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T EACHER C OUNSELOR E XCHANGE May 17, 2011 CMS, MMS, SLEHS South Lyon Community Schools Jennifer Kluesner Ron Weber 1 TCE: Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber-SLCS.

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1 T EACHER C OUNSELOR E XCHANGE May 17, 2011 CMS, MMS, SLEHS South Lyon Community Schools Jennifer Kluesner Ron Weber 1 TCE: Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber-SLCS

2 O UR V ISITS Huron Valley Schools Lakeland High School Broadcasting-Graphics Program OSTC Southwest Visual Imaging Technology Program Steve Williams 2 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

3 W ORKSITE V ISITS Redford Town Hall Meeting – Joseph Productions Keith Dotson – contractor for JPI and freelance video productions and graphics Whalers Hockey Game – Schoolcraft College Sports Network Sam Gooden – Director of Media Services at Schoolcraft and Producer for Sports Network WXYZ Channel 7– Southfield Michigan Jerry Rimmer – Director at Channel 7 Studio 3 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

4 C AREER FOCUS “Typically Hands On…” Stage Hands/Lighting Technicians Camera/Prompter Operators Graphic Designers Sound Technicians Electrical Engineers Control Room Manager Maintenance Hair/Make-up Artist 4 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

5 “A T THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME …” Having a “tool bag” of knowledge Take advantage of every opportunity Finding your niche Willingness to do it! Rise to the occasion…. And Get ‘er done! 5 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

6 L ESSON 1:T HE L ONGEST S INGLE M INUTE Introduction into Broadcasting Description/Abstract of Lesson: The unedited piece must be one continuous shot with a storyline that has a clear start, middle, and end. (Optional) Sound that is appropriate and enhances the visual image to be added to the final product. Timeline of Lesson: 1-2 class periods Items/Equipment Needed: Camcorder, (optional) audio mixing station 6 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

7 A CTIVITIES Employability Skills Purpose – To help students see the correlation between the skills they are developing in school/other activities and the world of work. Provide students will Employability Skills checklist. Complete the sentences: During school/other activities I have displayed ________________. An example is when ______________________. 7 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

8 8 Employability Skills Communication Can you write clearly? Are you able to convey your ideas through speaking to others? How well do you listen to others? Are you able to understand and paraphrase back someone else’s speech? Do you have persuasive skills? Knowledge Skills Can you solve problems by doing research? Are you able to brainstorm new and creative ideas? Do you enjoy analyzing situations to find the best solution? Is evaluating work something you do well? People Skills Are you able to motivate yourself and/or others to accomplish goals? Do you support others and generally cooperate in group situations? Can you read people’s feelings well and know the right thing to say when necessary? Leadership Do you enjoy being decisive? Can you engage others in your ideas and vision? Have you received positive feedback regarding your management of an activity? Do you like taking care of details? Life Skills Can you manage your time effectively? Are you able to delegate so the work gets done? Do you accept personal responsibility if something doesn’t go as planned. Have you taken pride in a project/activity that you’ve accomplished?

9 L ESSON 2:O N THE SPOT : “W HAT O CCUPATIONS ARE AT THIS C OMPANY ?” In the right place at the right time: Description/Abstract of Lesson: Students will illustrate on video, the relationship between a company and the jobs that it may employ (a real vocation not something made up). The story of the company and the jobs it employs should be through the use of establishing shot, close-ups, interviews, and extreme close-ups. Timeline of Lesson: 3-5 class periods Items/Equipment Needed: Camcorder, Portable lighting/reflectors, an edit station, plus written release forms 9 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

10 A CTIVITIES Alphabet Activity Purpose – To extend students’ knowledge of careers and job titles. Using the prepared “At a Glance” pages (one for each letter of the alphabet), give students a few minutes to become “experts” on their chosen career. Students will then exchange the information they learned in the form of an informational interview. 10 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

11 L ESSON 3: T HE B ROADCAST A SSIGNMENT Description/Abstract of Lesson: Students will analyze a newscasts from network, a hockey broadcast, a football broadcast, or a on the spot reporting and do a break down analysis of an actuality by component parts (stand-up, reporter voice, etc.), type of shots, and number of shots. Timeline of Lesson: 5-8 class periods Items/Equipment Needed: Video Switcher, Audio Mixer, 3-6 VCR's, 2-3 Studio Cameras, Studio Lighting, 2-3 field cameras, at least one editing system, 2 lapel mics, at least 2 hand mics (wireless if possible). 11 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

12 A CTIVITIES My Future, My Dream - Writing Activity Purpose – Students will gain self-awareness by reflecting on their skills, experiences, and other career exploration activities. Have students write a story about their future and include the following: 12 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

13 A CTIVITIES Writing Activity cont. Where will you live? Will you have a family? What kind of job will you have? Will you work alone or with many people? Will you have an office or work outside? What kind of responsibilities will you have? How will your life be different from what it is like now? 13 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

14 C ONCLUSION 14 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

15 15 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

16 16 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

17 17 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

18 18 TCE:Behind the Scenes-Kluesner-Weber- SLCS

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