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2 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” setting S In the story “Do androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”by Philip K. Dick the setting takes place in different places. The place that is Earth in this story seem very desolate place. Apartment complexes are abandoned entirely. Every building has some part of animal pasture on top of it. The air every where has radio active particles in the air. Story takes in the time The story takes place all in one day. PG.1 CHAP1CHAP1

3 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” characters C Rick Deckard – main character Rick Deckard is an eager character trying to earn his next pay check for being a bounty hunter. Rick hunts down nexus 6 robots illegally on earth. Rick Deckard is a man in his mid forties always serious and sometimes emotional about retiring the robots. Always trying to impress his wife. Never turned down a chance to own a live animal. Rick Deckard is a protagonist. Rick tries to keep away from getting involved with the androids lives so he doesn’t get attached and hurt when he retires them. PG.2 C H A P. 2

4 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” characters C J.R. Isidore- Main Character PG.4 J.R. Isidore is a Character that is desperate to please, Even if it involves criminal Behavior like hiding androids. Isidore is on Earth because his I.Q. was not high enough to emigrate to a colony planet. They call these kinds of people Chicken Heads. J.R. works at a pet android repair service. He is a kind man but he does not know what he gets into when he helps hide the androids. At first in the story he is a antagonist working against Deckard, But I the end he turned out to be a protagonist giving them away to Deckard.

5 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” characters C Rachel Rosen – Main character PG.3 Rachel Rosen is a Caring person, but she is a two year old android owed by the Rosen Technology company. She looks like she’s in her mid twenties from the neck up from the neck down she's a twelve year old. She is serious and is a mole for the Rosen company by accompanying Deckard for his retirings. She has very big eyes. She is a protagonist all through out the story.

6 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” characters C Iran Deckard – side character PG.4 Iran Deckard is Rick Deckard’s wife is curios, about her mood box and all the things it can do but she is most curios about the depression mode. She also loves the felling of having a real animal and extra spending money but she does not like what her husband does to get it. She wants no part of it. She is a firm believer in what is called merciesim where you give mercy to other people. It’s a religon in the book. Iran is a protagonist.

7 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” characters C pris– main Character PG.6 Pris is a confused runaway, of a colony planet that made her and other androids work in mines and other dangerous jobs that humans can’t do. In the book she is a exact copy of Rachel except she wears her hair differently. She wants to be as humanly as possible. The only thing they don’t have is empathy. In this book she is a antagonist because she is with the androids that want to kill Deckard and Rachel.

8 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” plot P PG.7 Rising action CHAP4CHAP4 RISING ACTION is the part of a literary plot that occurs after the climax has been reached and the conflict has been resolved. The rising action in this story is very short. In the book the only rising action is the time in between when he gets up and when he goes to work. In that time period he got up had a fight with his wife got out of the house saw his neighbor and talked to him about his horse for example, “ But you already have a horse Rick says But you have a sheep, ….It’s fake “ pg. 11 para.3.Then the story switched to J.R,. Isidore. In the story sits in front of the TV then goes to work and all of these things happened before Deckard ‘s boss gave him the case.

9 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” plot P PG.8 Climax CLIMAX means the highest or most intense point in the development or resolution of something; culmination In Do androids dream of electric sheep the climax is when Rick Deckard Gets the job of the bounty hunter before him. He has to retire 6 six androids as soon as possible or they might start hunting him instead of him hunting them. Actually that’s what happened to his processor. For example, “ Dave was injured you have to take his place ” pg 28 paragraph 5. But before he went out in to the field Rick’s boss need to make sure that he could identify them. Rick’s boss sent him to Seattle where he met Rachel Rosen and asked her Questions that would identify if she had Empathy or not. She did not she was an android but she was owned by the Rosen corporation. She asked that if he ever needed helped She would gladly help.

10 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” plot P PG.9 Falling action FALLING ACTION means the part of a literary plot that occurs after the climax has been reached and the conflict has been resolved. In the book the falling action starts when Rick works on catching android number one on his list called Polkalov but before he goes on to kill Polkalov a Russian cop comes up to him and offers him help on looking for the android. The cop also showed Rick his new gun it was at that point the rick knew it was the android so he shot it. Then rick called it in to his boss inspector Bryant and went to retire the next android named Luba Luft an opera singer but when he goes in to question her she calls the police because she does not believe that he is a real cop, he gets taken to a building that he does not know. With cops he’s never heard of or met and realizes that these are all androids too. The chief cop there admits it and tells rick that he is a android and so is his assistant “ Resech is a android just does not know it because he wiped it before he came to earth” says the chief. Rick kills the chief and then realizes that the assistant is not aware that he is a android so he lets him come with him to find Luba Luft again.

11 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” plot P PG.9 Falling action FALLING ACTION means the part of a literary plot that occurs after the climax has been reached and the conflict has been resolved. Luba Luft had left the stage and went to an exhibit at the art museum. The police officers found her and questioned her, then Phil shot her. But Rick had grown attached to her so he shot Phil. The only problem is that Phil didn’t count for any bounty. Rick went back home but before then he went and bought a well disserved sheep. Since Rick was attached he had second thoughts about his job, about killing androids he knows hat they are androids and that they are not alive but hey still have lives. So he called in Rachel Rosen and she offered to kill one of the next three Androids for him and she accepted.

12 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” plot P PG.9 Falling action FALLING ACTION means the part of a literary plot that occurs after the climax has been reached and the conflict has been resolved. Rachel told him that they all would probably be staying in the same building surrounding the guy that came up with the whole plan to come to earth to begin with. When they got to the apartments the first one came out immediately after they got there. this one looked exactly like Rachel Rosen and this is the one that Rachel had to kill. Then a man came down and said his name was J.R. Isidore and that the person that Rick just killed was his friend and rick helped console him before he went on with his retiring. The next two were in the same room they where a married couple Rick shoot one after another. After wards he dropped Rachel off at the Airport an went as far from the city as possible when he got out of his car he found a toad a real living creature. He was so happy that all of his prior sadness had gone away and he brought the toad home to his wife to be greeted with a “ your sheep is dead” pg.221 para.4she looked at the toad he brought home and turned it over to find that it was fake. When learning this Rick became sad again and went to bed, then the book abruptly ended.

13 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” mood PG.12 M Mood Mood means a prevailing emotional tone or general attitude In this book the emotional tone or mood is dreary. For example; “ In a giant, empty, decaying building which had once housed thousands, a single T V set hawked its wares into a uninhabited room.” pg.15 Para. 1 and “ Silence. It flashed from the wood work and the walls; it smote him with an awful, total power, as if generated by a vast mill.” pg. 20 Para. 1 “ What a job I have to do,…I am a scourge, like famine or plague. Where I go the ancient curse follows.” Pg. 225 to 226 CHAP5CHAP5

14 “Do androids dream of electric sheep?” theme and resolution PG.13 TR Theme and Resolution Theme means a subject of discourse, discussion, meditation, or composition. Resolution means the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action. The theme in this story is Rick Deckard retiring a bunch of robots for instance Iran said, “you’re a murderer hired by cops” Pg.4. Because in order to et money he must kill the androids. And in the end he does believe he is a murderer. The resolution in this story is when he went to bed since he killed al the androids. The story began when he got up, and when he hadn’t started killing androids. Also since his list is down to zero then he is done for the day and done for the book. CHAP6CHAP6

15 CREDITS Pg.14  SearchBox&rlz SearchBox&rlz             empty-room-with-green-striped-wallpapers.jpg empty-room-with-green-striped-wallpapers.jpg  away-from-exploding-stuff away-from-exploding-stuff 

16 The end


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