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Earth’s Layers Pages C6-11.

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1 Earth’s Layers Pages C6-11

2 Earth’s Layers Crust-where we walk Mantle-thickest layer, made mostly of solid rock Core (Outer and Inner) – deep inside the earth, made of iron and nickel


4 How deep are the layers? Crust: 3-43 miles deep
Mantle: about 1,790 miles deep Outer Core: about 1,410 miles deep Inner Core: about 750 miles deep

5 Which layer is the hottest?
Inner Core-may be as hot as the sun

6 What are Plates? Continent-sized slabs that make up the crust and the mantle Plates are constantly moving, very slowly


8 Plates Move: Away from each other Toward each other Past each other

9 When Plates Move Together
Mountains or Volcanoes are formed

10 When Plates Move Past Each Other
Earthquakes occur

11 Railroad tracks after an

12 For Discussion What are the three layers of the earth? Crust, Mantle, Core On which layer do we live? Crust

13 Which is the thickest layer?
Mantle Which layer is the hottest? Inner Core

14 How often do earth’s plates move?
They are in constant motion. At what speed do they move? Slowly (only a few centimeters per year)

15 What is formed when plates move together?
Mountains and Volcanoes What happens when plates slide past each other? Earthquakes occur.

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