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Camryn McIntyre, Mackenzie Stabile, Laura Maclean.

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1 Camryn McIntyre, Mackenzie Stabile, Laura Maclean


3 Most of the story occurs in the Glade. The glade is a giant maze and the Gladers have to try and find the exit. In the middle of the maze there is a safe spot where there is no maze to solve. In the middle there are many buildings. There is the homestead and the blood house. There is also a forest, cemetery and a cliff. The homestead is where some of the Gladers sleep and relax. The blood house is where the animals are slaughtered and prepared for cooking. The forest is where the cemetery is. The map room is a common place for the runners. In the map room the runners can make and study maps. The last place is the cliff, this is where the gladers that misbehave are thrown off. If a Glader misbehaves but doesn’t deserve to die, they will be put in the slammer which is like a jail. 228045538010576026


5 Gally is a tall, and skinny, teenager who has black hair. He resembles a “deformed potato” and his nose is the “size of a small fist”. He has very dark eyes, like shark eyes. Gally is very arrogant and thinks he knows everything. Once he was stung be a Griever, he underwent the changing and ever since he has been a hot head with a raging temper. Most of the members of the Glade have classified Gally as “a crazy shuck-face”. He said that when he went through the changing he saw Thomas and whatever he saw Thomas doing, he hates him for it. Gally is one of the Keepers. He is the keeper of the Builders and yet nobody has any respect for the cocky Glader. Gally is a static character, and he is the antagonist because, he threatens Thomas and the other Gladers. He is a minor character. sney+Pictures+xTjvPmXaaR1l.jpg

6 Thomas is a 16 year old boy that finds himself in the Glade. He has brown hair and he is five feet and nine inches tall. He is very curious and he always wants answers. Thomas is a protagonist because, he is trying to save the Gladers by trying to find an exit to get out of the maze. Thomas became a runner within the first few weeks of being in the Glade. Many Gladers are suspicious of him because of his knowledge of the maze. He feels as if the Glade is familiar. He is a dynamic character because, when he first got to the Glade, he was very angry, scared, and confused. Once he got settled in, he became brave and determined to find a way out of the maze. Thomas is a major character. nvGuZFhS7iU/TxHXREOCWtI/AAAAAAAAAUA/KXfUGPTSD9I/s1600/Lo gan-Lerman-Pictures-HD-4.jpg

7 Teresa has black hair, pale skin, and burning blue eyes. She is thin and she is five feet and six inches tall. She is 15 or 16 years old. Teresa is the first girl to ever show up in the Box. Teresa and Thomas have telepathic powers which means, they can communicate with each other through their thoughts. Teresa is a protagonist because she is helping Thomas and the Gladers to get out of the maze. Teresa is a dynamic character because at first she is in a coma and eventually she wakes up and is trying to solve the maze. Teresa is a major character. JEPSEN-at-2012-Billboard-Music-Awards-in-Las-Vegas-3.jpg

8 Newt is a 16 or 17 year old boy. He has blonde hair and he is buff. He is Alby’s 2 nd in command. He used to be a runner before he hurt his ankle and ever since, he is terrified of the maze. Newt is always nervous and he is concerned about the safety of all of the Gladers. He is a protagonist character because he is working to get the Gladers out of the maze. Newt is a very static character, he never changes throughout the story, Newt is a major character. Photos-chris-hemsworth-28311436-826-1222.jpg

9 Alby is the leader or commander in chief of the Glade. He is tall, skinny, and he has brown hair. Alby is very bossy and not many Gladers like him because of his short temper and know-it-all attitude. He is a dynamic character once he gets stung by a Griever because, when he went through the changing, he acts differently. Also, he is one of the protagonists of the story because, he is trying to save the Gladers and help them escape the maze. Alby is a minor character. detailed/1/1104-Sheldon_Big-Bang- Theory.jpg

10 Minho is a 17 year old boy who has a lot of muscles and dark hair. Minho is the keeper of the runners and highly respected in the Glade. Minho is a dynamic character. After he got trapped in the maze with Thomas and Alby, he has been more careful and he gained more respect for Thomas. He is a protagonist because he is one of the runners who is somebody that goes into the maze, risking their life, to try to find an exit. He is a minor character. content/uploads/2009/03/los_cel_johncho_0903_20.jpg

11 Chuck is a young, and friendly kid in the Glade. He is Thomas’s mentor and he is also the youngest one in the Glade. Chuck is short, and big. He is a protagonist because he is a good friend to Thomas and he is always there for him. He is a static character because throughout the story, he stays the same. Chuck is a minor character. matter/files/2011/08/chunkTS.jpg


13 * Thomas comes to the Glade through the box. * Teresa comes to the maze and has a message saying she is the last. * Minho finds the sleeping Griever and thinks it is dead. * Alby and Minho go in the maze to bring the Griever back but it was never dead, so Alby gets stung. * Thomas goes into the maze to try and save Minho and Alby. Thomas takes Alby up the wall, then Thomas and Minho drove the Grievers off the cliff. * Thomas, Minho, and Alby become the first to survive the night in the Maze. * Alby goes through the changing and sees Thomas. When he tries to tell Thomas what he saw, he starts to choke himself. * Thomas meets with the keepers to decide if he will be punished and Gally threatens everyone. * While Thomas is serving his one day sentence in the slammer, Gally disappears into the maze and no one can find him.

14 * Thomas goes to see Teresa while she is still in her coma and he hears her voice through his brain. * Thomas starts his training with Minho to become a runner. * When Thomas goes to visit Teresa again she is awake. * The sun does not rise and Teresa is put in the slammer for the day. This is a Griever. This creature is what stings you and makes you go through the changing. This is what Alby was stung by. -to-tell-a-griever-from-a-griever/

15 * That night the walls do not close and the Grievers come into the Glade and take a glader. * The Gally comes into the Glade and announces that they will die one by one. * The Gladers discover the code. * The Gladers decide to jump into the Griever hole. Thomas and some of the other Gladers jumped off the cliff into the Griever hole to escape the maze. help-you-visualize-the-fiscal-cliff-debacle/

16 * Thomas kills the grievers by stabbing them with a spear. * Teresa punches in the code. * The Gladers leave the maze, and a women from WICKED tells them there is one last variable, then Gally comes out and throws a knife at Thomas but Chuck sacrificed himself and threw himself in front of Thomas. * Chuck dies. Teresa punched in the code to free the Gladers. forgotten-your-iphones-passcode


18 * Man vs. Man Thomas has a conflict with Gally, because Gally wants to kill him and prevent him from becoming a runner. While in a meeting with the keepers Gally storms out after saying he was going to kill Thomas. * Man vs. Society There is a conflict when none of the Gladers trust Teresa after she told them she “triggered the ending” and the Gladers put her in the slammer. * Man vs. Self When Alby and Minho aren’t going to make it back before the walls close, Thomas is conflicted about whether or not he should help them. In the end Thomas breaks the number one rule in the Glade and slips into the maze right before the doors close.


20 The Gladers escape the maze and people from WICKED talk to the Gladers about their experience. A WICKED rebel group come in and shoot the people from WICKED and take them on a bus to a safe house. The theme of the story is that, even if people say you can’t do something, with hard work and perseverance, you can do anything. “Let this half-shank be a warning to all: You can’t escape.” pg. 70 Even after Thomas read this quote, he still found a way to escape. 2/07/success.html

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