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2 Beyond virtualization Scale and secure workloads, cost-effectively build a private cloud, and securely connect to cloud services Every app, any cloud.

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2 2 Beyond virtualization Scale and secure workloads, cost-effectively build a private cloud, and securely connect to cloud services Every app, any cloud Build on an open and scalable web platform that supports applications across premises Modern workstyle, enabled Support a mobile and flexible work style The power of many servers, the simplicity of one Efficiently manage infrastructure while maximizing uptime and minimizing failures and downtime

3 Flexible storage Continuous availabilityManagement efficiency 3

4 Improve performance, availability, and storage resource efficiency with the storage of your choice Storage virtualization and conservation Storage Spaces 64 TB VHDX format Data deduplication Thin provisioning and trim High-performance storage Offline Data Transfer (ODX) SMB Direct SMB Multichannel BranchCache Storage choices iSCSI target NFS Virtual Fibre Channel Resilient File System (ReFS) File and Storage Services 4

5 Virtualization of storage with Storage Pools and Storage Spaces Storage resilience and availability with commodity hardware Resiliency and data redundancy through n-way mirroring (clustered or unclustered) or parity mode (unclustered) Utilization optimized through thin and trim provisioning and enclosure awareness Integration with other Windows Server 2012 capabilities Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Serial AT Attachment (SATA) interconnects Windows Virtualized Storage Windows Application Server or File Server Physical or virtualized deployments Physical Storage (Shared) SAS or SATA Integrated with other Windows Server 2012 capabilities Storage Pool File Server Administration Console Hyper-V Cluster Shared Volume Failover ClusteringSMB Multichannel NFS Windows Storage Mgmt. NTFS SMB Direct Storage Space 5

6 VHD Library Software Deployment Share General File Share User Home Folder (My Docs) 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Average savings with Data Deduplication by workload type Maximize capacity by removing duplicate data 2:1 with file shares, 20:1 with virtual storage Less data to back up, archive, and migrate Increased scale and performance Low CPU and memory impact Configurable compression schedule Transparent to primary server workload Improved reliability and integrity Redundant metadata and critical data Checksums and integrity checks Increase availability through redundancy Faster file download times with BranchCache Source: “Microsoft Internal Testing" 6

7 File Client SMB Buffer File Server With RDMAWithout RDMA App Buffer SMB Buffer OS Buffer Driver Buffer SMB Buffer OS Buffer Driver Buffer App Buffer SMB Buffer rNIC NIC Adapter Buffer NIC Adapter Buffer Adapter Buffer Adapter Buffer iWARP InfiniBand Higher performance through offloading of network I/O processing onto network adapter High throughput with low latency and ability to take advantage of high- speed networks (such as InfiniBand and iWARP) Remote storage at the speed of direct storage Transfer rate of around 50 Gbs on a single NIC port Compatible with SMB Multichannel for load balancing and failover 7

8 Improved application data storage with the File and Storage Services role Increased performance Highly available—endures failures transparently Easy, flexible storage provisioning Depend on Windows Server 2012 file-based storage for Hyper-V and Microsoft SQL Server workloads Hyper-VSQL Windows Server 2012 file server cluster SMB Protocol Enhancements NIC Teaming & RDMA NIC Support Active On - Transparent Failover Chkdsk improvements File System Improvements 8

9 9

10 Provide cost-effective, highly available services—with protection against a wide range of failure scenarios—for a single server or an entire datacenter Individual servers Minimized updates with Server Core and Features on Demand Improved network performance and uptime with NIC Teaming Faster Chkdsk Failover clusters Active-Active file server clusters Transparent failover Minimized update downtime with Cluster- Aware Updating DHCP failover Across datacenters Hyper-V Replica Connection to online backup services 10

11 File and Storage Services DHCP Failover clustering Cluster-Aware Updating Server Message Block 3.0 Protocol (SMB3) NFS (v3) iSCSI Target SMB Multichannel NIC Teaming New Technology File System (NTFS) in Windows Server 2012 Storage Spaces Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 file server cluster File 11

12 Benefits Ships as a component of Windows Server 2012 with no additional installation required Host-based replication operates at the virtual machine level and is application agnostic Storage agnostic—works with any combination of SAN, DirectAccess server, or Server Message Block 3.0 (SMB 3.0) Works with both clustered and non-clustered environments Site A – Primary location Site B – Remote location Disaster recovery scenarios: Planned, unplanned, and test failover Preconfiguration for IP settings for primary/remote location 12

