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My math Vocabulary By Trevor Dunn.

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1 My math Vocabulary By Trevor Dunn

2 Composite Number A composite Number is a number that has more then two factors. For example, 12 is a Composite Number because it’s factors are 1,12,2,6,3,4.

3 Divisible Something is Divisible when you can divide something without any remainder. For example, 1,432 is Divisible by 6.

4 Even numbers A even number is a number ending in 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8. For example, 4 is a even number.

5 Exponent An exponent is when you take a number to the power of something. For example, in three to the power of 2, 2 is the exponent.

6 Factor A factor is one number that when multiplied with another number is a product. For example, 2*3=6 2 is a factor.

7 Factor pair A factor pair is two numbers that equal a product. For example, 5*6=30 5 and 6 are a factor pair.

8 Number model A number model is like an equation. For example, 5+5=10 that is a number model.

9 Odd number An odd number is a number that ends in 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9. For example, 7 is a odd number.

10 Prime number A prime number only has two factors. The only two factors are 1 and itself. For example, 2 is a prime number because the only two.

11 Product A product is the answer in a multiplication problem. For example, 5*5=25, and 25 is the product.

12 Quotient A quotient is the answer in a division problem. For example, 9/3=3, 3 is the Quotient.

13 Rectangular array A rectangular array is a bunch of dots in rows and columns that is shaped like a rectangle. For example, 6 and 4.

14 square array A square array is a bunch of dots in rows and columns that are all the same length that make a square shape. For example, 4 by 4 is a square array.

15 Square number A square number is when you multiple two doubles. For example the square number of 8 is 64.

16 Square root A square root is the double factor of the product. For example, the square root of 64 is 8.

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