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HG AA NB NB AY HT. W. S AH NA NH IA EN S.N A S. H.G. WELLS 1 st Hour Mrs. Phillips 2012.

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1 HG AA NB NB AY HT. W. S AH NA NH IA EN S.N A S. H.G. WELLS 1 st Hour Mrs. Phillips 2012

2 Summary In this short story by H.G. Wells an abandoned starving cast- away is found and taken to a mysterious island with two scientists. At this island the cast-away named William Pendrick becomes suspicious of what scientists Montgomery and Moreau are up to. After breaking the rules and exploring the island William finds beast men and women who chase him. When the scientists find out what they are trying to turn beasts into humans. After the beasts kill the scientists, William fears he is next. Just as he was about to die he awakens and was informed he was a starving cast- away for a year and he survived! Was it all a dream?

3 Focus Questions What is the effect of changing how people or animals were originally meant to be? What characteristics separate man from beast?

4 Exposition

5 Characters William Prendick Montgomery – M’ling (Montgomery’s assistant) Dr. Moreau Beasts

6 Settings Captain Davis’ ship Dr. Moreau’s island

7 Exposition William Prendick is saved by Montgomery and is taken on Captain Davis’ ship Prendick is thrown out of the ship and is taken to Dr. Moreau’s island Prendick is locked into his room He hears the sound of a tortured animal, and decides to explore the island

8 Rising Action

9 Prendick is frightened when he sees a beast, part puma part man, so he goes back to his room When he wakes up the next morning, he remembers that Dr. Moreau is a vivisection scientist who got run out of London He gets very scared and decides to run away

10 Rising Action After a short period of running deep into the forest, he comes across a monkey woman The monkey woman invites him to her home The other beasts welcome Prendick and recite a chant that is their law

11 Rising Action Dr. Moreau and Montgomery find Prendick and explain that they won’t hurt him Prendick stays on the island A few months later, Montgomery notices that the beasts have been killing and eating rabbits, which is a sign that they may be returning to their complete animal forms

12 Rising Action Montgomery starts drinking too much under the stress, and he starts giving some alcohol to the beasts Prendick decides to run away By the time he is almost ready to leave, he hears a gun shot and decides to go back to the beasts and Dr. Moreau and Montgomery

13 Climax

14 Prendick discovers that Dr. Moreau, Montgomery, and the beasts had gotten into a fight and had all died

15 Falling Action

16 Falling Action A sailor finds Prendick in the ocean and tells him that his ship had sunk over a year ago, and that he was surprised he was still alive and told him that he must have had some pretty crazy dreams

17 Science Fiction Elements The island of Dr. Moreau relates to science fiction because it takes the idea of changing an animal’s genetic composition and modifying it to fit human characteristics. This is not entirely possible. Science fiction deals with scientific theories, facts, and changes due to scientific advancements and technology.

18 Response “A somewhat violent, jarring short story that generates nearly constant suspense…” ~NEW YORK TIMES “A real thriller, the best short story ever written.” ~GABRIELLE TATUCH “These beasts will leave you questioning every last move.” ~Hannah Whitman “A brilliantly plotted and perfectly paced story will leave you wanting more.” ~Shahanna Sarkisian “An amazing tale, something you’ll never forget.” ~Annie Schechter


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