13 Virtual adapters Team network adapter Provides network fault tolerance andcontinuous availability when network adaptersfail by teaming multiple network interfaces Vendor agnostic and shipped inbox Provides local or remote managementthrough Windows PowerShell or UI Enables teams of up to 32 network adapters Aggregates bandwidth from multiple networkadapters Includes multiple nodes: switch dependentand independent 13

14 SMB client SMB server File copy NIC File copy Automatic detection and use of multiple networkconnections between SMB client and server Helps server applications be resilient to networkfailure Transparent Failover with recovery of networkfailure if another connection is unavailable Improved throughput Bandwidth aggregation through NICTeaming Multiple nodes/CPUs for networkprocessing with RSS-capable networkadapters Automatic configuration with very littleadministrative overhead 14

15 Provides IP address continuity to clients byhelping eliminate single points of failure Provides inbox support for failover, withoutthe need for clustering Based on DHCP failover IETF spec Uses a failover setup consisting of twoservers located across different geographiclocations Includes active/active or active/passivebehavior Hot standby DHCP failover in a hub- and-spoke deployment Load-sharing DHCP failover in a single site with a single subnet 15

16 RDMA MellanoxIntelChelsio NETWORK VIRTUALIZATION nAppliance IVO Networks HPArista Technology Partners Gateway Partners Dell Silicon Partners BroadcomEmulexIntel 5NINE HYPER-V EXTENSIBLE SWITCH NEC Net OpticsCisco BRANCHCACHE EMC IVO Networks nAppliance RiverbedNetAppF5 inMon 16

17 17

18 Automate a broad set of management tasks and simplify the deployment of server roles as you move toward full, lights- out automation Improved administrator efficiency Windows PowerShell support in every server role Integrated Scripting Environment with IntelliSense Simplified syntax Improved help Centrally managed server roles Roles managed across groups of servers with Server Manager Role-specific tools directly integrated Resilient Windows PowerShell sessions Automation 2,300 Windows PowerShell cmdlets Job scheduling and control Workflows for reliable script execution 18

19 Server 3 Server 2 Server 1 REBOOT HARDWARE FAILURE Servers… Successful Completion Triggers PowerShell Workflow Remotely ADMIN 19

20 Remotedeployment ofroles and features Add Roles and Featureswizard to deploy to asingle server Save deploymentsettings toconfiguration file forreuse Deploy to manymachines usingWindows PowerShell 20

21 Multiserverexperience Manage groups ofservers collectively fromwithin a single,integrated console Respond to business-critical problems withgreater speed andagility Generate status viewsfor multiple serversafter polling servers foroperational statistics 21

22 Windows Server2008 R2 Connect to serverroles (such as FileServices, Hyper-V,and Remote DesktopServices) on a per-server basis. FILE SERVICES HYPER-V STORAGE 22

23 Windows Server2012 Manage a server roleas it spans acrossservers, or look at aserver and the serverroles on that server.Both options areimportant. Server 1Server 3 Server 2 Server 1 Role 1Role 3 Role 2 Server 1Server 2Server 3 Role 1 Role 2 Role 3 23

24 IPAM distributed architecture Domain IPAM Server (UK) DHCP, DNS, DC, and NPS servers IPAM Server (Bangalore) DHCP, DNS, DC, and NPS servers Domain IPAM Server (Hyderabad) DHCP, DNS, DC, and NPS servers Site: Hyderabad Branch office Site: Bangalore Branch office Site: UK Branch office IPAM server (Redmond) DHCP, DNS, DC, and NPS servers Site: Redmond Head office Inbox feature for integrated management of IPaddresses, domain names, and device identities Tightly integrates with Microsoft DNS andDHCP servers Provides custom IP address space display,reporting, and management Audits server configuration changes and tracksIP address use Migrates IP address data from spreadsheets orother tools Monitors and manages specific scenario-basedDHCP and DNS services 24

25 Service expectations Agile IT response to change Budget limitations Flexible storage Continuous availability Management efficiency 25

26 Install Windows Server 2012 Buy Now and Upgrade! Please fill up your evaluation form Register f or our Private Cloud Roundtables to learn more about Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 26

27 27

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