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Massage Therapy.

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1 Massage Therapy

2 What is Massage Therapy?
“A relaxation technique that involves manipulating points in the body that are muscularly tense” Goal of massage therapy Who is it for?: Anyone who wants a relaxing experience Individuals in pain from injuries, etc. Babies And even… Animals!

3 History Shown in Egyptian tomb paintings China – 2700 B.C.
Greeks & Romans Swedish massage – Per Henrik Ling WWI “Massage Parlors” Current uses

4 Massage Therapy Benefits
Improves circulation Lowers blood pressure Facilitates recovery Treats chronic lower-back pain Boosts immune-functioning Decreases anxiety and depression Increases endorphins Increases mind-body awareness Fosters peace of mind Fosters mental alertness

5 Techniques Effleurage – light or deep stroking of the muscle
Petrissage – squeezing or kneading a muscle Friction – deep direct pressure Cupping – a percussion movement with a cupped hand Hacking – light “karate chops”

6 Common Types of Massage
The most popular include: Swedish massage Deep tissue massage Sports massage Chair massage

7 Some Additional Types…
Aromatherapy massage Shiatsu Reflexology Stone massage

8 What to Expect: The massage therapist will ask you for some background information. Goal-setting Attention to your comfort-level Takes place on a comfortable, padded table Peaceful environment Use of lotion or oil Usually about an hour You are in control!

9 Getting the Most from Your Massage Session
Be receptive and open Be on time to your appointment! Don’t eat just before Think about what to wear to the session Give accurate information Communicate with the therapist Discuss any apprehensions Make sure to breathe! Drink extra water after your session Give yourself some time for “re-entry”

10 Resources: The American Massage Therapy Association:
Learn more about massage, or locate a massage therapist Florida School of Massage: $55/hour or $20/hour

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