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Social Media IN MARKETING EDUCATION Teacher / Counselor Exchange Jenny Alfano & Christine Trent Lakeland High School.

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1 Social Media IN MARKETING EDUCATION Teacher / Counselor Exchange Jenny Alfano & Christine Trent Lakeland High School

2 Identified Cluster: BMMT – Marketing, Sales, & Service Plan of Action: How are business using social media? Initial Focus: Write a lesson targeted to 11 th and 12 th grade students Find out if businesses are currently using social media What types of social media are they using (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Groupon) Find out if the business is trying to connect with a particular demographic What is the business hoping to accomplish by using these tools Who or what prompted them to use social media What kind of information gets posted with these social media tools

3 Visitation Schedule Visitation Schedule Campus District Workforce Lindsay Rubin Marketing Education Lakeland High School Amy Rosen White Lake Library Bill Dungan Oakland Schools Tech Campus Southwest BMMT Instructor Julia Kesten Brighton Ford / Xpond Christina Papazian Sweet & Savory Bakery

4 White Lake Township Library Facebook  Managed by 1 employee  Updated 3-4 times a week  Used as a marketing tool  Let patrons know what resources are available by creating connections  Informational postings Twitter  Managed by 1 employee  Updated 1-2 times a week  Used for quick reminders to patrons  Created about 18 months ago

5 White Lake Township Library Library Event: Author hosting a book signing Facebook The facebook page will contain information about the event, web links to information about the author, a detailed biography about the author, his/her picture, and instructions on how to register for the event. Twitter The twitter account will get used on the final registration day. A tweet will go out as a reminder to patrons saying, “Don’t forget today is the last day to register for the book signing event!”

6 White Lake Library – How did it all begin? Computer Club New opportunity to connection with patrons Found pages for other libraries No cost $$Large audience

7 Brighton Ford - Xpond Outsourcing Xpond contracts with Brighton Ford to handle all their social media resources, including: facebook, twitter, Utube, & Iphone apps, Origins Owner of dealership is always looking for new opportunities. Sought out Xpond as a way to communicate at a higher level with social media and track the benefits. Posting to twitter and facebook are updated 2-3 times a day. Goals Position themselves in the minds of their customers as a member of the community. Have an outlet for advertising their community involvement Shape their image as fun and honest If customers connect with them through social media, they will think of them when it is time to buy a car

8 Brighton Ford / Xpond: Social Media Twitter Notfications about deals Links to their web page Check us out reminders Facebook Post Brighton Ford community activities Funny pictures Community information unrelated to dealership Information about contests Thank you notes Lots of trial and error Don’t get too technical Don’t sound like an advertisement

9 TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC EVERYONE Moms and Dads Baby picture contest on their facebook page Students and Parents of Students Pictures on facebook page of a donated scoreboard to the high school Adult Males & Females Facebook registration, information, pictures, and highlights for a golf tournament Students Twitter and facebook postings for a wall painting contest Technology Users Iphone application, My Garage, that sends out reminders for service, recall notifications, can personalize the image on your phone

10 Sweet & Savory Bakery Overwhelmed by taking on more than facebook I use it as a tool to get honest feedback from customers I have already made changes to the bakery based on comments posted on the facebook page Great marketing tool for lunch specials

11 How did it all start? Sweet & Savory Bakery How did it all start? Sweet & Savory Bakery Husband planted the idea in her head Noticied the bakery was on someone else’s facebook page Customers inquired about it

12 Sweet & Savory Bakery What gets posted to your page? Lunch Specials Special Events Pictures and descriptions of daily menu items Would like to begin posting recipes, ingredients used, her baking techniques, and ideas for pairing food and drink

13 Students will need a computer lab to research & brainstorm different types of social media Research of different types of demographics will need to be done by student(s) Analyze the success a particular social media Lesson Plan #1 Lesson Plan #1

14  Students will navigate on the Internet to identify the different types of social media that are being utilized by various businesses (i.e. facebook, twitter, groupon, iphone applications, blogs, podcasts)  Students will critique and evaluate individual web sites that use social media and determine what demographics are being targeted are which are not being impacted.  Students will make recommendations on how the business could modify their social media advertisement to make a connection with all demographics Activity #1 Activity #1

15 Students will need to record the information from Lesson #1 in a journal. They will use their previous research to set up a version of their own social media website or feed. This should reflect a business type that students are interested in (i.e. future accountants can pretend they work at a dealership) Lesson Plan #2 Lesson Plan #2

16  Identify a business field that interests you  Determine who makes up your target demographic and why  Determine what types of social media best connect with the identified target audience  Create a web page that links to a variety of social media resources that are designed to connect with this demographic Activity #2 Activity #2

17 Peer review & edit of business plan for social media website or feed Students will analyze at least two classmates websites and/or feeds to determine if the social media plan will increase business traffic or revenue/customer streams. Lesson Plan #3 Lesson Plan #3

18  Pair up with a classmate to trade journals and web pages.  Make recommendations for how they can improve their marketing plan.  Pair back up with this classmate and discuss your findings.  Plan to spend the next class period making modifications to your advertising plan based on your classmate’s recommendations. Activity #3 Activity #3

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