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Imperialism in Asia.

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1 Imperialism in Asia

2 India Before British rule in India, the Mughal Empire had ruled
Started to lose power in the 1700s As Mughals faded, British force strengthened East India Company British tried to introduce Western Culture to Indians Christianity, end slavery, get rid of caste system, improve women’s status

3 India Series of unpopular moves angered Indians
Forced Indian Soldiers to fight for British Army Against religion Allowed Hindu widows to remarry Soldiers issued rifles Cartridges were lined with animal fat Had to tear off tip with their mouth Cows were sacred to Hindus Pigs forbidden to Muslims Refused to load their rifles

4 India When Soldiers refused to load their weapons, the Britsh imprisoned them Caused massive rebellion Many British were killed Eventually British stopped rebellion East India Company no longer in charge India is now directly under the rule of the British Crown

5 India India was rich with resources
Britain made India its brightest jewel in their empire Built roads and set up railways Could now transport goods all over Telegraph improved communication Suez Canal increased trade Changed agriculture

6 India Some Changes were good, some were bad
Increased medical technology caused huge population growth Famine Positives Legal system promoted justice for all, despite caste Railroads and communication allowed for travel Higher education

7 India Different views on Imperialism
Some Indians welcomed British rule Some wanted more Indian influence in Government By late 1800s many Indians started nationalist movements Indian National Congress Wanted more self rule Story of India part 6

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