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EARTH UNIVERSITY EARTH University Academic Program.

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1 EARTH UNIVERSITY EARTH University Academic Program


3 MISSION Prepare leaders with ethical values to contribute to the sustainable development of the humid tropics and to construct a prosperous and just society.

4 EARTH UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC PROGRAM 4 year program Degree: B.S. Title: Agronomy and Natural Resources 202 credits 89 courses 420 students 1466 graduates (2009) 42 professors Ratio student/professor is 10:1 Our Priority: Youngsters who want to study agriculture and sustainability and are coming from under served parts of the world

5 EARTH EDUCATIONAL MODEL EARTH EXPERIENCE EARTH Student (Entrance profile) Graduate with EARTH seal (Exit profile) Vocation Entrepreneurship Leaderhip Ethics Communication skills Ethically and socially minded Sustainability concious Entrepreneurially minded Team oriented Leader Effective communicator Problem solver Solid technical knowledge

6 EARTH UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC PROGRAM Promotion Program 1200 applications 700-800 interviews 250 candidates 112 Freshmen class Academic Preparation Program 15-20 candidates Academic Support and Follow-up and Program Our Priority: Youngsters who want to study agriculture and sustainability and are coming from under served parts of the world

7 EARTH UNIVERSITY Financial Aid Program 50% Financial Aid Full Financial Aid 50% - Full Financial Aid

8 EARTH UNIVERSITY Pillars of our Educational Model Ethical values Holistic educational model Technical and scientific knowledge Entrepreneurial mindset Social and environmental responsibility

9 Year 2 CONSOLIDATE AND CONTINUE KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS BUILDING - Sustainable management of production Year 3 COMMUNITY INTERACTION - Social awareness - Apply and share knowledge with communities - Integrate and apply basic knowledge Year 4 DEMONSTRATE INTELLECTUAL AND PROFESSIONAL CAPABILITIES - Analysis and synthesis - Professionalism - Responsibility and independence AGENTS OF CHANGE Year 1 KNOWLEDGE AND BASIC SKILLS - Agriculture & natural resources - Complementary sciences - “Holistic” vision - Entrepreneurship - Communication Internship Community Experience

10 EARTH UNIVERSITY Learning System Experiential Learning Multidisciplinary Student Centered High learning levels –Creativity and Innovation –Search for answers and solutions –Critical Thinking –Independence and Responsibility

11 EARTH UNIVERSITY Learning System Focus on Process –Continuous and Progressive –Constant Evaluation and Monitoring –Creation of Opportunities for Experimentation and Innovation

12 EARTH UNIVERSITY Experiential Learning (Keystone Courses) 1.Work Experience 2.Entrepreneurial Projects 3.Service Learning 4.Internship Program 5.Professional Experience 6.Graduation Project

13 EARTH UNIVERSITY Entrepreneurial Projects In their 1 st year, students craft a business idea, structure and defend a feasibility study, and found an agribusiness company. In their 2 nd and 3 rd they operate their company, evaluate and close operations. Take 7 modules which include: accounting, project administration, marketing and project evaluations

14 EARTH UNIVERSITY Entrepreneurial Projects

15 EARTH UNIVERSITY Entrepreneurial Projects Loan of up to: $3,000.00 / Project Interest rate: 22% on the balance (in CR colones) Disbursement according to cash flow Labor to be paid at end of project Distribution of net profits: 80 % to the entrepreneurial projects (students) 20 % to the entrepreneurial projects Fund

16 EARTH UNIVERSITY Entrepreneurial Projects

17 EARTH UNIVERSITY Service Learning

18 EARTH UNIVERSITY Service Learning I II III IV Service Learning Guácimo Service Learning La Flor Service Learning Internship

19 EARTH UNIVERSITY Service Learning: La Flor -Seven Weeks off campus - What was required: -Switching to a seven week “trimester approach” during 3rd year -Arranging course loads for faculty -Faculty spending a week off campus -Thinking of practical academic activities while off campus -While in La Flor - Home stay - Community Engagement (2 days) - Entrepreneurial consultancy (2 days) - Academic assessment (1 day)

20 EARTH UNIVERSITY Internship Takes place in the last quarter of third year Sequence: Orientation (7 weeks) Internship (15 weeks) Analysis (full trimester) Students find and negotiate internship options & conditions components: professional and social volunteering Evaluated by a on-site supervisor and a faculty advisor

21 EARTH UNIVERSITY Internship Countries of origin Latin-America Europe: England, Poland Italy, Spain Asia: Japan, Philippines, Lebanon, Syria Africa: Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda United States Australia, New Zealand

22 EARTH UNIVERSITY Work Experience

23 EARTH UNIVERSITY Work Experience -Two half days a week, 11 hours of practical activities -Working under supervision of faculty and seniors -Topics (seven week rotations) YEAR 1 Crop Management Forest Management Animal Husbandry Sustainabily and Agriculture YEAR 2 Pest Management & Pesticides Animal husbandry Service learning Agricultural engineering Natural resource management Topography YEAR 3 La Flor Experience: Community Engagement Entrepreneurial Consultants Internships: 15 Week Practical Experience Volunteering YEAR 4 Personnel Management Professional Experience

24 EARTH UNIVERSITY Professional Experience

25 EARTH UNIVERSITY Graduation Project: Objectives  Demonstrate analytical skills in the planning and development of a study within the framework of EARTH’s Research Program  Demonstrate communication skills in the preparation of a final report


27 EARTH UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC PROGRAM Profile of our graduate ◦ Ethically minded ◦ Socially and environmentally engaged ◦ Entrepreneurially minded ◦ Capable of working in teams ◦ Leader ◦ Effective communicator ◦ Capable of assessing, analyzing and proposing solutions ◦ Solid technical knowledge and willing of addressing sustainability concerns

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