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Spine Rehab Sports Med.

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1 Spine Rehab Sports Med

2 Most athletes with back pain have some fluctuation of their symptoms in response to certain postures and activities General rule of thumb Any movement that causes the back pain to radiate or spread over a larger area should not be included during this early phase of treatment

3 Flexibility Exercises
Basically MMT’s without resistance Flexion Extension Lateral bending rotation

4 Strengthening Exercises
Cervical Use after athlete has full ROM Flexion Press forehead against the palm of hand Extension Lace fingers behind head, press head against hands Lateral flexion Place palm on side of head and press head into palm Rotation Put one palm on side of forehead and the other at back of head. Push with each hand, attempting to rotate head

5 Lumbar Extension Exercises McKenzie Extension
Indications When back pain is diminished with lying down and increased with sitting Forward bending is limited and increase the pain

6 Lumbar Extension Exercises McKenzie Extension
Why use extension exercises? Reduction in the neural tension Reduction of the lead on the disk which decreases disk pressure Increases in the strength of extensor muscles

7 Lumbar Extension Exercises McKenzie Extension
Examples Prone extension on elbows Prone extension on hands Alternate arm and leg extension (dead bug) Supine hip extension-butt lift or bridge Double leg support Single leg support

8 Lumbar flexion exercises Williams Flexion
Indications Back pain is diminished with sitting and increased with lying down or standing Forward bending eases the pain Abdominal tone and strength are poor

9 Lumbar flexion exercises Williams Flexion
Why use flexion exercises? Reduction in the articular stresses Opening of the intervertebral foramen

10 Lumbar flexion exercises Williams Flexion
Examples Single knee to chest Double knee to chest Posterior pelvic tilt Partial sit up Rotation partial sit up Pelvic tilt down (dog) Pelvic tilt, tail tuck (cat) Kneeling – dog tail wags Kneeling Alternate arm and leg (bird dog)

11 Core Stabilization Exercises
Quadriped Triped Biped (alternating) Thera ball

12 How could you make this a phase 1 exercise?

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