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Maya S., Robert L., Carl B. and Julia M. 4 th hour Mrs. Phillips 2012.

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2 Maya S., Robert L., Carl B. and Julia M. 4 th hour Mrs. Phillips 2012

3  A man the single survivor of a shipwreck, William Prendick, was found by a mysterious doctor named Montgomery a doctor from London who takes Prendick into his care. Once Prendick is on board he soon gets into a quarrel with a grumpy captain who throws him overboard- at the island of Dr. Moreau an evil scientist from London who was chased out of the country for his infamous vivisections. Moreau and Montgomery explain to Prendick after his mischievous exploring that they are trying to perfect vivisections on animals to turn them human. Knowing this Prendick is terrified, after a run through the forest he meets money woman who shows him where she lives. There Prendick learns the law of the beast. Unfortunately, a flaw in Dr. Moreau’s work causes all of the beasts to return to their old ways. This causes an uprising leaving the doctors dead. The beasts then believe there is no more law. Prendick tries to flee until a sailor finds him in the same way Montgomery did. The theme is not to change nature’s natural course.

4 Is it okay to use animals inhumanly for others’ enjoyment?

5  Characters:  Montgomery  William Prendick  Dr. Moreau  M’ling  Captain Davis Prendick Captain Davis Dr. Moreau

6  Prendick is found => Montgomery nurses him to health => Gives background on himself => Prendick meets Captain Davis => Makes a bad impression => Captain yells at Prendick


8  Ship lands on island => Montgomery gets off => Captain throws Prendick off => Dr. Moreau finds him => Takes him to his island

9 This could have been the Island of Dr. Moreau

10  Montgomery and Moreau don’t know what to do with their guest- Prendick => Prendick is escorted to his room => Prendick becomes suspicious => wanders off into the woods => gets chased by unidentified creature => Puma’s cries become human like

11 Prendick’s Cabin

12  Prendick recalls about Moreau => Prendick returns to the woods => Prendick finds monkey woman => Prendick hears about the law => Moreau and Montgomery find Prendick => Prendick dashed away

13  Prendick gets caught by Moreau and Montgomery => All believe bad things will soon happen

14 Dr. Moreau operating on one of his subjects

15  Puma kills Dr. Moreau => Montgomery and several beasts consume a lot of alcohol => climax…

16  After Dr. Moreau is killed by the puma, both Montgomery and M’ling are also killed. The beast people declare now that the masters are dead, there is no more fear and no more law.

17  Prendick open his eyes and finds himself in the same strange situation he was in before at the beginning of the story.

18  A sailor found him and Prendick told he was aboard the Lady Vain => The sailor informed Prendick that the Lady Vain went down almost a year ago.

19  The story’s plot could actually happen  What Dr. Moreau did could actually be done if science were advanced enough  While the story included fictional elements such as beast people, there were also many facts


21 The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells This story was interesting with its mixes of facts and fiction. They blended seamlessly together.

22 H.G Wells


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