information exchange patterns Delivers inter- and intra-app messages faster and connects on-premises systems to the cloud

7 02 | Notification Hubs

8 3 Mobile Push Notifications 101 Platform Notification Service App back-end client app Send Notification App backend sends notification to PNS PNS pushes the notification to the app on the device Maintain device handles Delete expired handles when PNS rejects them Register device handle at app launch Client app contacts Platform Notification Service (PNS) App updates handle in backend

9 3 Push Notification Challenges

10 APNs WNS Notification Hub App back-end iOS app Windows 8.x app Android app MPNSGCM Azure Push Notifications

11 3 Challenge AreaWithout Notification HubsWith Notification Hubs Cross-Platform Push Separate registration logic Separate communication paths using different protocols for each platform push notification service Upload credentials and go Notification Hubs establishes and maintains communication paths Personalization Field to create and maintain in device registry for each segmentation point Nulls for existing registered devices as additional interest points are added Logic to route each message through the appropriate and available VM(s) Assign interest tags to each registered device and send to any subset of uses you can define with a Boolean expression of tags Localization Send different messages for different formats, languages, etc. since each message contains different content Logic to route each message through the appropriate and available VM(s) Create a template for each device based on display preferences (banner vs toast, language, currency, etc.) No additional logic required Single message to send High-Volume, Low Latency Go with small VMs to process the work and end up with higher latency due to the time it takes to spin up many machines Go with large VMs, always keeping a few ready and waiting, and end up paying for idle VMs Automatically handled by Notification Hubs, which is designed to deliver millions of notifications within minutes Pay only for the push notifications you send, never idle VMs Maintaining Device Registry Create and maintain device table with likely many null values as you add new interest tags Logic to handle expirations due to uninstalls; possible suspensions from PNS if incomplete Maintains device registry and automatically updates based on uninstalls

12 Tags and Templates

13 03 | Broadcast Push

14 Bing Notification Platform WNS MPNS Windows 8 devices Windows Phone devices Register device ChannelURIs Breaking news Notification Hubs

15 3 Broadcast to all users Tags App back-end Notification Hub

16 3 Broadcast to all users, in batches Tags App back-end Tag: ”Batch4” App back-end Notification Hub Tag: ”Batch1”Tag: ”Batch4”

17 04 | Segmented Push

18 3 Sochi 2014 Results App

19 How Sochi used Notification Hubs backend Register device ChannelURIs Result Alerts Notification Hubs Register device tokens for tags APNSGCMMPNSWNS country, sport, athlete, medals, emergency alerts,...

20 3 Notify a segment, based on interest Tags App back-end Tag: ”Beatles” Tag: ”RollingStones” Tag: ”Beatles” App back-end Notification Hub

21 3 Notify a single logical user Tags App back-end Tag: ”00430924” App back-end Tag: ”00568282” Notification Hub

22 05 | Localized Push

23 Localization Templates Registration Client apps can register with personalized templates, e.g., Alice’s Surface wants to receive weather information in F degrees. Bob’s iPhone wants weather information in C degrees. Send notification. App back-end sends a message including both temperatures: {tempC: “16”, tempF: “61”}. Template Expressions. Template support a simple expression language: E.g., {‘Sam, ’+$(friend)+’ added you to ’+$(groupName)+‘ group’}. Notification Hub App back-end $(tempF) { aps: { alert: “$(tempC)” } { tempC: “23”, tempF: “73” } 16 61

24 06 | Push-to-Sync

25 3 Push to Sync Platform Notification Service App back-end Notification Hub

26 07 | Push-to-Pull

27 3 Push to Pull Platform Notification Service App back-end Notification Hub

28 08 | Retargeting & Coupons

29 Retargeting Every time you send a push notification, you learn something about that customer –Use that information to inform tag updates and send more targeted content Key points to remember: –Keep user profiles in app back-end –Regularly update tags with updated segments coming from analytics/CRM…

30 Demo Example Shopping app sends push to: –Notify of status of current purchases –Retarget users that do not complete purchases –Publicize coupons/offers Notification system has to handle: –Segments –Advanced targeting

31 DEMO Retargeting & Coupons

32 Coupon Lifecycle 1.Register tags based on –Location –CRM/demographics –App usage 2.Target users with offer 3.Track coupon performance 4.Update Tags 5.Retarget 32 App back-end CRM Loc:NYC && loyalty:gold Tapped coupon Loc:NYC && loyalty:gold && !tapped:{couponId} Notification Hub

33 09 | Scale & Security

34 Scale & Security Each namespace can have 50 hubs, but scale namespaces, not hubs –Maintain a test hub and a prod hub –If you regularly broadcast to >5M devices, might want to shard against multiple namespaces in different regions for optimal performance Implement security on the device, use multi-factor auth Manage PNS creds at the namespace-level if you have multiple departments with send and read rights –Warning: this introduces additional complexities

35 10 | Resources

36 Mobile Engagement at //build Mobile Push Notifications to Any Client with Azure Notification Hubs –Wednesday 4/2 5:30 – 6:30 PST –Elio Damaggio –@ElioDamaggio Powerful mobile apps with Mobile Services and ASP.NET Web API –Thursday 4/3 5:30 – 6:30 PST –Kirill Gavrylyuk, Yavor Georgiev –@KirillG_MSFT, @theyavor Building Cross-Platform Line of Business Apps with Mobile Services –Friday 4/4 12:30 – 1:30 PST –Donna Malayeri, Chris Risner –@lindydonna, @ChrisRisner All videos will be available on Channel9

37 Windows Azure Notification Hubs Resources Windows Azure Mobile Services Overview, Tutorials and Resources Azure Documentation Center MSDN Documenation Android(tutorial)tutorial iOS (tutorial)tutorial Windows Store (tutorial)tutorial Windows Phone(tutorial)tutorial Learn/Channel 9 Introduction | iOS | Windows Store | Tags and Templates IntroductioniOSWindows StoreTags and Templates REST API Reference Windows Azure Pricing Microsoft Azure Certified Training

38 ©2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Office, Azure, System Center, Dynamics and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

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