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Step Up to Writing.

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1 Step Up to Writing

2 What is Step Up to Writing?
Step Up to Writing is a writing program with an emphasis on organization The stoplight is used to help you remember how to properly organize paragraphs and essays

3 The Step Up to Writing Stoplight
Go! State your topic. Slow down! Be Specific. Stop! Explain; give examples. Go back! Restate your topic.

4 Green Topic Sentence Green means “go.”
Green says, “I have a place I am going with this paragraph.” Green asks the writer to decide, “What am I going to prove?” “What am I going to explain?” “What information will I share?”

5 Yellow Reasons/Details/Facts Yellow means “slow down.”
Yellow identifies key ideas—reasons, details, or facts. Yellow introduces key concepts-- reasons, details, or facts.

6 Red Explain Red means “stop and explain.” Red presents evidence.
Red provides explanations and examples.

7 Pink Elaborate Pink means “expand on your reds.”
Pink provides depth to your reds. Pinks can be quotes, anecdotes, statistics, detailed examples, etc… Pink is not part of the original Step Up to Writing Program. We added pinks to encourage students to take their writing to the next level; adding a little extra detail and voice.

8 Green Conclusion Green means “go back to your topic.”
Green means restate your topic and the position. Do not introduce new information. Use synonyms and leave your reader with something to remember.

9 The Blues We will also organize using blues. The blue stands for background information. The blues help to “decorate” your topic. We will talk more about the blues later.

10 Step Up to Writing is also about the writing process.
Prewriting Planning Drafting Revising Editing Creating a Final Copy Proofreading Sharing

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